The Great America Road Trip (JibberJobber Presentations)

February 3rd, 2015

I’m feeling antsy… maybe it’s cabin fever.  Maybe it’s the crazy low gas prices.  But I’m ready to get on the road and do some presentations.  My favorite presentation is Career Management 2.0.  It is fun, and eye-opening, and encouraging… maybe even a little motivating.  A very popular presentation is anything on LinkedIn, since I wrote THE BOOK on it :)

This summer, I’m planning on going on a trip.  Email me and I’ll give you dates and specific times/places, but for the most part I’ll be driving from Salt Lake City towards New York City, and then down to Virginia, and then back to Salt Lake City.

I want to speak at job clubs… these are typically groups of around 50 – 200 people that meet weekly.  They don’t have a budget for speakers.  That’s okay.  While I don’t “sell” during my presentations, I find that people want to get my stuff, so I respect the “no selling!” rule, but I do make it easy for people to buy… which means I offer packages and stuff for people who come.

If you are in or around any of the following cities, and you know about job clubs I could visit, let’s talk. I need introductions to the people who run the show.  Without an introduction I find they are typically very closed and protective of their group… with an introduction, it’s a different conversation.  Here are some ideas of where I plan to be (the map is tentative):


Any city in Nebraska,  Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio along I-80/I-90

  • Chicago
  • Cleveland
  • Buffalo
  • Rochester
  • Philadelphia
  • New York City
  • Baltimore
  • D.C.
  • Northern Virginia

Coming back home, we might go on more of a southern tour… so cities along I-70 or I-40.

Do you live anywhere near these areas?  Can you make introductions?  If so, email me (Jason at JibberJobber dot com).



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JibberJobber a Best Job Search Site for 2015

January 22nd, 2015

hannah_morgan_careersherpa_headshotHannah Morgan is a career professional I met at at least one conference.  She’s pretty cool and well-liked by her colleagues.

She wrote a post titled Best Job Search Websites in 2015.  JibberJobber was one of those (under the Tools section).  I appreciate any recognition that anyone gives JibberJobber… I have to tell you that we are especially grateful to be included in this list because Hannah is a career professional and listed her top 40… this is not based on votes, and it’s not some silly list of ALL career sites (like a bunch of other lists are).  The 40 sites there are there for a reason.

Thanks Hannah, for including JibberJobber as a Top 40 Best Job Search Site!

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JibberJobber is a powerful tool that lets you manage your career, from job search to relationship management to target company management (and much more). Free for life with an optional upgrade.

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Happy Layoff-versary!

January 13th, 2015

It was exactly nine years ago, on Friday the 13th, that I drove away from my last job for the last time.

This is not a story of a guy ready to conquer the world, voluntarily leaving his job to get rich online… this is a story of a normal guy who felt betrayed by the company he had worked so hard for… a story of a guy who was scared out of his mind, wondering how he was going to make ends meet… a story of not knowing what the next few days, weeks or months had in store.

Here we are, nine years later, and I’m starting a certification program for career professionals to become certified on the system that I conceptualized, and helped build, and helped fund, and have run…

It’s a beautiful day, no matter what says!

Happy layoff-versary!

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JibberJobber is a powerful tool that lets you manage your career, from job search to relationship management to target company management (and much more). Free for life with an optional upgrade.

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Organize Your Job Search (what does that mean?)

January 12th, 2015

Today I had an interesting chat with Liz, who many of you know.  She was hired to do quality assurance, and has morphed into the role of project manager, business analyst, right hand to me, etc.  Our chat actually is a result of a question that I sent to her last week. I proposed:

Liz, does JibberJobber really help a job seeker organize their job search?

I asked this question because:

(a) I think it is healthy to evaluate and re-evaluate your offering (that is true for job seekers, too!  What is your offering? Is it relevant?).

(b) I think it’s important that my entire team asks questions like this about our products, and I wanted her to think about it.

(c) I have been thinking lately that we are missing the mark on certain value offerings. In other words, I think the answer to the question is: perhaps we are doing an okay job, but we are not doing an excellent job.

When we chatted about this last week she asked for a few days to gather her thoughts.  Today at noon we met and I was blown away (elated) with her ideas.  She had five proposals that would greatly enhance the value and experience for job seekers.  Doing any of the five will bring JibberJobber to the next level.  Doing all of the five will help us be the leader in this space.

We are going to do all of the five. I’m not going to post them here because my competitors like to read my blog, and I’d rather strengthen JibberJobber before I give them my development plan, but I wanted to let you know that we are very much interested in improving the system, and staying ahead of the curve, and offering significant value, and we are investing in all of those things.

If you want to send us suggestions, while we are going to the drawing board for certain process redesigns, let us know with the Contact Us form.

And thanks for joining us on this journey!

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JibberJobber is a powerful tool that lets you manage your career, from job search to relationship management to target company management (and much more). Free for life with an optional upgrade.

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New: Certified JibberJobber Coach

November 24th, 2014

Here’s what I just sent to my LinkedIn Group:

If your coach does not use JibberJobber, what CRM are they using? You should be using JibberJobber, and your coach should know the basics of relationship management software (that is, JibberJobber). Huge bonus if they actually use it for their own stuff, whether personal relationships, prospects, current and past clients, etc.If you are looking for a coach or service provider who uses JibberJobber, or has been to our trainings enough times to “get it,” let me know. I’ll put you in touch with coaches and resume writers and outplacement firms who “get it.”If you are a career professional, and are interested in becoming a Certified JibberJobber Coach, email me: Classes will start in January.

Jason Alba

I’ve been thinking about doing a certification like this for many years. It’s time to finally buckle down and put it together.

I’ll start the first course the week of January 12th. It will be four to eight weeks long, depending on the curriculum that I put together.  While I don’t have that ironed out, if you’ve been on my webinars, you know I fret about over-delivering, and this is no exception.

Every career professional knows the world doesn’t need another certification to take (or pay for), but no one is doing a certification on JibberJobber, or on using this type of technology to organize and track and manage a job search. I used to do the LinkedIn Certification for The Academies… why not do a JibberJobber certification?

The list price of $397 is discounted to $97 for students of the first group of students.  You can pay here. This will include the live and recorded video courses and the assessments (to test your proficiency of material covered). It will include a verification process so that job seekers can verify that you are really, truly certified by JibberJobber. The class will be live webinar with recordings, so if you can’t make the webinar, listen to the recordings at your own pace.

Fun factoid: certified, defined, is:

“Officially recognize someone as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards.

On the same page, it is also defined as:

“Officially declare insane.”

The purpose of this certification is to bring career professionals up to speed on the processes and systems of organizing and tracking a job search. We will recognize those who go through the course successfully as professionals who “possess certain qualifications,” and who “meet certain standards.”  We will not officially declare anyone insane… :)

Questions? Suggestions? Let me know.

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JibberJobber is a powerful tool that lets you manage your career, from job search to relationship management to target company management (and much more). Free for life with an optional upgrade.

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How To: Email2Log and the “Log End Line” (to help organize your job search)

October 30th, 2014

This post is to document the power and importance of the “Log End Line” when using the Email2Log.  You don’t *have to* use the Log End Line, but a few scenarios came up recently where I really understood how (1) powerful it is and how (2) important it is.

This blog post is kind of long, but it’s a lot of pictures, and it’s meant to be comprehensive coverage of the Log End Line.

Note that the Log End Line is optional (you don’t have to use it), but I hope that after you go through this post you’ll know why you should use it (at least sometimes).

What is the Log End Line and Where do I set it up?

The Log End Line is one of the three fields you fill out in order to activate the Email2Log feature (remember, this is a premium feature).  Mouse over Logs, then click on Email2Log:


Then, you’ll see the form, where the third field is for the Log End Line:


You can put anything you want as the Log End Line.  I do not recommend putting anything that any normal human being might put in an email, like —————–, ____________________, ==================, *****************, or other such characters.  Those might be normal separators that anyone could type in, and it would effectively mess up what you are trying to do with the Email2Log.

Our example (see the red dotted line in the image above) is a series of characters that most people aren’t ever going to type… it’s kind of hard to type that string.  That’s what I’ve been using for years. You can simply copy and paste that into the Log End Line textbox, if you want.

How and when do I use the Log End Line?

I include my Log End Line in every email that I send.  My email signature looks like this:


Every email client I know of allows you to create an email signature.  This way you don’t have to retype it every time you send an email. (As a side-note, I’m really big on signatures and think they are powerful personal branding tools!)

I never delete this, as it simply looks like a natural line separator between the body (which goes above) and the rest of the email signature.  So it doesn’t detract or distract.

The main idea behind, and most common use of, the Log End Line is that anything after the Log End Line IS NOT included in a Log Entry created when you use Email2Log.  To say it in a more technical way, the Log Entry created will be truncated after the Log End Line.  More on that in the next section.

Tip: some advanced users will put the Log End Line under their email signature, and then change the font to white, so it isn’t seen by email recipients. I don’t do that, but I think it’s kind of clever :)

What does the Log End Line do? (Part 1: Power)

The power of the Log End Line is that it truncates your email so you aren’t creating long Log Entries with a bunch of unwanted text.  Use the Log End Line to smartly cut the Log Entry so that you only have what you want, and not all the superfluous stuff.  For example, in this image you can see I have NOT edited my Log End Line, which means that ONLY my reply will be in the Log Entry created by Email2Log.


However, the original message is really something I want to include in my Log Entry (it gives my reply context, and it includes a phone number and location for this contact – that’s good stuff).  Therefore, with this email I would actually delete two characters (I do two simply because it keeps the Log End Line symmetric… I could delete just one and it would have the same effect).  Here’s what the new one looks like, less two characters.. note that this ENTIRE email is going to go into the Log Entry:


Is it hard to see the difference between the two?  That subtlety is exactly what I want … I don’t want you to think “oh, something is different… WHY?”

Tip: If I want to include some stuff below my email signature, but not EVERYTHING below my email signature, I will copy the entire Log End Line and paste it where I want to truncate (for example, after your name or your email signature, in the case that there is stuff your email signature (like a disclosure, or more of the email thread), and then I will go to my original Log End Line, above my signature, and then delete two characters.

This ability to truncate your Log Entry, simply by putting a string of characters (aka, the Log End Line) in your email, is POWERFUL!

What does the Log End Line do? (Part 2: Importance)

Did you know you could put some special lines into your email and multiple the power of your Email2Log Log Entry?  For example, with a few lines in the email I could make the Log Entry an Action Item, and I could associate it to other Contacts, Companies and Jobs.  This is really cool.  My email might include these special lines:


Some important information about each of these lines (which are all optional):


This creates an Action Item.  You can put in a date, like 12/12/2014 or you can put in something like + 1 week or + 3 months, etc.  Sometimes you’ll know the date for the Action Items, sometimes the date doesn’t matter (“ah, remind me in a few months”).

contacts: (or, contact:)

You need to have at least one email address.  You can have more, separated by commas.  If you put in either of the examples below, it will (a) associate this Log Entry to an existing Contact with the same email address, or if it can’t find that email address on any of your Contacts, it will create a new Contact record. The key is that it is looking for and matching based on an email address, not on a name.  Examples of what this line might look like:  <– no FirstName or LastName required – I’m assuming this is an existing Contact in my system, and it’s only going to associate the Log Entry, not create a new Contact record.  If it doesn’t find the record, though, it will create a new Contact record and the FirstName will be the email address (so put the name!)

contacts:”Jason Alba” <> <– this is FirstName LastName (no comma)

contacts:”Alba, Jason” <>  <– this is LastName, First Name (the comma makes all the difference!)

contacts:”Jason Alba” <>,  <– this has more than one contact, separated by comma (note, whether I put in one or multiple contacts, I always use contacts instead of contact… just my habit)

companies: (or, company)

Separate Companies by commas (which means, if you have any commas in your Company records, you should remove them, or this feature gets mixed up).  Like Contacts, JibberJobber will try to find an existing Company record and associate the Log Entry to that record, but if it can’t, it will create a new Company record. (yes, this is new, this week!  Before this week it would not create a new Company record.)

jobs: (or, job)

Like Contacts and Companies, JibberJobber will try to find an existing Job record and associate the Log Entry to that record. If it can’t find a match, it will create a new Job record. This is also new, as of this week!  Before this week it would not create a new Job record.)

Commas are powerful!  Just like companies:, you can add multiple jobs on this line (you rarely will, but you might), and separate them with commas.  If you have commas in your Job records, remove them or this feature gets mixed up).

NOTE: if you have 10 jobs with the same name, the Log Entry will be associated with all of them.  This is a nut we need to crack, but for now I would recommend that you have different names for each job, if you want to use this feature.  You might do this: Project Manager 1, Project Manager 2, etc. or this: Project Manager – ebay 1, Project Manager – ebay 2, etc.  Sorry about this, and hopefully we’ll figure out a more elegant solution.

That is advanced Email2Log stuff… what does it have to do with the Log End Line?

If you put those special lines (to create an Action Item, or associate the Log Entry to Contacts, Companies or Jobs), you HAVE TO put it after the Log End Line.

So, this isn’t going to work, because there is no Log End Line:


This will work, because there is a Log End Line:


So, the Log End Line becomes important because it allows you to insert these other special commands in your email.  Essentially, when JibberJobber gets the email, it says everything before the Log End Line can become the Log Entry, and everything after the Log End Line (1) won’t, but if there are any special lines (like you see in yellow, above), it WILL create an Action Item date, and associate the Log Entry to other Contacts, Companies and Jobs.

When would you do this?

Scenario 1: If I have a panel interview at my target company, I’m going to send a follow-up email to the people on the panel, and use the Email2Log feature to log it.  I’m not going to include my recruiter in the To or CC, but I might want to associate the Log Entry to her record… so I’ll put the contacts:____ with her email address.  I’ll also put the Companies and Jobs lines in so that the Log Entry will also be associated to the target company, and the job I just interviewed at.

Scenario 2: If I send an email to you, but then I forget to do the Email2Log, I can forward the sent email to JibberJobber, and put contacts:______ in the body, below the Log End Line.  For example, this will create a Log Entry, but it isn’t going to be associated to anything (because the contacts line is NOT below a Log End Line):


This one, however, WILL create the Log Entry and associate it to the right Contact because the contacts: line is after the Log End Line:


Whew… I know this is a long blog post, but I wanted to get this all documented in one place.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Feel free to leave them in the Comments below, or use the Contact Us form or email us directly :)

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JibberJobber is a powerful tool that lets you manage your career, from job search to relationship management to target company management (and much more). Free for life with an optional upgrade.

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JibberJobber in the News (, Time Magazine, Organize Your Job Search

October 22nd, 2014

I don’t share this as often as I should, but I’ll share it today. JibberJobber is regularly recommended by career professionals as a great tool to organize and track your job search.  You already know about article (I blogged about it here), where we were #2 on the list of 10 Job Search Tricks That Will Change Everything You’ve Been Doing.

Yesterday Time Magazine reprinted the article, written by Anna Runyan.  We’ve been in US News and World Report and a few other magazines, but I think this is the first time we’ve been mentioned in Time (and a nice mention it is!).


Not too long ago in, Rita Friedman recommended JibberJobber as the tracking system you should use. The article is What’s in your job search toolkit?  I should note that in her article she talks about elevator pitches, your credentials, your interview stories, and references… all of which you can track and store in JibberJobber.  She says “with these tools you’ll be ready to dive into a serious job search.

I guess it’s worth mentioning that someone at Business Insider took one of my LinkedIn articles and used that to create an article on Business Insider.  At least they gave it attribution :)  The comments there are the kind that destroy faith in humanity… but I’ll blog about that tomorrow :)

Updated 10/27:

I forgot to mention we were also recommended in this article in the Huffington Post: 3 Ways to Energize Your Job Search and Get Hired Now! (thank you Mary Eileen Williams)

Thanks to the career professionals who recommend JibberJobber, and welcome to the new users who have found us through those recommendations!

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JibberJobber is a powerful tool that lets you manage your career, from job search to relationship management to target company management (and much more). Free for life with an optional upgrade.

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What’s New in JibberJobber!

October 20th, 2014

Last week we did a release that fixed a few bugs here, cleaned up a few bugs there.  I shared this on Friday with my JibberJobber LinkedIn Group (click here to join).

Here are three new features that you should know about:

The List Panels have been optimized to be faster.

Instead of taking a few seconds to load my Contacts List Panel (I have a lot of contacts, so it sometimes took six or seven seconds to load), it’s now taking about one second.  I’m guessing you won’t notice this if you have less than a thousand records in any List Panel, but if you have more than that you should notice it’s just generally faster.

Faster = a great enhancement!

The Log Entry window now allows you to put in “rich text.”

This means you can make part of your Log Entry highlighted, bold, italicized, hyperlinked, etc. You can also link to images, so if you find an image you like somewhere online, you can show it in the Log Entry.


Tracking your Action Items is smarter with the Action Item Notifier (this was not mentioned in my LinkedIn Group Announcement).

 This is what you’ve seen since we introduced this feature – a count of all of the open Action Items coming up in one week, on almost every page of JibberJobber:


When you went to a Contact, Company or Job Detail Page, it would change to the number of open Action Items for that particular record… so you might see 4 most of the time, then go to a Contact’s page and see 0.  Confusing, huh?  We changed that so that if you are on a Contact, Company or Job Detail Page, you’ll see the number of open Action Items for that record, and the number of total open Action Items, like this:


This shows that I have 4 open Action Items, and one of them is tied to this particular Contact, Company or Job.

There were a number of other miscellaneous enhancements and fixes. If you requested a fix or had a problem, Liz should have already emailed you about the fix.

Waiting for something cool to be in JibberJobber? Contact us!


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JibberJobber is a powerful tool that lets you manage your career, from job search to relationship management to target company management (and much more). Free for life with an optional upgrade.

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New JibberJobber User Orientation Videos Are Up

October 2nd, 2014

I just updated the JibberJobber User Orientation Videos in the Video Library - click here to watch them.

Remember, to make the videos full-screen, scroll to the bottom and right of the box the video is in and then click the full-screen icon (the middle arrow is pointing to it):


If you want to catch a live orientation, or get on the Focus Friday’s calls, sign up from this page.

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JibberJobber is a powerful tool that lets you manage your career, from job search to relationship management to target company management (and much more). Free for life with an optional upgrade.

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JibberJobber Enhancements: Last Night’s Release and Updates

August 22nd, 2014

Last night my team did a release, which means they updated JibberJobber with new and improved “stuff.”  I’ve been talking about this release for a long time, but it got stuck in the QA process as my QA team has been intent on releases without bugs.

Just minutes after the release an outplacement firm in Australia emailed me and said “Nice work – looks great!”  This is just minutes after the release… it was pretty cool that someone noticed that quick! I asked him what he noticed, and it is exactly what I want to blog about today.  Below this list of enhancements that will impact you is a list from my QA team, reporting what has been fixed/released.

Thing One: Action Item Notifier (on top-left of every screen)

This is an enhancement that really enriches your experience with JibberJobber.  Now, on every page, you’ll be able to see how many Action Items you have pending in the next two weeks.  This makes JibberJobber more of a follow-up tool.  I talk about “follow-up” and “nurturing relationships” a lot… and we’ve provided tools and reports for you to see what you have coming up, but this is the most blatant, in-your-face enhancement to show you exactly what you have so things don’t slip through the cracks.  You’ve probably already noticed this, when you login, on the top-left:


The “6″ means that I have six Action Items coming up in the next two weeks.  Click on that little icon and you will see those six Action Items in this view:


Here are some things to help you get more value out of this widget:

#1 – this allows you to click and drag to resize this view.

#2 – this closes (or, hides) the widget.

#3 – notices each Action Item is listed with a checkbox to the left… that way you can close multiple Action Items at once, or you can print one report with all that you have checked. (NOTE: You can close or edit each one… when you mouse over an Action Item, icons will appear on the right to close or edit)

#4 – these are the actions you can take for each of the checked Action Items. For example, click on three of them, then click the close icon (the clock), and those three will be closed.  Easy.

This enhancement should make your JibberJobber experience much richer!

Thing Two: The Log Entry and Action Item screen is cleaned up. 

We removed some of the superfluous wording and white space, and made it more compact.  This should make it easier to add a Log Entry.  This was a small, marginal change, but I think the impact will be big, and make it easier for you to create Log Entries and Action Items.

Notice we moved much of the “stuff” (create an Action Item, associate this to other Contacts, Companies and Jobs, etc.) to the bottom.  It works pretty much the same, but it’s just cleaner.


To create a Log Entry, simply put in a date, the title, and the details/comments.  To create an Action Item, or associate Contacts, Companies and/or Jobs, simply click on the icons on the bottom.  Cleaner, more intuitive, easier.

Thing Three: more use of the width of your monitor

This is the first of a few changes to use more of your monitor.  A while back we did a UI “enhancement” which left, for some wide monitors, a few inches of white space on each side.  I hated that… JibberJobber needs space!  So we opened up the List Panels and then extend from one end to another, without inches of wasted white space.  There is still more to do here, and we’re working on it.  This was just the first step.

Other Things: This is the list from my QA team. It might not make sense to you, but it’s all important stuff.

  • Import contacts (bug with companies): there was an issue when you imported Contacts, with Companies, but the Companies didn’t import and associate right.  This should be fixed.
  • Bug of custom fields on Jobs (reported by Chris R)
  • Bug on IE uploading images: apparently Internet Explorer was having issues with the super cool way we bring in images on a Contact or Company.
  • Bug on email2log (when was adding the secret email as other contact): Sometimes when you used the Email2Log feature, JibberJobber would create a new record for your own ultra-secretive email address… which was not supposed to happen.  This is now resolved.
  • Bug on email2log (about formatting): In a prior release we kind of goofed up… some of your Log Entries created by the Email2Log feature stripped spaces between paragraphs.  This made the Log Entry look all bunched up.  This is now fixed.
  • Change of wording to Coach Dashboard: We are going to change a lot of the functionality here, but for now we needed to change this from My Coach Landing Page to Coach Dashboard.  Very small change but will make it more intuitive. This is for anyone who coaches others, or is an accountability partner.
  • “Log Entries and Action Items Report” To remember the session variables: when you customize the Log Entries and Action Item report, we didn’t save your preferences… we are now.
  • Allow edit on Log Entry view in the shadow box: when you opened a Log Entry to “view,” there wasn’t much more you could do than view or print.  Now you can easily edit it from right there.
  • Pre-populate fields correctly when I add a Contact after a search: on my weekly webinars I noticed that if I did a search for a Contact that doesn’t exist, like searching for “Fiiiiiirst Naaaaame,” I would click “add Contact” and then it would enter it in all lower-case.  This was a pain because I’d have to change the first letter to upper-chase each time.  Bleh.  This is now fixed.  Another really small enhancement, but you can see the level of detail we’re going for.
  • New interface on import contacts from file: We spent a lot of time cleaning this up and making it more intuitive.  It’s still not the most intuitive thing in the world, but it’s getting closer.  
  • Bug with payments of one year with Paypal: we had a problem with people who upgraded for one year on Paypal… the system wasn’t recognizing the upgrade and they sometimes emailed us (before we could manually upgrade them) asking “WHAT THE HECK?”  This was an issue of trust… if you pay us money, and you don’t get upgraded, what else won’t work??  Fixing this non-high-profile bug allows you to trust us more.
  • Minor wordings and change of tool tips throughout the system: when you mouse over things, we cleaned up the little messages you see.
This release represents “about 25-30 work orders,” and I’m sure we came up with another 50 things to fix, clean, or change since we started this last project :)

Have things you would like to see?  Let us know!


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JibberJobber is a powerful tool that lets you manage your career, from job search to relationship management to target company management (and much more). Free for life with an optional upgrade.

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