JibberJobber Advisors

General Advisors

JibberJobber Advisors are people who are passionate about giving input that will increase the value of JibberJobber to themselves, and to other job seekers. Value is increased because:

  1. The system becomes more useful for their own job search;
  2. The system becomes more useful for their constituents (such as students for a career center, or customers for a head hunter);
  3. The usefulness of the system draws more people, who's collective input and communication make JibberJobber more powerful.

Advisors interact with JibberJobber in two different ways. First, they are encouraged to submit their ideas to make JibberJobber better by e-mailing / communicating with the advisory board group (see groups below) that represents them. This is done by clicking on the Advisor Input link at the bottom of every screen. Second, they are sent regular e-mails from the JibberJobber design team, in which we share future development ideas, and seek input from them. These e-mails are the result of brainstorms from the design and management teams, and express the desire of JibberJobber management to know if their efforts will make JibberJobber a better service.

JibberJobber Advisory Board

We seek 3 to 6 proactive, aggressive, serious professionals in each of the following categories to serve as Advisory Board members for a period of at least 12 months:

  1. Professionals that are job seekers, currently employed
  2. Professionals that have had serious unemployment experience, qualifying for unemployment benefits and having actively and anxiously pursued employment
  3. University Career Center Professionals
  4. University Alumni Professionals
  5. Corporate Human Resource Professionals
  6. Professional Recruiters
  7. Professional Career Advisors, such as Resume Writers, Career Coaches, etc.

The main responsibilities of the Advisory Board will be to provide "subject matter expertise" based on current and future design and functionality of JibberJobber. For example, the Advisory Board representative for recruiters will be the voice of recruiters. When a design / functionality issue comes up, that board member will advocate for the needs of other recruiters. Other responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Be involved in ensuring that JibberJobber meets your profession's needs, including design and navigation of site, functionality and features, costs and benefits, and marketing efforts;
  2. Educating other Advisory Board members about your group's interests;
  3. Actively be involved in recruiting more users to JibberJobber, including "peers" and "customers;"
  4. Active participation in the Library by recommending links, books, or authoring articles.

If you desire to participate in the Advisory Program please contact us. Let us know what your qualifications are, and why you are interested in this role.