Special Offer

JibberJobber is extending a special offer to servicemen and women that are serving their country in Iraq, Afganistan or other areas. This special offer allows them to have full premium access to the system and extra features during the entire time that they are overseas and for the 12 months following their return.

Note that this offer is not extended to all active duty military - just those that are serving in war and coming home (or those that have recently come home).

In order to take advantage of this offer just sign up for a regular free account, and then use the Contact Us Form to send a message to us stating that you qualify for this free offer. You must then have another person e-mail us using the Contact Us form to vouch that you qualify. Just a simple "I know John Smith and he is (or has) served in Iraq - please extend this offer to him." It could be from a friend, fellow serviceman, spouse, parent, whatever.

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