Your Map with Their Pictures!!!

October 28th, 2006

GoogleMaps with profile images!This last week when we allowed you to add an image to your contact’s profile was well recieved. But check this out… now that profile image can be on the maps (it is up to you, as a user preference)! See this image on the right? It is a shot of my map (ok, the demo account’s map) with two network contacts (see their images? Its Garth Brooks and Miss Piggy!) and the red marker on Mr. Demo’s house. This is in the free version!

I wonder what Mike Pegg, the world’s expert on GoogleMaps, would think about this feature? I’ve been on his site poking around and saw customized graphics for these markers, but didn’t see anyone that allows YOU, the user, to have your own meaningful graphics!

This became available just a few hours ago and I’ll all giddy about it… it is too cool! Job seekers and professionals have the opportunity to be empowered like never before! But that’s enough writing for a Saturday – enjoy your weekend!


3 responses to “Your Map with Their Pictures!!!”

  1. Jason says:

    Something screwy with my trackbacks… but here is Mike’s response:

    Mike is an uber-busy dude, has a day job, and leaves people like me in awe that he pulls together so much meaty content in his Google Maps blog… even if you aren’t a techy this is a very very interesting watchdog blog on cool new implementations of GoogleMaps.

    Thanks Mike!

  2. […] On this list there are people that are throwing out new ideas about what LinkedIn should be doing – like adding pictures to a profile and other things (JibberJobber does that – check this out). I’ve been involved in software projects for almost 10 years, and I’m not naive enough to suggest that LinkedIn is going to be the silver bullet – the one-size-fits-all tool for everyone, or even for anyone with similar needs. Social networking tools need to do what they’re best at and integrate with other tools (like LinkedIn + Indeed), as opposed to trying to replace a job board function. That way the social networking tool gives you its best, and the job board or aggregator or whatever does their best, and YOU win. […]

  3. […] Jason Alba: JibberJobber is a website with tools to help you manage your career. The core benefits are based on “customer relationship management,” where you can manage the relationships that are important for your career. This includes tracking network contacts and target companies but delves into understanding the strength of the relationship. Aside from this there are many features that allow you to do what career experts tell you to do. For example, you can keep track of where you send your resume, manage responses to interview questions, keep track of job-related expenses and much more. Mashups with GoogleMaps, Skype, LinkedIn, Anagram and other tools make it very feature rich. […]