More Pimp Your Work questions (and a bonus)

January 25th, 2007

Because of my winner of the month post from yesterday I didn’t point you to Wednesday’s interview question with Scot over at Pimp Your Work. So go check out yesterday’s question as well as today’s.

Why should networking be something that I do all the time in my career? Go check it out (from yesterday)

What are the critical factors in understanding and managing your personal network? Go check it out (from today)

As a bonus, go check out a post from master networker (and author) Thom Singer on 20 things to do to guarantee you’ll be a networking loser. I hope this isn’t you (hint: his post has to do with the crazy eagle picture) :)


2 responses to “More Pimp Your Work questions (and a bonus)”

  1. Good stuff. Thom posts a great list that should remind leaders how to lead.

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks Carl – Thom always has great stuff (and is now offering a $25 gift certificate to those that post comments on his blog ;))