JibberJobber + Anagram = Quickest Data Entry!!

February 26th, 2007

Anagram eases data entry saving time and effortQuestion: What do JibberJobber, NetSuite, and JigSaw have in common?

Answer: We all integrate the Anagram software so that you can easily enter data to our systems!

Note: this is FREE for regular and premium users. Please continue reading to see how it works (its super easy).

Anagram is one of those cool little programs that makes your life easier – basically it allows you to copy and paste data into a box and have it auto-populate the entire form.

On the Add Network Contact page there is a new box on the left (see image above). You can copy and paste an e-mail signature, or a block of text from a chat or a website or anything into this box.

Then, click on the “<< Fill Out Form” button and Anagram will take this information and fill out the Add Contact form – its that easy!!

Is this cool or what? Go check it out, for me this reduces the amount of time to create a new entry from 60 seconds to… 10 seconds!

Please be a little forgiving with this feature – I found that some signatures are not optimized for the Anagram logic so I had to do a little more copying and pasting once the form was filled out.

For example, I had “CEO, JibberJobber LLC” which all went into the Company field.

The easiest way to fix this is in the big box, put each thing on its own line. So after I made it look like this:

JibberJobber LLC

and then it went to the right boxes.

Anagram (tm) - Capture Critical Information FastIs this cool or what??? (yes, I’m excited!)

To try it for yourself just add a new contact (Network, Add Contact). The box is on the right. Note that you can even just type things in this box and then hit the “Fill Out Form” button, instead of tabbing through the form.

What? Don’t have an account on JibberJobber yet? Why not?? Go get one for free.


5 responses to “JibberJobber + Anagram = Quickest Data Entry!!”

  1. […] Check out this time saving program called Anagram. If there is text on the web (like address and phone numbers) you can highlight it, click the Anagram icon, and it will fill it into your Outlook address book. No need to worry about entering it in yourself, Anagram fills it all in for you in the right places. It integrates with other programs too. Jason told me about it and it’s integrated into Jibberjobber now. […]

  2. Jacob Share says:

    Very cool. Should be a big timesaver for everyone

    Next step – a browser plugin that allows you to select an address and have it directly inserted to your network, via the Anagram parsing technology

  3. I can vouch for this great tool. Simple and easy and it makes getting/saving contact details a snap. Until hCard becomes more common, this is excellent!

  4. […] Jason Alba: JibberJobber is a website with tools to help you manage your career. The core benefits are based on “customer relationship management,” where you can manage the relationships that are important for your career. This includes tracking network contacts and target companies but delves into understanding the strength of the relationship. Aside from this there are many features that allow you to do what career experts tell you to do. For example, you can keep track of where you send your resume, manage responses to interview questions, keep track of job-related expenses and much more. Mashups with GoogleMaps, Skype, LinkedIn, Anagram and other tools make it very feature rich. […]