Tuesday Brag – Wall Street Journal (Career Journal) Mention

April 17th, 2007

Career Journal (the Wall Street Journal Executive Career Site)Last week I had a mention in the Career Journal, which is part of the Wall Street Journal. I thought it was quite cool, and was sure my parents would think it was awesome, but aside from that wasn’t sure how “big” it really was.

But it was big. And I’ve been “chastized” by friends and colleagues for not bragging about it. Every day I get an e-mail or a call asking why I haven’t blogged about it. So let me dedicate an entire post about my mention.

Sarah Needleman is an associate editor of In fact, it seems that all of the articles that I read on CareerJournal are from her – I find her work to be very interesting as it’s from that C-level perspective. We chatted on the phone about my blog for about 15 minutes, and I let her know what some of my favorite career-related blogs are. The other blogs that are highlighted are: – I didn’t know about this blog before, but man it’s good! – this one is new to me, I’m now following it

The Ugly DucklingThis is an awesome list – I’ve actually had e-mail or phone conversations with all but two of these bloggers (and have followed all the blogs except for the two that I commented on). I feel like the ugly duckling though, because I don’t have the training or history in employment like these guys do. But maybe that’s why my blog is on there… I think it is kind of unique!

It’s an honor to be included amongst these bloggers – thanks for the write-up Sarah! I’ll be adding the logo to the front page of JibberJobber, next to these others: Yahoo! Finance,, Newsday, TotalPictureRadio and WebWare (a CNET site)! I think it will look good there :)


8 responses to “Tuesday Brag – Wall Street Journal (Career Journal) Mention”

  1. Jacob Share says:

    Congrats! Well-deserved, you have a great blogging voice.

  2. Congrats, Jason. I can’t think of anyone who earned this more than you. You deserve it!

    Alexandra Levit
    Author, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College
    Blogger, Water Cooler Wisdom

  3. […] I will say there is a downside to anonymity though. There was a great article in the WSJ Career Journal about this and a few other blogs. I was humbled and then realized that would be permanent since this thing is anonymous and all. […]

  4. Jason,

    Kudos! Huzzah! Outstanding! Congratulations! Well-earned!

    :::flinging any other missed superlatives in your direction:::



  5. Nerd Guru says:

    That’s awesome, Jason! Old media coverage has to feel good. When CNN calls and wants you to be interviewed as a job search expert, be sure to brag about that one now that you know it’s expected, OK?

  6. Alison Doyle says:

    Congratulations, Jason. This is very well deserved!


  7. Bengt Wendel says:

    Congratulations Jason!
    I think the ugly duckling is turning into a swan :-)

  8. Steve Wilson says:

    Jason –
    This is a very well deserved honor. Congratulations.