Yeah! I Did It! I’ve Been Blogging For A Year…

June 22nd, 2007

Time Magazine Likes Me!My first post was on June 22, 2006, so that makes today my blog birthday!

Please note that I recently celebrated a birthday, and got lot’s of well-wishes. About half of those people said “happy blog birthday.” Let me clarify lest you think I’m trying to double-dip :) – May 15th, 2006 was the day that I launched JibberJobber the career toolbox website. It is the place you go to manage your job search, personal network, sales prospects, etc. On June 22, 2006 I launched this blog. So today is my blog birthday. Last month was my web application birthday.

I started blogging a few weeks after I went to a Utah Bloggers Conference. I had just started JibberJobber and was really excited about the future, and “wondered what could blogging do for me?” I was very skeptical and concerned that (a) I didn’t have anything to say and (b) didn’t have the time.

I was sure I would be one of six people at the conference and was shocked to walk into a room of almost 200 people, some driving a few hours to get there. There was a panel discussion and then they opened it up for questions. I guess everyone else already knew everything, or perhaps they were too shy to ask questions, so I took the first question:

Why should I blog? I just started this business and don’t feel like I have time, or anything to say!

I don’t remember their answer but I do remember that night I resolved to blog, and to “do it right.” I took a few weeks to figure out my strategy, including:

  • How often do I post? I knew it had to be at least three times a week.
  • How long will I blog? They said that most blogs fail after 90 days. I didn’t want to start this just to fail (or quit).
  • Who am I? Was I going to be Jason the unemployed guy so I could relate with my audience (but then… what if I got a job???) or Jason the wildly successful internet entrepreneur (so you can feel safe about using JibberJobber because it isn’t going anywhere!)?

I have blogged every single workday since then. I remember I missed ONE day, when I was out of town, and I set my blog software to post a pre-written post and it didn’t. I saw the day after and was bummed because my goal was to do it every single day! Oh well, as far as I’m concerned I hit the goal.

So here’s the deal. Instead of sending me presents for what I consider a huge accomplishment, I’m going to give YOU presents. Each day next week I will (drum roll) share my blogging secrets. These are things that I’ve done or seen in the last year that I didn’t want my competition to know about. These are things that I haven’t really shared with other people. I’m not promising that anyone will be wowed but I will share some of the secret sauce. Brace yourselves for what I think will be a very, very exciting week of blogging next week!

Here is the way it rolls out (I just updated the topics and links in):

Have an excellent weekend!


24 responses to “Yeah! I Did It! I’ve Been Blogging For A Year…”

  1. Bengt Wendel says:

    I am impressed by the fact that you have managed to blog on a (work-)daily basis. Congratulations!

    And I look forward to a week of post with your blogging secrets.

  2. Jason Alba says:

    Thanks Bengt :) You are one of those guys who has been an inspiration for me during this last year! More on that next week!

  3. Thom says:

    Happy birthday to you and your blog Jason. Here’s to a long life :)

    Secrets, you mean there are secrets to this blogging thing? Hehe, can’t wait to see them. Rock On!

  4. David says:

    Congrats! You’re way ahead of many other bloggers. It’s so easy to not be consistent with blogging.

  5. Congrats on your blog birthday! Here’s to a year of good posts! I’m getting excited to learn some of your secrets…

  6. Karin H. says:

    What was so special about 22 June 2006?

    You’re the third blogger today I have to sing:
    Happy blog-birthday to you, happy blog-birthday to you
    Happy blog-birthday, happy blog-birthday
    Happy blog-birthday to you.

    And many happy returns of the day!

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  7. Sterling Bateman says:

    I have never seen anyone market like you do! Happy birthday twice!

  8. Jordy says:

    Congrats! I wish I kept track of fun stuff like that. :)

  9. Happy birthday Jason!

    And apart from appreciating the value in your blog, I also recognize from my little experience how hard it is keeping up blogging.

    Carry on producing great stuff!


  10. Andres says:


  11. Darlene says:

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!

    I look forward to next week.

  12. Jason,

    Happy Blog Birthday. Blogging every day for a year – now that IS impressive. Keep it up – this is a great blog. You’ve got me looking forward to next week.


  13. Happy First Blog Birthday! Congrats on a great accomplishment! It’s the journey, not the destination, so it is great to share your thoughts each day!

    Next year is your first “million” :-)

    Mazel Tov, :-)

    eWarrior LLC and Mediamensch Networks

  14. Rick Calvert says:

    Happy Blogaversary Jason.

  15. Mario P. Lopez says:


    Even though I’ve been trying to follow as methodically (yet silently) as possible your insights, this time, I join the party to offer my sincere congratulations to you and Jibber Jobber. Please, keep up a marvelous and thoughtful job.

    Looking forward to email you as soon as possible.

    Mario P. Lopez, CPA

  16. Deb Dib says:

    Happy Birthday, Jason. You’re an inspirational example of what passion, hard work, and consistency can achieve. What a ride you’ve had — and it’s only going to get better. Congratulations!

    Deb Dib, CEO Coach and Jason Alba fan.

  17. Woohoo! Happy Blogirthday!

  18. Pete Aldin says:

    Was going to sing the song, but got beaten to it by Darlene and Karin. So I’ll just say “Congrats and may the next Blog-year be a great one!”

  19. Happy 1st anniversary for your blog!
    Keep up the great contribution to blogosphere!!

  20. […] I’ve fretted over doing this series all weekend. Not because I’m letting out my secret-sauce secrets, rather because I think that many of you will walk away and think … uh, ya, I knew that a long time ago. So, to quote Andy Sernovitz in one of my favorite presentation quotes, please, “lower your expectations” Those of you who are here for career-related information, and couldn’t care less about blogging, realize that I’m a huge fan of blogging for personal branding. I think that most people should have a blog and work hard to use the blog as a tool to quantify who we are – our breadth and depth. So hang in there this week as I share some things that have helped in the last year with JibberJobber, which can also help with your own personal brand! […]

  21. Rob Humphrey says:

    Is a cal year = a blog year? Congrats and thank you…er…JibberJobber..for all the support.

  22. Jason Alba says:

    @everyone – thank you!! I feel loved!

    Rob, I’m not sure, maybe a blog year is only 3 months, in which case my blog really is 4 yrs old? Who knows :p

  23. […] Continuing the week-long series of my blogging secrets to celebrate my one year blog anniversary, today is about being “on-brand.” As I mentioned on Friday, one of the decisions I had to make was what my brand was going to be: Was I going to be Jason the unemployed guy so I could relate with my audience (but then… what if I got a job???) or Jason the wildly successful internet entrepreneur (so you can feel safe about using JibberJobber because it isn’t going anywhere!)? […]

  24. […] Jason Alba is a unique blogger and friend who just had his one year blog birthday. I had previously met him on Linkedin. Jason has many other things in common with me. Amazingly, I only met him in person for the first time recently at SOBCon 07 in Chicago. What I’ll remember about that is he actually seemed more excited to meet me than I was to meet him! And trust me it’s awesome to meet a web friend you’ve known for a long time. […]