Robb Hecht Gets Personal Branding – and the Twelfth You Get It Award!

August 29th, 2007

You Get It personal branding awardCongratulations (and surprise) to Robb Hecht for wrapping up the first year of You Get It award winners! I have been eyeing Robb as a You Get It winner for about three months now. Before I get onto my comments about Robb’s blog I want to make one point:


I’m not even going to pretend to talk you into blogging… it gets tiresome. Blogging is hard work and it’s a commitment. But the rewards are really greater than anything I could have guessed a year ago! I have staked my claim on the Internet in a way that will benefit me for many years to come, just because of how I’ve used my own blog to develop a personal brand (Jason Alba) and a company brand (JibberJobber). Not to mention the amazing relationships I’ve developed over the last year… these are two awesome benefits I’ve received from blogging – and I know that you can receive awesome benefits, too!

This is Robb Hecht!Back to my “one point” … I look for You Get It winners that aren’t intimidating. I’m not going to put A-list bloggers as award winners for various reasons… I’m looking for people that are real, touchable, and doing what you should and can do! I hope you can sift through these last twelve winners and think “I can start that!”

Here’s what I like about Robb’s blog:

  • the URL: I’m not a fan of blogspot :p but he got a great subdomain – PR Machine. It sums it up right there:
  • The title and subtitle are on purpose: “Media 2.0” is also very clear – I get what he specializes in. “robb hecht’s brandhacker trend report” helps with SEO on his name, and for some reason brandhacker piques my curiosity and I want to learn more.
  • The posts are somewhat sporadic but not too infrequent: It looks like he writes when something inspires him, which is frequent enough to keep me interested. I follow blogs like this via e-mail, and would recommend he bumps the e-mail subscribe up more :)
  • The posts are smart: Take the post on how the 4 Hour Workweek blog and book moved forward – there is some really cool information there from PR persective on how Tim Ferris made such progress, coming out of nowhere! Further, many of Robb’s posts contain substance (statistics, references, etc.) that add credibility to his message and brand.
  • His blog style is great: he uses bullets, bold, images, and a lot of linking out – these are all things that make it easier for the reader to digest, and get more value from links that he things are relevant.
  • He uses Google Adwords well: ONLY IN ONE SPOT!! At the top… not peppered throughout the rest of the site… this is showing, imho, lots of respect for his readers.
  • … I kind of like all the widgets and stuff on the right, as many of them are things that I haven’t seen before, but it’s too cluttered for my taste.

Here are some non-blog proofs that Robb gets it:

  • Google Robb HechtGoogle his name, without quotes. He owns the first page – his blog, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, and articles. If I was looking to hire Robb (as an employee or vendor) this would be impressive. And, look on the right, he actually has a sponsored link with his website AND phone number. Easy to find him!
  • Robb has a really strong public profile on LinkedIn with a number of things that I suggest in my book (like putting the full name and abbreviation for companies – you never know how people are going to search for your talent!)
  • On his company website he makes it clear that he’s credible by putting the “as read about” section front and center. Amongst other places you can see that he’s been in the Wall Street Journal as well as the Entrepreneur magazine. You may not have a company but you can get quoted in magazines and newspapers!
  • Robb’s e-mail signature is simple yet very informative – this is low hanging fruit that a lot of people miss out on, and getting one e-mail from him allows you to learn A LOT about him from his profiles or his blog (and heck, if you are old fashioned, you even get his phone number :p):

Robb Hecht e-mail signature

Congratulations Robb! – You join a special group of professionals and have earned a coveted link from my monthly winner’s blogroll area (on the left), six months of premium JibberJobber (you can transfer/award this to someone else :) ), and a cyber-high five! Feel free to post the You Get It award on your blog!

Here are the past winners (this represents the first year of winners):


7 responses to “Robb Hecht Gets Personal Branding – and the Twelfth You Get It Award!”

  1. Dan Schawbel says:

    Congrats Robb..I’m also a big fan of your blog and personal branding techniques!

  2. Chris Carpinello says:

    What’s wrong with blogspot?

  3. Jason Alba says:

    Chris – I’ll have to address that in a separate post :)