Thom Singer Beats Me To The Punch

September 28th, 2007

I have this brilliant blog post building about LinkedIn… but I haven’t put the time into it yet.  I’ll give you an excellent teaser, though – go read Thom Singer’s rant on LinkedIn (Thom is right on).

I’m still in Savannah, hanging out with some of my favorite people, having a great time, “see you” next week!

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3 responses to “Thom Singer Beats Me To The Punch”

  1. thom singer says:

    Wow, you know how cool I feel to have written a post about LinkedIn and to be on the same thought path as the guy who wrote THE book about LinkedIN….and to have beaten him to the punch

  2. Joe Miller says:

    Jason, I’m in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Needed a break). But still on the computer, apparently. :) JM

  3. […] Last week I linked to Thom Singer’s brilliant post about LinkedIn, and got almost as many comments in that one post as he’s had in his entire blog history (commenters on his or other’s posts include Carol Deckert, Scott Ingram, Jonathon Morgan, Aruni Gunasegaram, Josh Greene, Liz Handlin, Darlene McDaniel, James Seay, Mark Herpel)) He hit a real sore spot, and was dead-on. Go read his post: LinkedIn Rant – And A Challenge To Bloggers. […]

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