Upcoming Network/Learning Opportunities

September 13th, 2007

come meet people!There are a number of networking opportunities that I want to let you know about. Two are pretty much for Utah locals, and three are for people across the country. Here’s my list!

Oct 22 – Blogging 4 Business (this is for anyone, including YOU)

As a blogger I get hit up by PR and marketing firms frequently. I’ve had the typical not-so-good approaches, and only ONE PR professional has done an excellent job. This conference is all about how marketing and PR professionals can understand and leverage blogging and social media, and incorporate it better into their strategic offering.

The conference is in Salt Lake City, tickets are $299, and we are having some incredible speakers coming in (confirmed speakers include Wendy Piersall, Liz Strauss, Rand Bateman, Lindsey Pollak, Tim Stay, Gary Goldhammer – and more to come). If you are a PR or marketing professional I’d say this is a can’t miss event. If you are “just a blogger” and interested in furthering your blogging business, I think it’s an excellent opportunity to learn and network. If you provide services to PR or marketing then get in touch with me. Disclosure: I’m one of two event organizers (and I guarantee this is going to be awesome)!

November 5th and 6th – Sales Shebang! (for women sales professionals/executives)

If you are in sales then be at this conference in Minneapolis. From what I understand the two day event will be packed full of great learning, and I’m sure the networking opportunities will be awesome. More information here. There is a cost – see website for more info.

October 18th – Utah New Media Conference (anyone can come, but this probably isn’t something you would fly in to attend)

For locals in and around Salt Lake, schedule this in. There are a number of presentation by leading local experts covering a variety of topics. I’ll be in San Antonio, so there will not be a “Jason Siting” :) Click here for more information. FREE.

September 20th and October 11th – Utah Tech Spotlight

Again, not something to fly in for, these are about a couple of hours where companies are given about 20 minutes to talk about what they do, who they are, etc. It’s a really cool way to get to know about a company that is local that you may have heard about. September we’ll hear from Unspam and in October we’ll hear from Doba. Come meet the locals – FREE and free drinks :)

November 1 – Guy Kawasaki in Utah

I doubt there are any more seats for this, it’s only $10 and registration has been open for a few days. Should be an awesome event with a cross-mix between bloggers and business people – click here for more and to register.

Why am I announcing these things? Whether you are coming or not, you need to have some kind of face-to-face networking going on — what are YOU going to between now and the end of the year?



Get Noticed First – Standing Out With More Than a Resume

September 12th, 2007

Get Noticed First in your job searchA few months ago I met Demetrius Pinder, owner of Get Noticed First. While in college Demetrius used an above-and-beyond tactic to land an internship. This tactic became the foundation of his senior project and, now, his business.

The idea is simple – you want to impress the people that you are interviewing with. I’m still amazed to hear stories about people that send in the same cliche stuff, typos and all!

Get Noticed First has a program where they allow you to develop a website (like what you get on, but there’s more to it. You end up with some tangibles – a CD with your resume portfolio on it, and resumes printed out on resume paper. You’ll have your website (you can see a sample here), and go into the situation with a lot more preparation than the person next to you.

A few thoughts:

First, it looks like the market that Demetrius is going after is the recent college grad market (or perhaps those looking for internships). I think this is an excellent service to introduce at this stage, and one that will help people think about being more proactive.

Second, the pricing is pretty affordable. It comes out to be about $20/year (so you can do the first year and stop… $25 isn’t much to get started).

Third, yes, you can do all this on your own. Go to Kinkos and get the resume paper, burn your own CD, get an account… I think the convenience here is that going through the Get Noticed First program you just do the work online and then wait for the package to arrive in the mail. If you are on a college campus it might be easier to do it all from your dorm room than worry about finding all the stuff you need to do it on your own.

Fourth, MY PROBLEM in my job search was not lack of wow (read about it on a recruiter’s blog, Daniel Sweet from Free Resume and Career Toolbox has a great post on my pathetic problem). It was a huge incongruence between what was on my resume (CIO/GM/VP) and the jobs I was applying to (project manager, product manager). I thought it would be obvious to the person that I was interviewing with (or wanted to interview with) why there were differences, but it wasn’t obvious, and I really needed professional help to figure this out. So getting a very polished, shiny presentation is not a guarantee that you are going to get interviews.

Fifth, I see that Get Noticed First has a professional resume writer and job coach to help with the work (I’d be interested in knowing who it is). This is pretty important, as I mention in my last point, there are some things that even smarty-pants people (like me) need help with, even if we don’t want to admit it (if you are ready to get some real help, consider one of my partners, listed here). I needed more help than just having professionals review my resume… I needed someone who could tell me why I wasn’t getting interviews.

I think Demetrius has a great service and I’m very interested to see how he penetrates into the high school/college market. I’m watching you Demetrius!



Welcome to the Recruiter Carnival!

September 11th, 2007

carnival ride... I agreed to host a blog carnival today but I did a really bad job promoting it! So, hopefully the following bloggers are cool with me pulling in some of my favorite links. I’m only going to do five because my last carnival had way too much reading, plus I have a business to run and a book to sell! Here’s the first carnival and today, at JibberJobber, is the second carnival! These are some of my favorite posts…

John Reinke is one of my favorite off-topic bloggers – he is smart and unafraid to say what he thinks. His post about the recruiter from Hell makes me laugh, my worst recruiter was never that bad, but I’m sure there are punks out there with complete and utter disrespect for the anxious, hungry job seeker! Read about his experience here. (John, by the way, is the only person that reacted to my quiet call for posts for this carnival – thanks John!!)

Carl Chapman wrote So how did you think I got to be a recruiter? last November, and explains his very interesting story. I love this post because it helps remind that, for all the no-call-backs, no-e-mails, and all that other stuff we endure when we are desperately looking for help in a job search, recruiters are human too. They aren’t our silver bullets, and they aren’t our whipping boys (and girls)… and sure there are things that are broken and that suck about the process, but they are human. And they deserve our respect.

Harry Joiner got kicked off of Facebook, probably because he’s a no-good, degrade-the-quality-of-our-network recruiter. He did nothing wrong, really. Well, he only did what Facebook designed into the system, which was upload his Gmail address book and invite his contacts. Over 4,000 contacts. FB got ticked and kicked him out, for using the tools they made. Harry wasn’t aware he was doing something wrong. But they kicked him out. Here’s the kicker. Harry is one of the more popular recruiters that I know. He has a super-strong network, and is connected to a lot of bloggers (and non-bloggers). He got slapped in the face and wondered what the heck went wrong – so he went to his network. Bottom line: Keith Ferrazzi says that recruiters are power connectors. Two lessons here: 1. don’t offend a power connector. 2. Try and network (and build a relationship with) a power connector! If you can help a recruiter NOW, when you don’t need it, imagine how they will help YOU when you do need it!

So now we know recruiters are human, and they are connected, and they can be absolutely rude. I’ll tell you what, when you are looking for a recruiter to develop a relationship with, the one that you don’t turn requests down from, you want to find a smart one. This will vary depending on what your profession/industry is, but let me give you an excellent example of a recruiter who is very smart in his space: Rob Merrill. How do I know? His blog drips of IT geekness. It may be a turnoff for the non-techie but guess what, Rob is developing relationships with techies. And when they can come see that he knows something about design (like calling LinkedIn out on bad design) or marketing and personal development (like getting excited that Guy Kawasaki is coming to Utah, and tickets are only $10!!!), or something as techie and abstract as the hCard format, you know he is going to be seen not as the clueless tech recruiters, but as a guy who knows his stuff. All recruiters can blog if they can do it like Rob does.

Dave Lefkow further proves that recruiters are human. How human? So human that there is turnover in recruiting. He was a recruiter until last month when he invented Bacon Salt (you gotta read about it here), and sales took off to the point where he decided to move on and, well, push fake bacon! Dave, best wishes to you as you try out this new venture! If nothing else it’s a great experience! For the rest of us, it’s a good reminder that aside from pushing papers around, calling people to only hear “NO!” and doing all that other recruiter stuff, they have a life, with dreams and ambitions, just like we do!

Recruiters are ultra-clever, and always on the lookout for new tools. Jim Stroud shows us non-recruiters what one of the common problems are, and how they are handled (this post is about Sullr, something useful for you when you don’t recognize a caller ID number). Yep, recruiters have problems and challenges and are astutely looking for solutions. Just like the rest of us.

Okay, so this is sappier than I meant it to be – I wanted stories (good or bad) or your recruiter experiences but since I didn’t advertise you are stuck with links to things that show that recruiters are human, too :)

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Bloggers review “I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???”

September 10th, 2007

buzz in the blogosphereHere’s some blogosphere buzz about my book, which should ship on September 24th (it should also be available on by the 24th). Thanks a ton to everyone that has blogged about it, or that has it scheduled, or has already sent it to their various newsletters!

The Ash Buckles Blog. Even though I’m good friends with Ash Buckles, he is still “very impressed overall.” And you know how hard it is to keep your friends impressed! Here’s Ash’s post on my book.

Chris Knudsen on life, business, and entrepreneurship. I’ve had lunch with Chris and find him to have a very smart, critical (as in critical analysis) blog, which is always interesting. This post gives a little more than a head nod and even says the book is “great.” :)

Mike Schaffner’s Beyond Blinking Lights and Acronyms. Mike says that I give “a refreshingly honest and balanced review of LinkedIn” which is true, this is not a “I Love LinkedIn And You Should Too” book. It’s a book on how to get the best out of it.

Legal Andrew. How does a lawyer review a book about a website? Very well :) I like how Andrew brings out his three favorite things, including what to do with school names, how to get recommendations, and (of course, since he’s a lawyer) an entire chapter on Shady Practices! Here’s his review!

Susan Guarneri’s Career Goddess Blog. Susan gave one of the earliest head nods in her Social Networking and LinkedIn Tips blog post, which was also posted on – thanks Susan!

Barbara Safani’s Career Solvers blog. Barbara says that the book answers many questions posed to her by her clients, which is cool because I didn’t know what questions she was getting… but they must have been the same quesitons I had! This was also posted on the very useful Career Hub blog.

Digital Thom’s blog. Thom is another friend that I may have managed to impress. Before he wrote his review he read the ebook twice… and after that he still thinks I “did an excellent job!” Here’s his review.

Thom Singer’s Some Assembly Required blog. Thom is an author of Some Assembly Required and The ABCs of Networking, two books that I’ve read and strongly recommend! Thom was the first to buy my book, so he’s immortalized (in my mind – I’m sure many authors have their “first sale” person immortalized :p). This post is a public congratulation for getting my book this far, thanks for your support Thom! (want to listen to me and Thom talk about all kinds of important stuff? Last night we recorded a radio show, that you can hear here).

Bill Sobel’s NEW YORK: MEDIA INFORMATION EXCHANGE GROUP blog. Bill owns Sobel Media and runs the Media Information Exchange Group in New York City – if you have any interest in media you should follow his blog, which has a lot of current events in this space. Thanks for sharing I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? with your readers, Bill!

Darlene McDaniel’s Interview Chatter. Darlene is a thinker, and she wasn’t all that excited about LinkedIn. But somewhere in the first part of my book she decided to get involved, and you can read about her fascinating early days (which is right now) on her blog… it’s really interesting to read about her journey starting out and really exploring LinkedIn – I hope that Mario Sundar and other LinkedIn employees are following along.

Head nod from Kent Blumberg’s Leadership, strategy and performance blog. Kent has a great post on 10 ways to build your personal brand, where he puts LinkedIn as #4 (not that they are ordered by importance), and suggests you get my book :)
If I’ve missed your post please shoot it to me!

Thanks again to each of you!

Want your own copy? Click here to get the eBook NOW or pre-order the hard copy!



Book Review: 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy*

September 7th, 2007

45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy*This is Anita Bruzzese’s second book (her first was Take This Job and Thrive) and it is one of the funnest I’ve read all year. On this blog I tend to focus on getting a job (or, as one reader recently wrote, bashing job seekers :p) and don’t really go into what you do once you got the job, or how to keep the job. That’s where this book comes in.

Anita breaks her book down into five sections, and has a bunch of the “things” that drive bosses crazy under each section. Here’s a small sample (paraphrasing on the Part titles):

Part One: Bosses Don’t Promote Employees Who Make Them Feel Uncomfortable

3. Goofing Off on a Business Trip – I’ve seen too much of this

4. Earning a Reputation as a Whiner, Drama Queen or General Pain in the Neck – I’ve worked with the pains in the neck, and no one wants to be around them

5. Discussing Your Personal Beliefs at Work – there’s a line… it might be fuzzy (Anita doesn’t say that), but crossing it could be detrimental

Part Two: Bosses Get Rid of Employees with Too Many Bad Habits

12. Failing to Speak Intelligently – I’ve been there, side-by-side with an employee who embarrased me by saying the dumbest thing in front of a customer (okay, I admit, I’ve said plenty of dumb things myself :p)

15. Being disorganized – this is me… Anita gives a compelling case to clean up my act!

Part Four: Bosses Don’t Give Leadership Roles to Those Who Lack Maturity and Common Sense

29. Crying at Work – an interesting perspective from a women… I really liked this chapter.

38. Giving Lackluster Speeches or Presentations – we gotta be on the top of our game, even during the drudgery!

Part Five: Failure to Give Full Support to Your Employer Says You’re Not Ready for an Investment of Time and Resources

41. Ignoring Company Goals – when you think you are a number, and don’t have a voice… but you do, and your boss wants to know that you care (and want to make him/her look good!)

44. Neglecting coworkers – one of my favorite parts, where she talks about neglecting the coworker that, in a few months, might be the one choosing members for a special project, and doesn’t choose you because you neglected him!

45. …. um, you’ll just have to get your own copy :p

Anita Bruzzese - 45 ThingsA few foundational principles that come out of Anita’s book include:

Bosses don’t hire you to fire you. They want to keep you around. It’s a pain to find new employees and always try and make the team as productive as it should be. If you are the right hire they want you around!

You need to make your boss look good. Your boss has a boss. What you do (or don’t do) will make him/her look really good or really bad. Your boss wants to look really good!

Don’t be a dork, or stupid! A lot of the things in this book are things that *I would never do* … ! Even though many of them, to me, are “common sense,” I think about my past jobs and can’t believe how many people violated so many of these 45 things! Just amazing. There really is a need for this book.

Reading a list of the 45 things is okay but Anita makes the case for each point and it’s really worth the read. I definitely recommend this to anyone that is just starting their career (yes, even the Gen Y folks :p). Consider leaving a copy on the desk of that coworker who kicked the copy machine (I’ve seen that, to the point of being scary), or the coworker who thinks that an industry conference is a family vacation (I’ve seen that way too many times), or the coworker who always seems to get out of certain meetings to get her own work done, or the coworker who doesn’t know how to delegate, or the coworker who always seems to be sleepy, or not dress well, or… man, the list goes on and on!

An excellent book, a fun read, and very inexpensive at around $12 on Amazon right now.



Fun Stuff for YOU

September 6th, 2007

A couple of things that you might be interested in:

webinar today!First, the user webinars have been excellent. Not a lot of users on each one because I have not advertising it to my user group yet (only my blog readers :)) … today is the last one that won’t get advertising – from now on I’ll be shooting it out to all the people that have signed up on JibberJobber. You can keep tabs on upcoming webinars here.

Today at 9am PST, 10am MST, 11am CST and noon EST is the next user webinar! Whether you have been using JibberJobber for months or haven’t even logged in yet, come ask all your questions and see what’s up! Login information here!

Carnival lollipop!Second, I’m hosting a blog carnival again! This one is for recruiters… but I’m putting a spin on it! I want YOU to write your best or worst recruiter experience ever… something that you want to share with recruiters so they can be better!

I’m sure you’ve worked with a recruiter before… even if they just call you and you are never interested but the keep calling you. Or, they landed you your last excellent job. Or they landed you a nightmare job! Whatever it is, share the best or the worst…. I’ll link to all of them on Tuesday, Sept 11th.

Checkout jobs in Austin at itzbig.

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JibberJobber Featured in NYC News

September 5th, 2007

WNBC reporterJibberJobber was recently featured on channel 4, NBC primetime news in New York City! How cool is that?

Sree Sreenivasan does a regular tech spotlight… in this article you’ll notice that they did not go in alphabetical order and listed JibberJobber as first (first!!), even before superstars in the employment space like LinkedIn (maybe someone at LinkedIn should write a book called “I’m on JibberJobber — Now What???” :p) and SimplyHired.

Other interesting points:

  1. The name JibberJobber… I’ve heard a handful of times over the last 18 months from people that don’t like the name JibberJobber. But every time I hear it on a podcast, or radio, and now TV, people always talk about it. I *love* how the reporter doesn’t miss the opportunity to say that she loves the name :) (Thanks Tige, for the name!)
  2. The focus from Sree… it was so interesting to me that Sree focused on the resume aspect of JibberJobber. When I talk about JibberJobber I might say “and use it to track where you send your resumes…” but I usually don’t go on from there. I focus on overall relationship management as well as tracking target companies, which are two things that you do whether you are in a job search or not. Building on that idea, it amazes me when someone gives a huge compliment on something that I thought was a cute addition, but not the core of the product – like the simple expense tracker. The more I do the webinars (the next one is tomorrow morning, come if you can!) the more I realize how big JibberJobber really is.
  3. Really fun website… Sree says “JibberJobber dot com is a really fun website…” and “it’s really nice and easy to use.” These are two other things that I don’t really talk about, but it sure sounds good to me :)
  4. What they chose to show… Even with just about 10 seconds of talking about it, and only showing screens that are not part of the logged in section, there were over a hundred signups from New York and New Jersey – hope this helps in your job search!
  5. In the video they didn’t mention LinkedIn… but they did mention MyAmiko and Alumwire. The video looks like it wraps up with SimplyHired… so how did LinkedIn make it on the writeup?

Here is a link to the video, or click on the image below:

Sree Sreenivasan, Tech Spotlight, about JibberJobber

Thanks for highlighting us, Sree!



The Smart Start Coach – Linda Lopeke

September 4th, 2007

Smart Start Coach - Linda LopekeA couple of months ago I had a chat with Linda Lopeke, who teaches at a university in Canada. Linda has had a career outside of the university but designed an MBA-level course called Fortune 500 Intelligence. From what I can tell this has been an excellent testing ground for her to refine her Smart Start program, as she works with hopefuls and wannabe’s (I was an MBA student so I can say that :p).

Linda has a program for “the rest of us” (meaning, not her students) where she makes some very strong claims. I don’t think the claims are far-fetched. A lot of what is being taught is not necessarily new stuff – although professional coaches are going to not only base their coaching on principles, but know the trends, fads and current career management stuff a lot better than someone who isn’t immersed in it all day long.

You can get a taste of her program here, with the free stuff.

You can get an idea of what she teaches here, with the Cash for College challenge questions.

Listen to her on the radio or read a press release here, to get to know her and her program better.

Her home page is really long but has a lot more info, if you are interested. The pricing seems nominal for someone that wants to get started on the career fast track… you can read all about it here.

Linda has a system, with newsletters and communication catered to those that are trying to figure out how to get ahead. She has teleseminar classes that you can dial into, and I think peer communication opportunities to get to know other people that are in the program. This isn’t a replacement for one-on-one career coaching but if you have been hesitant to jump into something like this, I think for the price, it’s a great alternative.

Do you have a coach yet? Do you have a mentor? Has it been beneficial?



Update on “I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???”

September 3rd, 2007

Go to I'm on LinkedIn -- Now What???This weekend has been a crash course in getting a book to print. On Friday I reviewed the proof that goes to the printer, which has the correct formatting from the layout team (they did a very cool job). It was kind of hard to review something that I have gone over over and over, but I found about 70 little mistakes. And then I went through some e-mails and found another 5 that other people had pointed out that I didn’t catch.

Saturday morning, around 10:30am I sent the entire list of changes to my publisher and was, for the day, pretty much done.

Sunday morning I got an e-mail that said something like “by they way, because of xyz there are two blank pages at the end … you need to add more content.” Add more content after it’s all done?? I came up with a clever idea (I passed the buck :p) … we’ll see if everyone else thinks it’s clever :).

There are over 100 people that have received a pre-press soft copy of the book (if you are a blogger, or have a newsletter that you can promote the book to, and will promote it on your blog or newsletter, shoot me an e-mail)… here is some of the feedback that I’ve received (shortened where appropriate):

“Jason offers a unique perspective on networking that’s of interest to anyone that is a job seeker, entrepreneur, or networking enthusiast. His book … can easily save the average new user months of time in trial and error.”

— Nadine Turner, Six Sigma Black Belt

“This book takes the guess work out of how to utilize LinkedIn and is unquestionably a friendly user guide! This book is not simply for beginners, but for those who are serious about professional and personal networking.”

Lori Russel Boilard, CEO, Distinct Careers & Psychologist

“If you are new to LinkedIn, you are in for a treat when you read ‘I’m On LinkedIn–Now What???.’ If this book were available the first year LinkedIn started, it would have helped LinkedIn to be better understood and would have helped thousands of professionals get the most out of LinkedIn.”

Vincent Wright, Chief Encouragement Officer,

“Throughout this book he narrows down exactly what LinkedIn SHOULD be used for so that readers don’t confuse it with other social networks.”

Daniel Schawbel, Publisher, Personal Branding Magazine

“As Jason writes, LinkedIn is NOT the silver bullet of networking sites; such a site does not exist, and this book does not try to make that point. “

Phil Gerbyshak, public speaker and author of 10 Ways to Make It Great!

“Authoritative and insightful, this book is a great primer for “newbies,” yet it’s comprehensive enough to offer something of value to even the most seasoned LinkedIn users.”

George Blomgren, Director of Marketing,

“Jason’s book is an easy-to-read, well-written, step-by-step tutorial for the novice, or for the person who’s already linked in. He reveals his mastery, once again, at making the complex simple, just as he did with his invention of JibberJobber.”

Billie R. Sucher, Career Transition Consultant & Author,

“A book that I’ve long needed to explain just what LinkedIn is and isn’t to countless friends and clients without buzzwords or hype, it’s high on my list of recommendations.”

Susan Reynolds, New Media Consultant,

“Jason shows you how to use this tool to its maximum potential. He shows you how to setup your profile to attract folks to you, how to find other people and information on LinkedIn, and how to build you personal brand with the help of LinkedIn.”

Kent M. Blumberg, Executive and Professional Coach,

“In an age of social networking, LinkedIn remains one of the best for business people. Mr. Alba gives a wonderful first-hand insight on the how-tos of using the service: this guide has been a long time coming. I am delighted that he’s taken the time to put together, in a single volume, how to get the best out of the service.”

Jack Yan, CEO, Jack Yan & Associates,

“This book is an easy read with some great descriptions of how to accomplish your LinkedIn Networking tasks. I recommend this book for all users of LinkedIn.”

Jim Browning, Co-Owner/Lead Moderator, LinkedIn Atlanta & President, Browning Business Solutions, LLC,

“Jason has written a highly practical guide to Linkedin that will quickly allow a new user to understand and utilize Linkedin. It’s also a great guide to the Linkedin’s hidden gems…”

David Dalka, Senior Marketing and Business Development Professional,

“LinkedIn is a very powerful tool and Jason Alba does a tremendous job of helping a new user get the most out of it.”

Carl Chapman, Founder of CEC Search, LLC executive search firm for restaurant professionals,

“I would recommend [this book] to anyone who is just starting to build a LinkedIn network or for someone who has been a member for some time but is just now seeing the advantages LinkedIn provides.”

Thom Allen, IT Career Coach,

“I personally did not understand the need for yet another social networking site for me to visit. But within the first 15 pages of Jason’s book, I began to understand the value of LinkedIn not only for me, but for those I have the opportunity to coach through a job search.”

Darlene McDaniel, Interview Guru,

“If LinkedIn is a brand new car, then Jason’s book is the owner’s manual. It’s a great resource for those who want to make LinkedIn their own.”

Adam J. Kovitz, Executive Director, Relationship Networking Industry Association (RNIA), CEO, Founder & Publisher, The National Networker

“I’m on LinkedIn — Now What?? answers so many of the questions that have been posed to me by my clients about this powerful business networking tool. Many people approach social networking technology with trepidation and Jason Alba has created a “how to” guide that reminds new users that there are “no stupid questions” when it comes to learning a new technology and guides seasoned users through the more specialized uses of the application. I’m on LinkedIn, Now What? is a must read for anyone interested in creating an on-line presence, building a professional community, sourcing prospects, or reaching out to decision makers and hiring authorities.The book is a quick, easy read that will teach you how to build more strategic and effective relationships on LinkedIn in a relatively short period of time.

Barbara Safani, Career Solvers,

Cool – I’m very flattered to get these kinds of endorsements from these people!

Want to pre-order? The eBook might ship this week, and the hard copy should ship by the end of this month! Just click here to get your own!


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