I’m on Facebook — Now What???

December 3rd, 2007

Letting the cat out of the bagMy first book was so fun that I decided I just had to do another one!

Actually, one of the main reasons I wrote I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? was to help people wrap their brains around LinkedIn. After spending the last few months receiving e-mails, doing interviews and a few webinars, I think I hit the nail on the head.

And I got a fair amount of e-mail asking (a) when’s the next book, and (b) would I do something on Facebook?

Of course, my response was “na, I’m not crazy enough to do this twice!”

Apparently, I am crazy enough.

This time I’m teaming up with Facebook expert Jesse Stay, who has successfully sold one Facebook application and is working on a few others, as well as consulting with businesses to help them devise a Facebook strategy. Jesse is a friend who I met at the Utah Blogger Dinners, a programmer, and an all-around cool guy. I’m very pleased to be able to work with him, as he really brings a lot to this project.

We would really like your help and involvement with this second book. If you have any tips, tricks, warnings, suggestions, questions, etc. please shoot them over to us. If you think you can contribute to the book in any way, send your stuff asap. We’re hoping to begin the first editing phase this weekend, so there isn’t much time left.

Crazy, yes, that’s how I would describe this :)


2 responses to “I’m on Facebook — Now What???”

  1. name says:

    Here’s a warning to the unaware…,140182-c,onlineprivacy/article.html

    Facebook’s Beacon More Intrusive Than Previously Thought
    A Computer Associates security researcher says that Facebook’s controversial Beacon online ad system goes much further than expected in tracking people’s Web activities.
    Juan Carlos Perez
    Friday, November 30, 2007 4:10 PM PST

  2. Jason Alba says:

    Excellent, thanks for the article! Beacon is getting a lot of ink, and for good reason!