Andy Sernovitz Is Coming To Town

December 7th, 2007

Andy Sernovitz - word of mouth marketing guru(sorry for the “Salt Lake only” post)

My friend Andy Sernovitz is coming to Salt Lake on December 17th and will give a presentation at 4:00 at the Miller Business Center.  What is he talking about?

How Smart Companies Get People Talking 

I saw Andy speak earlier this year and he was phenomenal. Incredible. Awesome. In fact, he was one of my favorite speakers of the year.

I’m one of the organizers/sponsors… if you are (or can be) in Salt Lake on the 17th, come share your afternoon with us – it’s going to be awesome.

Cost is $10 at the door, you can RSVP here, but make sure to get there early (around 3pm?) to save your seat and NETWORK!

Bonus: Andy’s GasPedal VP, Michael Rubin, will be with him. And, I’m working on getting B&N to get a table with Andy’s book, Word of Mouth Marketing.

See you there?


4 responses to “Andy Sernovitz Is Coming To Town”

  1. That sounds great. I ‘just’ missed him this fall in Minneapolis. He spoke on the 3rd, and I flew in from Germany on the 4th. Then, we went to Chicago for a conference… when he was busy with a completely different conference. So I’ve had two very near misses this year. Very tragic.

    His book is fabulous though. I imagine it will be a great experience

  2. Jason, nice work on putting this together, I plan to go. I wondered where at the Miller Center. The main building? Will you have signs?

  3. […] Final note:  before I wrap up, I want to mention that Jason Alba, of Jibber Jobber (one heck of a bright person BTW) is making an effort to make everyone aware that Andy Sernovitz is coming to SLC on December 17th.  Jason raves about Andy’s presentation, and Jason is one of those folks that if he tells me something is a don’t miss, I really believe him.  Find out more about it here. […]

  4. […] Come join me as I attend the Word of Mouth presentation by Andy Sernovitz, flying in from Chicago. As I mentioned before, Andy is awesome, and one of my favorite speakers of the year. You can RSVP for free at (payment is $10 at the door, and Barnes and Noble will have his book there to purchase). […]