Video: Merging Duplicate Contacts

December 18th, 2007

As a software designer and CEO, I have to make decisions about what projects to work on and what projects to postpone. This is one project that I’ve wanted for over a year, but there were other things more important, pushing this down the list :(.

But we finally did it!

You can now merge any number of contacts into one, allowing you to get rid of duplicate contacts. The cool thing is that this keeps all log entries from all contacts merged, so you aren’t going to lose information… anyway, check out how it works in this 3:45 minute video:

Merge duplicate records in JibberJobber

You can see all videos here!


3 responses to “Video: Merging Duplicate Contacts”

  1. Tom Kenny says:

    This is a very good feature. When I joined JibberJobber I imported my Yahoo Email address book and found many duplicate entries. This feature would have saved a lot of time so I’m glad it’s there in case I decide to mine data from any of my other address books.

    One other thing I want to add is that the video tutorial is great since you can really see the feature in action. Are there are video tutorials for any thing else in JibberJobber? I’m sure a lot of work goes into creating it but I think these sort of video tutorials would really help new users.

    Thanks for constantly improving JibberJobber!

  2. Jason Alba says:

    Sure thing Tom! I’ll answer your question about other videos in today’s post :p

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