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December 13th, 2007

I have a backlog of stuff to write about but there are too many awesome posts that I want to point you to.

Scott Allen - the consummate LinkedIn expertScott Allen

Scott Allen guest posts on Dave Mendoza’s Six Degrees blog, 15 Creative Ways Recruiters Can Use Professional Networking Sites. Once again, Scott hits it out of the park. Scott is talking to recruiters, which I love. Why? Because I think recruiters need to know this stuff as much, or more, than YOU do. Also, I love sharing all of this recruiter training with you, so you know what the people you should be partnering with (yes, recruiters should be your partners and network contacts) are hearing and learning. Here are just four of the fifteen tips (read the entire post, it’s worth your time):

4. Media exposure and publicity
5. Become a media outlet
9. Competitive intelligence
10. Peer benchmarking

Kevin Donlin - Get Hired Now! Resume writer and job search expertKevin Donlin

I like Kevin a lot. He has a great newsletter that I’ve been on for a while, and is one of the first to use video in evangelizing his message. I absolutely love the e-mail that landed in my inbox today, you can get the full story on his blog. Basically he lays out how YOU can get a job very quickly, with two phones. This story is inspiring and almost made me want to look for a job again (read the entire (short) post here)… an excerpt:

“The script I followed on the phone went like this: ‘Hi, my name is Dave Segall and I got your name from XX. I was working at Y Company until recently as an Assistant Credit Manager. I’m calling to see if you had any opportunities at your firm.’”

Segall say: “If I got voicemail instead of a live person, I would add: ‘I’d like to speak with you; my cell phone number is 212-XXX-XXXX.’ That way, I could get callbacks while calling out on my regular phone.”

What where Segall’s results? (ha ha, you’ll have to read the entire post here)

Jacob Share - Israel job search expertJacob Share

Jacob is one of my favorite geographic job bloggers, serving the Israel job market (they have a very hot tech sector, by the way). He’s in touch with all that happens over there in the career space. Even though he only gave JibberJobber a “C” (iirc), I still like him 😉 In a recent post he talks about one of my favorite people, legendary Lorelle VanFossen, and her comments about blogging:

“Who are you blogging for? yourself, first and foremost.”

What did she mean?

“your blog is your resume”.

When you put your name on a public document, you’re telling the world about yourself. In the case of a blog, you’re also saying what you’re capable of. You’re marketing yourself. You’re branding yourself.

Turns out I’m not the only one that thinks that blogging is good for your personal brand, and setting yourself apart from the rest of the resume pile! Read the entire post here.

Pamela Slim, super blogger at Escape from Cubible NationPamela Slim

Pam has helped thousands of people work through their issues and dreams and “escape from cubicle nation.” She has such a genuine style and a lot of real personal experience. Her post from yesterday hit’s my top five favorites, as she lays out 5 business ideas just waiting for an entrepreneur … like you? She doesn’t just list them, she describes them in a way that you can understand what you are getting into. If you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body you need to read this, now! Here are the five things, but read her post to get the meat:

    1. Independent Benefits Adviser for the Wannabe Entrepreneur
    2. Accountant and Financial Adviser for People with Less than Perfect Financial Histories
    3. Marketing Expert for Introverted Software Developers
    4. Blog Graphic Designer for the Technically Clueless Professional
    5. Marketing Specialist for Craftspeople Who Sell at Local, Regional and International Art Shows

There you go, nothing original from me but these are some gems that I loved finding!

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Finishing 2007 With A Bang, Prepping For 2008

December 12th, 2007

navigating 2008At the risk of diverging too much information about my business, and making it look smaller (or bigger) than what you might think it is, I wanted to share some stuff from my last coaching session.

I’ve been concerned about making sure that I tie up all my 2007 loose ends, and am prepared to hit it hard in 2008. We spent our last coaching session figuring out what all of this meant, and I left with an action plan so I’m pointed in the right direction.

It’s interesting to note that as we were ending the call I told Kent that I didn’t really like the fact that I got so much value out of our coaching sessions. You see, I’m quite self-directed, and independent. A lot of the stuff that we go through weekly is either “seeing the forest” or “seeing the trees” … stuff that’s pretty obvious if I would just steal some quiet time and think about it on my own.

Executive Coach, Kent BlumbergKent replied that he finds a lot of his clients get value, like I do, from these sessions. It’s not like we are going over anything as profound as physics, but having someone to walk you through the logic, helping you come up with an action plan, eliminate the noise, and hold you accountable later is quite valuable. Kent, by the way, is offering a free coaching session so you can see what it’s like… if you are in need of a job, career or interview coach you can check out my list of partners here.

Let’s get on to my list, though, as I think this might be helpful for some of you. In order to finish 2007 well I’m going to:

  1. Finish the I’m on Facebook — Now What??? book. I wanted to get it do the editor last week but missed that. I need to get it there this weekend, and so this is the main priority for this week. Man, it will be great to have this writing done and not bleed into next year!
  2. Wrap up all of my outstanding contacts for prospective partners. If you are a coach or resume writer you *might* hear from me next week (ah, that cat is out of the bag :p). Since early last year I’ve made over one thousands contacts with people that might want to partner, but I was rather disorganized in the early days and I know there are many who haven’t heard back from me after the initial contact. Plus, I have new, cool stuff to offer. I’d like to get this figured out and mostly wrapped up this year.
  3. Get all my finances in order. I purchased Quickbooks a few weeks ago and have been putting in my expenses, and some revenue items. But I really want to get this all done by year end so that (a) I can know where I’m at, (b) have a system so I will be on top of this monthly, and (c) not have to worry about cramming this into next quarter.
  4. Understand JibberJobber growth, trends, etc. so that I can plan accordingly on my marketing. Did you know that January is a huge month for people to reevaluate their career and job plans? It was a huge month for us this year, but in going over the numbers, I found that February was about 20% bigger. I want to have a better grasp on these numbers and not just fly by the seat of my pants (who comes up with these sayings??).
  5. Spend time on my 2008 goals, strategies, needs, and figure out specific actions/tasks for the first quarter of 2008. I think the most important thing I can do for 2008 is to plan now. I have a lot in place (like my visualization), but having a concrete plan should help a lot.

What do YOU need to do this year to wrap it up? What about your 2008 – what are your goals for yourself and your career, and what are you going to do? You don’t have to leave a comment here, but I found that going through this exercise is extremely helpful!



Who Else Hates SpamArrest?

December 11th, 2007

I don’t care for it. Perhaps you have it, and you love it, but I don’t like it.

SpamArrest makes my life a few clicks harder

Spam is a funny thing, and it’s hard to fix. But I realized back when I worked for an eCommerce company that we pretty much had to let all e-mail through, or we risked missing an e-mail from a customer or prospect. Saying that their e-mail got trapped in the spam folder wasn’t a good excuse (didn’t give customers the warm fuzzies).

Even though getting an e-mail to a SpamArrest client is pretty simple, I just have to get their confirmation e-mail and then click a link, I still find it a pain. Can you imagine if every e-mail you sent required extra steps? Bleh!

But here’s the point, and the only reason I’m writing about this here: what if that hiring manager doesn’t like SpamArrest? What if that important network contact doesn’t like SpamArrest? I think if I were deep in a job search again I’d probably discontinue my account until I landed the job.

I’m sure this is controversial, since no one likes spam and these guys have a decent tech solution. But remember the person on the other end of your e-mail that may be “too busy” to take that extra step. They are, in essence, your customer… don’t drive them away 😉



Andy Sernovitz Is Coming To Town

December 7th, 2007

Andy Sernovitz - word of mouth marketing guru(sorry for the “Salt Lake only” post)

My friend Andy Sernovitz is coming to Salt Lake on December 17th and will give a presentation at 4:00 at the Miller Business Center.  What is he talking about?

How Smart Companies Get People Talking 

I saw Andy speak earlier this year and he was phenomenal. Incredible. Awesome. In fact, he was one of my favorite speakers of the year.

I’m one of the organizers/sponsors… if you are (or can be) in Salt Lake on the 17th, come share your afternoon with us – it’s going to be awesome.

Cost is $10 at the door, you can RSVP here, but make sure to get there early (around 3pm?) to save your seat and NETWORK!

Bonus: Andy’s GasPedal VP, Michael Rubin, will be with him. And, I’m working on getting B&N to get a table with Andy’s book, Word of Mouth Marketing.

See you there?



LinkedIn Answers – One of the Best Ways to Network

December 6th, 2007

Tom Clifford - aka, Director TomOne of my favorite people, Director Tom (aka, Tom Clifford), guest posted on the I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? blog last night. What an excellent post!

You may remember seeing Director Tom‘s name on this blog before… I think a lot of him. I met him online last year, and then a few weeks later in person, and we’ve had multiple e-mails and phone calls since then. This is a man of high integrity and passion for his art/business.

I asked him to guest blog because I’ve seen how he uses the Answers section of LinkedIn, and think it’s awesome. You can read his thoughts and ideas on it here.

Answers is one of the best features of LinkedIn and gives you an excellent opportunity to reach out to network contacts you have in LinkedIn, as well as find new contacts (as they come across your question). When you answer a question you are reinforcing your personal brand online, could get some business (someone last year got busine$$ from answering one of my questions!), and are throwing your name out there to others that might be interested in contacting with you.

I recommend you check out Director Tom’s website, as well as his guest post (The Power of Questions: 5 Secrets to Strengthen Your Brand) from yesterday!



Network Your Way Into Opportunities (and list of events)

December 5th, 2007

networking starts with a handshakeI’m amazed at the opportunities that come up because of networking. I’m not talking about this dialogue:

Job Seeker: Hi, my name is Jason Alba. I’m an accomplished executive with 10 years of experience in web technologies. I’m in transition right now – won’t you hire me?

Network contact: Yes, please fill out this employment form!

I’m talking about something a lot more subtle, requiring more patience. Yesterday I met for lunch with one of my favorite professors (favorite because he is an out-of-the-box thinker, very concerned about the future of his students, and creating new programs) and we were talking about this patience thing.

I was telling him that some of the very cool stuff on my horizon is coming after more than a year of nurturing relationships. More than a year! That is why Seth Godin says that if you haven’t been working on your network relationships before you get laid off, it’s almost too late! Well, it’s not too late to work on them, but it might be too late to get real benefit in this job search.

An interesting point that came out of the lunch discussion yesterday is to not underestimate a network contact. You never know who that person knows (and might recommend you to), or where they might be in a year or two. The key is to nurture the relationship, with more regard for the person and less regard for their title.

Here’s a perfect example. Last year as I networked with a bunch of executives in transition I got to know them on a pretty personal level, and spent time with them when they were at a low point in their lives. Guess what? They have all landed, and are all in a very powerful position right now!

Okay, so let me share a list of events that you might want to know about. Some are local (Salt Lake), others are global (internet radio). If you can, mark your calendars and come participate:

Today at 11 MST I’ll be on the LinkedIn Live: Who’s Your Daddy? show… this is a radio show, which you can join.

Tomorrow I’ll be at the Young Entrepreneurs of America Summit in Salt Lake, presenting! These are high school kids that have the entrepreneur bug, and I’m thrilled to get to present. I think I’m on at 11 am. Tickets are $10 at the door (I think). It’s a great event, with some excellent speakers (I see a lot of my friends are on the schedule).

Friday at around 8am I’ll be at the Utah First Friday year end extravaganza, at a table signing books. This will be weird since I’ve never done this in a formal way before, but I’m sure it will be fun. There is no speaker, just a bunch of tables and networking.

Monday, December 17th, Andy Sernovitz will be speaking at 4pm. Andy Sernovitz is the word of mouth marketing god, and played a significant role in getting my book to the publisher (he didn’t know it, but after his presentation at the SOB conference I had all the inspiration I needed to get it done!). Mark your calendars and come join us – seating will be limited, and I promise this is one presentation you won’t want to miss.

Thursday, December 27th is the “geek/bloggers dinner.” I’m not a geek, and you don’t have to be one to go… it’s a lot of fun. But don’t come if you want a quiet boring evening, don’t come. If you want to have a blast, sign up here.

Saturday, January 26th is the Salt Lake Podcamp … guaranteed to have a good time… sign up here.

I’m involved in one way or another in each of these events… and they all have come because of network relationships that have been developing over the last 1+ years.

If you haven’t been networking, start now. Take someone to lunch today. Today.

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Q&A with Alison Doyle and CM Russell

December 4th, 2007

Alison Doyle, job search expert at about.comTwo of my favorite career people provide an interesting read over the last (almost) 10 years, as it relates to the job search.

CM Russell - secrets of the job hunt author, blogger, job board masterCM Russell has one of the industry-leading blogs, Secrets of the Job Hunt, where he interviewed Alison Doyle, job search expert at

Take a few minutes to read their interview (click here), I found it interesting to hear her advice and perspective :)

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I’m on Facebook — Now What???

December 3rd, 2007

Letting the cat out of the bagMy first book was so fun that I decided I just had to do another one!

Actually, one of the main reasons I wrote I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? was to help people wrap their brains around LinkedIn. After spending the last few months receiving e-mails, doing interviews and a few webinars, I think I hit the nail on the head.

And I got a fair amount of e-mail asking (a) when’s the next book, and (b) would I do something on Facebook?

Of course, my response was “na, I’m not crazy enough to do this twice!”

Apparently, I am crazy enough.

This time I’m teaming up with Facebook expert Jesse Stay, who has successfully sold one Facebook application and is working on a few others, as well as consulting with businesses to help them devise a Facebook strategy. Jesse is a friend who I met at the Utah Blogger Dinners, a programmer, and an all-around cool guy. I’m very pleased to be able to work with him, as he really brings a lot to this project.

We would really like your help and involvement with this second book. If you have any tips, tricks, warnings, suggestions, questions, etc. please shoot them over to us. If you think you can contribute to the book in any way, send your stuff asap. We’re hoping to begin the first editing phase this weekend, so there isn’t much time left.

Crazy, yes, that’s how I would describe this :)


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