New Features As Of 3am Last Night

March 13th, 2008

Our latest release happened last night! This release introduces some features that I’m really jazzed about. I’m not including everything here, since some of it was specifically for my coach partners, or verbiage, or just inconsequential to your user experience. But man I was excited about this release! Here’s why!

Add a Log Entry and/or Action Item to multiple records at one time (premium feature). Remember the last release, where we announced you could add tags to multiple records? Now you can do the same with Log Entries and Action Items.

add multiple log entries to your records

In the example above, I can put one Log Entry (and make an Action Item, if I wanted) for each of the three contacts that are checked. Not only can you do it from the List Panel, but … and this is very, very cool, I can do it based on my “Get Contact List!”

add log entries to all your contacts at once!

This is HUGE. It means that I can get my contacts who are all bloggers, and as I’m getting ready to send them a newsletter, put a log entry that says “Sent March newsletter talking about x, y, and z.” With one quick click… awesome!

Also, on a call a couple of months ago Deb Dib (JibberJobber Premier Partner and branding contest sponsor) asked about getting a pop-up notification when action items where due. Kind of like how ACT! notifies you of your tasks, or calendar items, or action items. Well, that’s now a possibility! We put new RSS feeds on your Action Items, and you can download a utility that will popup each time your Action Items are coming due (premium feature). Very, very cool. I’ll have a separate blog post on how you do that later.

RSS Feeds on JibberJobber... very cool!

In order to facilitate this, we had to put time on each Action Item. Yep, we should have done it 18 months ago… but it’s finally here. You can now set a TIME for your Action Items.

add time to your Action Items

On the Company List Panel you can now see your contacts in a column.

Show your target company contacts on the List Panel

When you do a search on the Job Search page, we kind of missed the idea of allowing you to scroll to multiple pages… now you can (oops!).

Job Search results - get lots of job search results!

I confess that deciding what is free and what is premium ($9.95/month) is kind of hard sometimes. Over a year ago I made a decision to restrict the global search… if you were Regular you would only be able to search on help and library records. We lifted this restriction, so now please use the global search on the top right, and get the results you think you should get!

Do a search on ALL of your records, not just the library or help files!

Finally, for those of you who have asked how to get on my CEO Training webinars, or buy the recordings, I now have a special custom page just for you! First, there is a “Buy Now” link next to each training course:

CEO Training for the CEO of Me, Inc. (that's you!)

When you click on that, it takes you to the payment page where you can select all or any of the webinars you want access to:

Pay for your CEO Training sessions :)

That’s about it for this release… more stuff is in the works, as we whittle the list down we continue to get requests. And we LOVE making JibberJobber better for you (and for us, too)!



Branding Contest – Voting Almost Ready

March 11th, 2008

Getting this put together is taking more time than I expected, but the voting is almost available.  Thanks for hanging in there!

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Brand Confusion and Brand Dilution

March 7th, 2008

The branding contest is just about done. It’s been so cool to get submissions and e-mails with your thoughts. Next week we’ll have voting and announcement of the award ($900 + The Planet Earth DVD set, etc.).

One thing I’ve been thinking about for a while is a common theme I’m hearing in your feedback. It all centers around this concept:

The JibberJobber Brand


The Jason Alba Brand

The purpose of this contest is to help people come to JibberJobber and say “oh, I get this and I need it!!” Or to help in interviews or networking situations so people can so “oh my gosh, that solves one of my life problems… I’m signing up right when I get home!”

When I was in California a couple of weeks ago I would describe JibberJobber like this:

JibberJobber is like a for you, with an emphasis on career management. Job transitions and networking relationships, you manage it all with JibberJobber.

Sounds kind of weird written out, but it rolled off the tongue when I described it to people on my trip. It would be cool to have something like that on my front page, but it still is not answering the “What’s In It For Me?” question.

Going back to confusion and dilution… a common theme I heard about since the beginning of the brand contest is “Jason Alba is…”

What if “Jason Alba” isn’t around? What is JibberJobber then? It has to stand alone. This is bigger than “Jason Alba.” So no matter what “Jason Alba” is, don’t let that sway you on what JibberJobber is. At the very least, don’t let “Jason Alba” dilute the JibberJobber brand.

Here are the previous posts for this contest:

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What is YOUR Mission (Statement)?

March 5th, 2008

No more spiral notebooks - JibberJobber helps track and organize your job search!I got an e-mail from contest sponsor Louri Bollard today, asking me what my mission statement is. I can’t come up with a brand statement without understanding what my mission is, can I?

I’ll share my ideas on this in a little bit, but for now I’m wondering what YOUR mission statement was. I’m thinking back to when I was employed, wondering what my personal mission statement would have been. Perhaps something like this:

I want to have balance and purpose in my life, taking care of self and family while tending to work and social responsibilities. I work hard to “get ahead” financially, with wisdom and diligence so when I need to retire I can without worry. I want to do my best at my professional role and not have any regrets at what I may have accomplished. At the same time I will not slight my family.

Now, for JibberJobber. I just went to my first and my latest business plan drafts, and couldn’t find a real mission statement in either document. But thinking about it, here’s what it comes down to:

JibberJobber’s mission is to provide a real, useful tool to the masses, helping them through job transition(s) and with their personal efforts to nurture relationships.

JibberJobber should help “level the playing field.” By that, I mean that a job seeker seems to be at a huge disadvantage because they are in a position of want and need, and have less power than the job givers. HR and hiring managers have time and tools. Recruiters have time and tools. Both of these groups (usually) have income. A job seeker has a much higher sense of urgency … getting back to me “next week” hurts, and “next month” might mean my car gets repo’d, or my house goes into foreclosure.

JibberJobber doesn’t fix the sense of urgency but it gives power to the job seeker, helping them manage information, track statuses, organize appointments, prioritize contacts and job postings. Because I don’t have to scribble in a notebook, or use a homemade tracking spreadsheet, I can feel like the empowered professional that I am.

JibberJobber should make you feel empowered.

JibberJobber should make you effective in your job search and time management.

JibberJobber should make you a valuable network connection, because you can know how to give back to your contacts.

What is the mission of JibberJobber? To empower the individual in their career aspirations.

Sure there is some business purpose with JibberJobber. But at the very core, this is what I work for. Individual empowerment. The business (aka, money) will follow.

That’s my mission – can you feel that?

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New York Times & Wired & Newsday and THE CONTEST

March 3rd, 2008

New York Times and JibberJobber and LinkedIn ... and more!New York Times Mentions JibberJobber and my books

Welcome to New York Times readers, who came across JibberJobber (and my books) from a mention in yesterday’s Career Couch column. Huge thanks to Eilene Zimmerman for the opportunity to share my thoughts to her readers. Of course, it’s an excellent column, talking about what to do in an extended (yuck) job search.

One of the new signups from the NYT article asked if JibberJobber is like a virtual career coach… here’s my answer:

Think of JibberJobber as a for your job search. It’s all private (not a social network), where you put in your network contacts (import them from LinkedIn, Outlook, etc.) and track things to actually nurture a relationship (rank the relationships, add notes, log entries, action items, etc.). Put your target companies and do the same thing (notes, action items, etc.) Log who you meet in each company so you can “network your way into the company,” put in your elevator pitches, and all that. Basically, what a career coach would tell you to do, you do here, instead of a spreadsheet or a spiral notebook.

Of course, if you are looking for a career coach, I partner with the best in the industry. You can find my partners here.

Wired Wiki on getting more out of LinkedInWired Magazine’s How To Wiki Reporter Writes about “Getting Ahead with LinkedIn”

I did a fun interview with a Wired Magazine writer Lora Shinn. Wired magazine? Who’d-a-thunk that a guy like me would get any ink there. I didn’t even know Wired had a wiki, and I’m usually not a proponent of wiki’s, but guess what? Lifehacker picked it up. Me in Lifehacker? Amazing. Very flattering.

Newsday - Linkedin and Facebook for your careerNewsday Asks for LinkedIn and Facebook Strategy Makeovers

I talked to three Newsday readers and coached them on how to get more out of LinkedIn and Facebook. Of course, there wasn’t room to write it all, but it was an entire article. Thanks to Patricia Kitchen for the idea and opportunity to be the coach for this article, it was a blast. As a bonus, I hear the printed version actually had my picture in it… that might be a first :)

JibberJobber - for your career!JibberJobber Rebranding Contest

Today is the last day of THE CONTEST. I’ll share one submission with you… it’s from my dad, so he’s automatically disqualified from winning :)

JIBBERJOBBER – securing stream(s) of income – it’s not what you know but who knows you.

I’ve received some great submissions, which I’ll start posting this week. Voting is coming soon!

What an excellent year this has been. Good think I wasn’t good enough to get a job on my own 😉


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