“I Guarantee I’ll Find You A Job”

May 29th, 2009

A few years ago branding and marketing experts told me I had to put some kind of guarantee or phrase in my marketing that would promise JibberJobber would help you find a job 30% faster, or get more job offers, or something like that.

It sounded really cool, of course… who wouldn’t want a guarantee to make their job search go faster, or be more successful?

Who doesn’t want a silver bullet for their job search?  Please, just give me “the job search secret,” let me move on to my next job and wash my hands of this unemployment crap.

There was no way I would put any kind of promise, or allude to any such promise, in my literature.  First of all, how do you back it up?  Second, what about the anomalies the economy (which was quite different three years ago), and the slackers?  What about people who weren’t doing a principle-based search (like mine – very not principle-based, and destined to failure)?

Perhaps the problem is my solution (JibberJobber) wasn’t priced appropriately.  For $99/year, what could you expect – a job lead straight to the corner office?  Not hardly.

We all know throwing money at a problem will make it go away – so what if I pay $7,500 to a firm that will find me a job?  Sounds sweet, and that sounds like just the right price (comparable to an amazing vacation, an industry certification and training, a car for my kid, etc…. this is not peanuts – since it costs so much it must work).

In the comments yesterday a JibberJobber Partner, Mike Ballard, wrote:

Another expose that needs to be done is that of so-called ‘Search’ firms that charge exorbitant up-front fees (often thousands of dollars) for their services, in exchange for a guaranteed ‘dream job’. Like the Ladders, these operations traditionally prey upon high-end execs that they figure have plenty of extra cash. Now we at (his employer) are beginning to hear stories of similar operations that are target low-income workers and charge a few hundred dollars for ‘guaranteed’ results. This is even more despicable for someone who may be only a few paychecks from the street.

There’s a big difference between hiring a job search or career coach who will help you along the process, and hiring a firm who will guarantee you a great job.  Can such a guarantee exist?

I can’t remember the names of any such firms right now, but I do remember hearing about some who continually change their names so you can’t find much information about them – my point is, please be careful where you put your money in a job search – and be very suspicous of guarantees or claims that seem to good to be true, even if they do look like your silver bullet to kill this problem.



The Ladders Scam

May 28th, 2009

Update: I closed the comments on this post on 8/17/09. The point has been made.

Well isn’t that a nice title.  I’m really drawing a line in the sand on this one, especially since The Ladders was on the list of companies that might one day acquire JibberJobber.  I guess I’ll have to scratch that one off the list.

But this is such an important topic, and one I’m asked about on a regular basis, that I want to let my users, and other professional and executive job seekers (who should be using JibberJobber to organize their job search :p), know about.

First, the caveat: I have never sent my resume to The Ladders asking them for a review.  So all of what I’m sharing here is not from my first-hand experience.

Here’s the situation: You send a resume to The Ladders for their free critique.  Then you get back a letter telling you what all the problems with your resume is, and for a fee they will get you a new one.  Last I remember the fee is around $700.  Remember, we are usually talking about resumes for executives.

The biggest red flag I’ve read is that the critiques are form letters.  They will even critique their own, The Ladders generated, resumes!  It’s a simple process that a salesperson goes through to make a sale, not a real resume critique that a professional resume writer would give.

In other words, it seems they hardly even look at the resume… they just get you back a scary letter saying how bad your resume sucks, and that they can make it shine like new.  Scare tactics.  I’m sure it’s done well for them.

Here is some more reading on this…

Google The Ladders Scam or The Ladders Rip-off.  All of the links below come from those search results.  And do your own due diligence – like I said, I have not had first hand experience with this, but I’ve heard about it plenty.

Susan Ireland is a professional resume writer who wrote a nice post about how she set up her The Ladders account, to help you know what to expect.  The comments quickly turned nasty, though… that’s where the meat of the feedback is and a lot of talk about getting resume reviews from The Ladders.

The third comment from Susan’s post points to a bad link for Manager Tools, but I searched and found a good one, with the text of the canned response (below).

Mr. Ask the Headhunter himself, Nick Corcodilos, has two enlightening posts on the Ladders – one called TheLadders: Going down? (15 comments) and the other is the dope on TheLadders (95 comments).  Nick DOES NOT like The Ladders… the comments are enlightening.

A person on epinions writes: ” I had the resume professionally constructed and I was very pleased with it. The Ladders has a resume review service for free, so I sent it along thinking they would recommend tweaks here and there…. I received back a letter stating things wrong with my resume that I did not have in there. They even referenced companies I have had no association. I wrote back and said “No thanks, but thanks for the form letter” and was then bombarded with “you have to have your resume rewritten” form letters. “

So here’s the form letter I got from Manager Tools… this really is the scariest thing, since when you are vulnerable, looking for a job, in despair, and ready to drop money to fix any problem, this speaks to you.  It’s Scare Tactics 101.  The letter (with my own font formatting), in response to a resume that was professionally written:

Dear [name],

Thank you for your resume submission! My name is xxxxx and I will be providing your resume critique.

In this email I will outline my thoughts, provide a price quote to you, explain the process, and give you instructions at the end of my review to get started. If you decide to proceed, you will be working directly with one of our top writers versed in your industry and level.

Our methodology is simple: We apply extensive resume writing experience and knowledge of the $100k+ job market to determine how well your resume represents your value and distinguishes you from the competition.

Please note that I am NOT critiquing your background, experience, or potential for success. I am commenting on how you are MARKETING those assets to potential employers and how you are competing against others with similar goals. Your resume needs to be assertive in showing prospective employers how you would be of value to them, because no matter how good you are at your job, the resume is what really lands the interview.

Before I begin the critique, I do need to warn you about my style, because my comments can seem blunt–but the reality is the job market is very competitive now, so I find it beneficial to tell it as it is rather than “yes” people to death. (I hate when it’s done to me!)

Here are the major issues I see on your resume:


Your summary is missing the “WOW” factor. You’re relying on too many “business clichés” – things like, “Excellent written and verbal communication skills”. These “crutch” phrases don’t really tell the reader anything about you and what you’ve done! You need a much more results-focused introduction, to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading!

The five main aspects within a distinguished summary indicates: your highest career achievements, experience level, your value, your industry and your immediate career goal, and convey, “Look how what I have to offer will be an asset to you”.

I also recommend including a “Core Competencies” subsection just below the summary — specific areas of expertise and knowledge that can be supported by solid accomplishments. Including a list of “Core Competencies” is a great executive strategy, and provides both a quick and comprehensive look at your strengths from the beginning. Additionally, a core competencies or “keyword” section also increases the odds of an electronic screening agent making a match between your resume and an open job requisition.


Today’s job descriptions briefly sum up your position in paragraph format, then uses bullets for your most marketable attributes – results of the duties listed in the paragraph. This strategy separates the duties from the results and really highlights your key accomplishments, making them easy to find when the resume is quickly scanned. As you only have SECONDS to grab their attention. You have everything bulleted – resulting in NOTHING standing out to the eye of the reader.

On another note…the “references” tag line just isn’t done anymore – ESPECIALLY for upper level executive resumes! It’s like saying “the end” at the end of a movie.


The language could be MUCH stronger. You vacillate between active voice and passive voice in the document (“Responsible for”, etc.). In the active voice, the subject acts. In the passive voice, the subject is acted upon. The active voice is more natural, direct, vigorous and emphatic – traits you want your resume to have in tone.


The vast majority of resumes are handled now by resume databases whether online or Human Resource Information Systems within companies. The databases have “preferences” for certain design elements. One of them is a preference for sans serif font styles. Change the font to something that is sans serif and avoid the default Times New Roman or other serif fonts.


Jamie, your resume is your self marketing tool. It gets you in the door. It must be strong on ALL levels in order to achieve the best results. All-in-all, I don’t think you’re putting your “best foot forward” if you plan to use this resume in its current condition. You’re underselling yourself. You are in need of a self-marketing brochure – one that shows your high caliber. This document isn’t doing that for you.

Please understand, all of this is not to say that you are not a good candidate, merely that the way your resume presents your career is not yet very effective or exciting to the reader (who typically has read 100+ resumes just before getting to yours).

You need to remember the purpose of a resume — to take an AGGRESSIVE approach in selling you to a potential employer. Why does that employer want to interview YOU? You need to be MUCH more active in pulling out your forte — things that will show potential employers what they get for their investment (your compensation). What can you bring to the table that your competition cannot? What sets you apart? Right now you are not giving the reader the best information to excite him/her enough to contact you for an interview. Remember, unless you can convince them of your VALUE, they will not contact you.

Most people are like you — they struggle to put themselves down on paper effectively — but that’s where we come in, because we are experts at knowing the best way to present you. In fact, even Marc Cenedella, CEO of TheLadders came to OUR writing team when he needed a resume!

I’m not sure that the resume they turn around will be awesome, and it should be done by a professional resume writer, I just want to bring out the idea that they are using a sales form letter no matter who writes your resume… I’ve heard of them sending this form letter to people who have had their own resume writers write the letter!

Need your resume reviewed? Get the review from a professional resume writer, not a salesperson who uses a form letter. JibberJobber has partners who are resume writers – you can learn more about them here (we stay out of it – it’s between you and them). Or you can go to Career Directors, National Resume Writers Association, or the Career Management Alliance.



My Calf, My Career, Your Career

May 27th, 2009

A week and a half ago, on Monday night, I was playing a mean game of capture the flag.  Lest you think I’m a great athlete, understand I was playing with a bunch of kids, mostly around 8 years old.

About 10 minutes into the game I was in jail… someone had just set me free and I started sprinting.  There was a kid behind me who started chasing me and I immediately felt like he hit my calf with a baseball bat.  It was one of the most painful things I have ever felt.  I really thought he hit me, intentionally.

That night I needed 100% help getting back to my van, and then help getting to my bed.  My wife couldn’t help as she had just had a baby (and I was supposed to be the one taking care of her!).  The entire week I “rested” my leg by not doing too much (compared to what I wanted to do), but I spent the week running errands, doing dishes and laundry, picking up the house etc.  Remember, I was the caregiver.

Then, this last Monday my 2 year old decided to get a bowl of chili out of the microwave by herself.  The lid looked like it was secured to the bowl, but it wasn’t, and i was afraid she was going to burn herself.  So I lept-hobbled to her rescue, only to RIP my calf again.  This time the pain was worse… much worse.  Bad enough to encourage me to actually visit a doctor.

As I’ve thought about this, here’s what I’ve come up with:

I neglect my physical health. I am in okay shape… not too bad.  Nothing like in high school, but hey, I have a different lifestyle than back then :p  I didn’t think I’d have this type of muscle problem, though, because I work out almost regularly.

I had neglected my career health. I had a good job, and did my job good enough.  I was a nice, personable person who trusted the company would take care of me – but the pressure came, my career blew out just like my calf did.

With my injury, I didn’t know what to do. Seriously – who reads about muscle tears, unless it happens to them?  I had no idea what to do… RICE (rest, Ice, compression, elevation) seems to ridiculously easy… it can’t really be the solution, can it?  A neighbor gave me two bits of misguided advice: take a hot bath with epson salt (bad move), and move it around the next day – don’t let it get stale (bad advice).  I followed both bits of advice, because he seemed to be someone who would know.

In my job search, I had no idea what to do. I assumed I knew… so I did what every job seeker does – spend a week to create a resume (that did me no good), and spend hours and hours and hours on job boards and looking online for jobs.  It was a completely misguided strategy.

My injury hurt, a lot (still does). During last week, before the second tear, my calf felt like there was a fire ball in it.  Medicine wasn’t helping, even the really, really good stuff :p  The pain of sitting, hobbling, hopping… it was really quite intense.  And then, with the second tear, OMG it was really amazing.  I answered the question “on a scale of one to ten, how much does it hurt?” with “9 or 10.”  I hope I never really feel pain beyond this.  Who’da thunk.

My job search hurt, a lot. The ego was crushed.  Pride was a thing of the past.  I was glad we didn’t have a family dog, or else even the dog would look down on me.   And that was just the beginning… as time went on and I didn’t find a job, it got worse.  Again, this type of pain is something i don’t ever want to feel again, and wish it upon no one (friend or foe).

I’m sure you have had similiar experiences – any other correlations?



JibberJobber Development Story – Part II (Twitter + JibberJobber)

May 22nd, 2009
This weekend is the last chance to take advantage of the sweet upgrade celebration for JibberJobber – click here to learn what you get if you upgrade!

Wednesday I blogged about the history of the development team, and mentioned we have a list a mile long.  Let me share an example of what we do… just a few days ago my developer released a new feature allowing you to add someone from Twitter, just using their Twitter handle.  Note: you do NOT have to be on Twitter, or even be logged into Twitter, to make this work.

Here’s how it works:

Login to JibberJobber, go to the Add a Contact page, and click on the Quick Add from Twitter link.

I put in ShirleyFrazier, since she tweeted to me.  Plus she is a basketologist – how could you not want a basketologist in your network?  Never know when that might come in handy!

The contact information is added, and you can see what information we get to pull over from Twitter (all the stuff the arrows are pointing to are automatically brought over from her Twitter Profile).

This is a FREE feature… in a future post I’ll show you how to use Twitter in a job search, which will perfectly dovetail into this feature.

Like I mentioned, we are constantly working on improving the product – whether it’s the user experience, or stuff under-the-hood, this is a full-time job for us, to make your job search and network relationship management just a little bit easier!



JibberJobber Development – A Little Bit Of History

May 20th, 2009
This post might seem a little off-topic, but I’ve had a lot of people ask me about doing their own JibberJobber-like thing online.  I figured this helps put the project into perspective, since I’m talking about some of the resources it takes to get up and keep it running… Also, it seems like a good time to share some nostalgia, since we’re celebrating our three year anniversary!  Now is a great time to upgrade, cuz there are lots of goodies getting shipped to those who upgrade for a year!

In March of 2006 I had the idea for this revolutionary job search organizer, which would soon be called  I had already thought of two other online businesses and was putting together business plans and operational plans to move forward on them.  I was looking for programming resources to help move these projects forward. Even though I have a background in web development, I knew my time was better spent doing other stuff.

I looked for offshore outsourcing shops (that’s the budget I had) and was really disappointed with what I found.  The communication I got from those shops were overly sophisticated, not what i wanted nor what I was used to. I figured they were accustomed to working with huge companies, like GE and Ford and Microsoft… I needed something different.

One morning, a programmer who used to work at my old company (the one I got laid off from) popped online.  He left our old company about a year before I did, and we hadn’t communicated for a LONG time.  He had a stellar record at our old company and I had come to know him as a very talented developer.  I asked him what he was up to, and he responded, “I’m going to (a city a few hours away) for an interview.”

I responded, “why don’t you just work for me?  You can work out of your home, work your own hours, etc.

During the conversation I told him that this would be a six month project.  Little did we realize what we were about to start – he’s been with me for over three years!

From March 2006 – May 2006 he worked on taking my 20 design screenshots and implementing them. I knew getting the site up in two months was pushing it, but we did it.

Early on I did some html programming, but one day he said “Jason, you are indenting two spaces, and you need to indent only one space.”  It was then that I realized (a) he was more obsessive about code than I was (and I was more obsessive than others), and (b) he was absolutely the person I wanted on this project – he cared about stuff that no one would see, but that would have an impact on other parts of the company, and (c) by helping with the programming I was probably slowing things down – that is the last time I helped in that area (which was a really good thing).

Around May, 2006 I got a message from the quality assurance (QA) expert from our old company – she said that since I left, the company went in a different direction and she was very unhappy and that she was leaving.  She wasn’t asking for a job, just letting me know (as friends) that she was moving on.  I didn’t know how to pay her but I really, really wanted her to come work for us … I really hated doing QA, and once again, I knew I needed to spend my time on other things.  I figured out how to increase the funding I got and brought her on to do QA – she’s been a lifesaver many times.

So what have these two done since May 15, 2006?  JibberJobber was not done in May 15, 2006, it was just good enough to go live… since then we’ve grown a wish list that is pages long, and it seems as soon as we get one thing off the list we add three more.  Most of our wish list items come from our own use and from our users… we love user input!

As an employer, I’m proud to say that my original team is still with me, three years later.  And I hope they are with me for many years to come – we have a chemistry that just works, and I’ve felt extremely blessed that I’ve come across them.

(as a side note, over the years I’ve engaged other professionals, including graphics designers, another key web programmer who has done quite a bit on JibberJobber but he isn’t full-time with us, a user interface designer, a server admin, etc.  For those who want to do their own website with this level of functionality, it takes more than one superman :)



Career Management Tips While At College

May 19th, 2009
This week we’re celebrating our three year anniversary – upgrade for one year and you get 2 years of JibberJobber premium services, the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD, and another webinar of your choice – over $200 in value… simply login to your JibberJobber account and then choose upgrade!

This week a good friend is moving to College Station to start a five year PhD program.  I’ve talked about hiding out in college to wait a recession out, and that this is not a good idea, but this is different.  My buddy has had a terrific job in a great company, a beautiful house, and all the stuff that would indicate a successful career.  But he felt inspired to uproot his family and get the education and training to take his career in a different direction.

I dedicate this post to you, J.W.  I know you are going to be quote overwhelmed with school, and being a dad, and keeping your sanity, and living on paupers wages, but if you take career of your career future now, you should reap the rewards later.  Here’s my advice to you, as you prepare for years out of the “real world”:

  • Work on your personal brand NOW. Don’t wait until who-knows-what.  The best example of someone in school who has developed an amazing personal brand is Rex Gradeless, the Social Media Law Student (er, social media attorney, really).
  • Build your network NOW. You will work on project with, be in class with, rub shoulders with some amazing people.  Whether it’s the person sitting next to you in class, the professor, or the guest-lecturer, these are all people who can play a significant part in your professional network.  You MUST have a CRM in place to manage these relationships.  I didn’t and I regret it.  JibberJobber is a great the tool for this.  It doesn’t replace Facebook or LinkedIn, rather, it complements them.
  • Help others. Whether it’s other students, undergrads, grad students, professors, etc.  Be helpful and it can come back to you in spades.
  • Host dinner parties. A la Keith Ferrazzi (read Never Eat Alone).  These are just a few other couples of families in the program.  I think this is the thing I’m most jealous of – you are going to develop some awesome relationships with other students, be a moral support for one another, etc.  This can go far beyond the school years.
  • Learn to talk about yourself the right way. Many students seem to be in a mode where they will be professionals some day, but today they are safely categorized as “not yet, I’m busy studying.”  It’s the same problem with job seekers… they want to say something like “My name is Jason, and I’m unemployed.”  In fact, they should say “My name is Jason and I’m an expert in __________.”  Being a student, just like being unemployed, is a temporary status.  You already have expertise in something else, don’t forget that.  Pick up a copy of Brag!, which is a terrific book to help you learn how to talk about yourself appropriately.
  • Get on LinkedIn – NOW. You’ll need some training, so you can have a real, effective, proactive strategy (or at least not just let it sit there).  I have my LinkedIn book and my LinkedIn DVD, both which are excellent resources to bring you up to speed.

I’d love to lay out more stuff, and I know you are going to feel overwhelmed with school for the next few years, but now is the time!  Here are some related posts I’ve written that may also be helpful:

Good luck during this exciting time – we will miss you!



Update on Special, Baby and DVD

May 18th, 2009

Last week I meant to write four more blog posts, but the week got away from me.  Being Mr. Dad and Mr. Mom and Mr. JibberJobber was more than I expected.  Not to mention a two-day trip to Irvine for a speaking engagement.  So here’s a quick update on three things:

First, the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD:

  • The DVD plays in a Mac, PC and in a regular DVD player.  I think the coolest way to watch/learn is to put it in the DVD player (on your TV), and then sit with your laptop or PC and go along with it.
  • This is not a 1+ hour webinar… instead, it’s a bunch of segments… how to beef up your LinkedIn Profile, how to do LinkedIn Recommendations, how to ________.  There are a bunch of chapters or segments that you can browse to. It’s self-paced – watch the entire thing at once, or watch just one segment a day.
  • You can learn more about it from the LinkedIn for Job Seekers website, which lists all chapters… also, check out this video my video editor did:

You can get the DVD from the LinkedIn for Job Seekers page, or see below on the special offer.

Second, the JibberJobber three year celebration and specials:

Last week I wanted to do some special posts on JibberJobber, for the week-long celebration.  I didn’t get to it, so I’m extending the special through this week.

I’ve already had a bunch of upgrades and sent out a bunch of DVDs… during this week if you upgrade you get:

  1. Two years of JibberJobber for the price of one! That would be an upgrade of $4.13 for each of 24 months.  That’s a sweet deal – over 50% off!
  2. The LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD. Whether you are in a job search or not, this DVD is a great training resource for you (for a site license (university, outplacement, etc.), contact me).
  3. Your choice of the Blog Marketing 201 – 501 or the Write Your Book! webinars.
  4. Other stuff from my partners that I’m putting together.

Simply login to your account, then click on the Upgrade link at the bottom of any page, and then click on the highlighted Upgrade Now link.  Make sure to choose the one year option.

Third, my baby boy, Daniel:

Daniel was born almost two weeks ago.  Mom and baby are doing great… they sleep alot, and Daniel does all the right stuff (poop, cry, look confused, eat, etc.).  I had a fun time injecting social networking into the birthday of my boy – you can read about it here (for the record, @DeepEddy guessed the closest, and did so more than 12 hours before Daniel was born!)).  Here’s a picture of Daniel:

(I can almost hear the oohs and aahs :p)



Happy Anniversary JibberJobber! 3 Amazing Years!

May 11th, 2009
May is turning out to be quite a month.  Last week my fifth child was born (pictures are forthcoming, but you can see results from a super-cool social networking experiment on my Jason Alba blog).  Next week is my wedding anniversary.  This week is a JibberJobber anniversary/birthday!

Three years ago, on May 15th, was born.  My team and I had spent about 3 months working on it, and it was so exciting I knew I had to be away from my computer or my brain would pop from the anticipation.

You can read about that night in this post from last year, titled Two Years Ago Today, A Website Was Born.

As is the custom, we are offering specials for those who upgrade any time this week… here’s how it works:

Upgrade for one year ($99) this week and you get:

  1. an additional 12 months of premium.  In other words, buy-one-year, get-one-year free, AND
  2. the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD mailed to you, AND
  3. your choice of Write Your Book or Blog Marketing 201 – 501 (downloadable recorded webinars)
  4. _____________________ (if I get other gifts to offer, I’ll give them to anyone who upgrades this entire week)

If you already have an upgrade that isn’t lifetime, we just add the additional 24 months of premium onto your account… this is a sweet deal with just the extra premium… throw in the DVD and other stuff and it’s an AWESOME special you don’t want to miss out on!

To take advantage of this special, login to your JibberJobber account, click on the Upgrade link from the bottom of your page (in the footer), and do a one year upgrade.

Can you do me a favor?

Blog about this, tweet about it, tell your buddies about it, share this with your job ministry and networking groups… hitting three years is a big deal for any company, and we’re proud to be here!



Personal Branding Experts

May 8th, 2009

A month ago Jacob Share wrote a blog post on the Personal Branding Blog titled “30 Personal Branding Experts on Twitter.”  I was curious to see who was listed, since I’ve kind of been in the personal branding space for a couple of years.  I was surprised to see a bunch of people I had never heard of, or people who don’t seem to write about personal branding at all.

In the comments of that post Walter Akana says:

“I think you have omitted people who have exceeded your criteria of 30 tweets on personal branding. So, I’m wondering how, specifically, did you do your research?”

I am on a Yahoo Group of people who have become certified as “Personal Branding Strategists” from Reach CC.  This Yahoo Group is one of my favorites… the people there are superb, and have some level training in personal branding.  I asked that Group who is on Twitter, and this is what I got… I would suggest the following people as experts in personal branding:

Reach Personal Branding Experts on Twitter who are JibberJobber Partners

  • Annemarie Cross, @annemariecross, Career Coach & Radio Host, powerful resumes & interviewing strategies to secure the interview and job offer. Get tips at:
  • Gayle Howard, @GayleHoward, Multi-award winning Master Resume Writer & Personal Branding Strategist. Promoting talents of bold, authentic, audacious senior executives
  • Cindy Kraft, @cfocoach, Career & personal brand strategist for CFOs … re-packaging, positioning, & marketing in order to land that next, right opportunity.
  • Deb Dib, @CEOCoach, Unabashedly passionate about propelling visionary, gutsy, ethical corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to land faster, earn more, have fun, and change the world!
  • Wendy Terwelp, @WendyTerwelp, I help entrepreneurs and execs be rock stars at work. Are you ready for your next big gig?
  • Walter Akana, @WalterAkana, Walter is a Life Strategist who works with mid-career individuals who want to achieve more self direction in their careers and lives.
  • Paul Copcutt, @paulcopcutt, Use UK wit and realism to help leaders in F1000 companies express their success
  • Kristen Jacoway, @kristenjacoway, I’m a Certified Personal Branding Strategist and Career Coach helping people uncover personal brands to leverage on Web 2.0.
  • Megan Fitzgerald, @expatcoach, Megan Fitzgerald helps fellow expats worldwide use their personal brands on & offline to build a career or business to support their life abroad.
  • Beverly Harvey, @BeverlyHarvey, Certified Personal Branding and Career Coach empowering senior-level executives with branded career marketing materials and job search strategies.

Reach Personal Branding Experts on Twitter who are not JibberJobber Partners

  • Krishna De, @krishnade, Award wining digital influence and online reputation speaker, author and commentator focusing on employer branding and personal branding “
  • Lethia Owens, @LiveYourBrand, I work with enterprising Speakers helping them define their niche, personal brand strategy and powerfully promote their million $$$ Brand
  • Harp Arora, @harparora, Help professional service firms and entrepreneurs discover & communicate what makes them unique & desirable to their ideal clients.
  • Jann Watt, @jannwatt, Jann is a Personal Branding Strategist and leadership coach living in Wellington, NZ. I am passionate about helping people find their career mojo.
  • Meg Guiseppi, @megguiseppi, C-Level Executive Branding by a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist and Master Resume Writer — Your unique personal brand message in your own voice.
  • Phyllis Shabad, @phyllisshabad, Chief Branding Officer coaches, brands and writes for CEOs, Board Directors and Business Innovators to break through to the boardroom.
  • Randi Bussin, @myreinventure, As a career reinvention and personal branding strategist, I collaborate with professionals seeking purpose with passion to bring them clarity, a renewed sense of direction, and an actionable career reinvention plan.
  • Diana Jennings, @Diana.Jennings, Deepening the knowledge of knowledge workers to increase awareness & understanding of how they’re perceived, and helping them to develop & communicate their brand
  • Rachel Gogos, @RachelGogos, Marketing & Personal Branding expert focusing on female entrepreneurs and women returning to the workforce –
  • Kirsten Dixson, @kirstendixson,
  • Valerie Sokolosky, @valsokolosky,
  • Winnie Anderson, @winnie_anderson, works with small to mid-sized service businesses and solopreneurs to establish, grow, and communicate their brand online using social content marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Marieke Hensel, @hensel, supports business owners in creating their personal brand online to attract a loyal fan base.
  • Maren Finzer, @marenfinzer, As a personal branding and inbound marketing strategist, I partner with high achieving professionals to excite, ignite and bolster their personal brand to become the only choice.
  • Jill Kelly, @Gillian_Kelly, Expert in Marketing You. Capitalize on Your Talents. Realize Your Potential. Live Your Dreams.

This obviously is not an exhaustive list … I’m sure I have other JibberJobber partners who specialize in pesonal branding… know anyone who should be on this list?  Leave a comment… !



My Next Big Trip: The Hospital

May 6th, 2009

Today I go to the hospital with my wife to have our fifth child.  Hopefully all will go well… and I’ll be back soon (with a picture or two :)).


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