Interview with Amy Franko (LinkedIn Tips, Thoughts on being an entrepreneur, etc.)

August 31st, 2009

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Amy Franko, a business coach out of Ohio.  We had a very nice interview where we talked about a number of things – you can get a download of the interview (as well as a transcription) from this page (I’m #4).

Some of the stuff we talk about (her audience is not job seekers, it’s entrepreneurs):

  • thoughts on being an entrepreneur,
  • stuff about my book and how I’ve used it as a marketing tool,
  • the name of a movie that had a major impact on me as an entrepreneur (I saw it on my way to a speaking gig in Turkey),
  • and a number of thoughts on using LinkedIn.

If you have a few minutes and any entrepreneurial inclination, check it out :)

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3 responses to “Interview with Amy Franko (LinkedIn Tips, Thoughts on being an entrepreneur, etc.)”

  1. Brad Attig says:


    Nice article. I actually think most of what you discuss applies perfectly to the job seeker. Getting noticed, rising above the din, being hungry, marketing, reinventing ones self? Heck, even being an entrepreneur.

    I think you can adapt just about anything you faced, overcame and accomplished to almost every job search.



  2. Amy Franko says:

    Jason, thanks so much for sharing this with your audience!

    The things I really took away from your points –

    1. Tenacity is key – don’t give up too quickly because success is usually right around the corner.

    2. Regarding LinkedIn – having a pristine profile and taking time to look for people to connect with – whether it’s people who might use your services or potential joint venture partners

    3. Plus I liked that you noted your family (and particularly your wife!) as a strength. :-)

    Take care!

    Amy (my conversation with Jason is #4)

  3. Jason Alba says:

    Brad, I totally agree, I see so many similarities in what I do for my business and what professionals do for career management. That’s one reason I shared this here on this blog.

    Amy, it was a really fun interview, thanks again for the opportunity. I don’t often get to talk about the “what’s under the hood” at JJ, or how I got to where I’m at… :)

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