New Orleans Conference & Habitat for Humanity

April 29th, 2010

Today is day one of the full conference… tomorrow is day two and the last day. I present tomorrow on home office productivity, focusing on tools I use in my office … the presentation is based on this and this blog posts.

Because we’re here during the annual Jazz Festival it was pretty hard to find a hotel for the conference.  Therefore, I am bouncing between three hotels.  I got in late on Tuesday, met my roommate (Sir LinkedALot), and crashed for the night.  The next morning I was up at 6am (5am my time), got ready and dragged my luggage and laptop a mile to the 2nd hotel (where the conference is). Not a big deal, since I’m in such great shape 😉

The rest of the day, until about 4:30, I did my first Habitat for Humanity project.  It was a lot of fun…. here are some pics.  I hope the people who get these homes can have peace and satisfaction in their new homes, and that they can know that we had fun and worked on their homes in the spirit of love and service.

By lunchtime we were feeling pretty energetic. This is Donna Sweidan of CareerFolk, showing us why no one messes with her. (I didn’t feel this energetic by the end of the day!)


Steve Gallison of POAC pointing to the flood line – it was about 5 to 5.5 feet from the ground… amazing.


I’m not sure what happened here… was I posing?  Did a rat run over my foot?  Had I just hit my thumb with a hammer?  You guess…

Que Pasa??

Que Pasa??

There were 10 of us who came to New Orleans early and spent the day in service… it was a lot of fun, we got to know one another better, and it was really fulfilling… !



Seth Godin, GenY, Career Brainwash

April 28th, 2010

Today I’m doing my first Habitat for Humanity project in New Orleans!

I just read this on Penelope Trunk’s blog and thought is was intriguing/brilliant.  Penelope is announcing a webinar where she’ll be at Seth Godin’s house (pretty cool!).  Here’s what Seth says about careers and GenY:

My take is that [generation Y] is the last one that will be as totally brainwashed by the system, by the schools and by companies and by society to believe that the industrial age (and compliance) is their ticket to the carnival. The smart ones will see that and play a different game, and the sooner they realize how bad the scam is, the faster they’ll recover.

WOW. Some interesting points:

  • We are all brainwashed, including GenY (even though they are the tail end)
  • Schools and companies and society are brainwashing us
  • Compliance to the “industrial age” is not good – we’re blinded by whatever their promise is
  • Look for the different game… perhaps a different way to manage your career (income security?) and start moving forward in that direction

Link to Penelope’s webinar is here.

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Guerrilla Job Search Teleseminar Recording (free download)

April 27th, 2010

I wanted to make this embeddable (sp?) so you could listen from the blog but it was too long (the file was too big).  It is a download, which is cool, because you can put it on your PC, iPod, etc. and listen whenever/wherever you want.

Right click to download the Guerrilla Job Search Teleseminar by David Perry and Kevin Donlin. (or, if you left click you might be able to hear it from the browser… depending on your browser)

In the teleseminar David and Kevin shared strategy, tactics and examples for job seekers on how to be different… desireable, and cut down the time in your job search.

Being unemployed sucks.  Being unemployed for a long, long time really sucks.  Listen to the teleseminar – their full program, at a JibberJobber discount, is at this link: Guerrilla Job Search – JibberJobber discount.

(previous posts about the Guerrilla Job Search can be found here and here)

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JibberJobber / Jason Alba Update

April 26th, 2010

Hey all, I’ve been hitting big deadline after big deadline and missed the Favorite Friday last week and am putting the Monday Giveaway on hold this week.  Here’s what’s going on in my world:

  1. I’ll announce the winner of last week’s giveaway for the Twitter book in a day or three.  I just need to hear who the authors pick as the winner.
  2. I’m writing a new book for entrepreneurs. I hoped to finish editing about a month ago but another project got in the way (see #3).  I’m about 60% done with the first round of editing and then will send out at least 100 e-versions of the book for review and input.  The book is called Eight Lunches (real website will come later) – it is a series of dialog between two entrepreneurs about how to successfully run an entrepreneur’s business… it’s pretty cool!  Want to review it? Let me know.
  3. The LinkedIn DVD is almost done.  I actually burned a disk and sent it to the replicator (the manufacturer who makes a lot of “copies” (not technically copies… )) and there was a yellow-flag error. I could have moved forward and had the DVDs shipping TODAY, but made the decision that I don’t want any errors.  I now hope to have the DVD shipping within 10 days.
  4. The price on the DVD is going up from the discounted pre-order price.  It won’t be full price yet, but it is getting there.  This is the time to order.
  5. I’m headed to New Orleans for food, fun, friends and conference.  Actually, I’m pretty cheap while I’m on the road, so the food won’t be spectacular, but the friends will be!  This trip I’m doing two things different.  First, I’m not doing any non-conference presentations (ouch – normally I like to do about 10!).  Second, I’m spending all of Wednesday doing my first Habitat for Humanity project.  I have no idea what to expect but hope that I’ll learn a lot and get a lot done so a family can move into a home.
  6. I’ve been working with university career center managers to introduce a new product.  I’m very excited about it and my dev team has been working on it so we can introduce it soon.  This will have an impact on individual JibberJobber users (you!)… but if you have any contacts with your career center, let me know – I would love to get some input from them!
  7. The guerrilla job search teleseminar was awesome.  I have a recording – I was hoping to put it in a little widget on the blog but it’s too long for that … I’ll post it tomorrow so you can download it.
  8. Last week I did a webinar on social tools in a job search.  It was recorded, and I’ll get the video on the blog also.

There’s more going on, not ready to announce it yet… in my personal life:

  1. My baby boy is almost one (that went fast!)!  This is our fifth child… we have a very busy household!
  2. My office is getting renovated for the two weeks after I get back from New Orleans… I’ll probably work out of coffee shops and other places, which will be different… but I’m excited to get a nice (finished) office-space!
  3. Since my calf injury I’ve decided to walk 500 miles this week.  I’m up to about 160 miles… I hoped to get to 200 by this time of the year but we have been sick most of this month and it’s just been impossible.  But still … 160 miles!  That’s about 154 more than last year!
  4. I’ve been finishing my basement. I’ve done most of the electrical (under the guidance of an electrician) and have just finished the insulation … I’m learning as I’m going – it’s fun… it’s stressful and it’s a stress-reliever at the same time.  We definitely need the extra space, though, as my kids get older.

That’s about it, I think.  I call last summer “the summer that wasn’t” because of my calf and some other medical things… it was miserable… this summer is already so much better than last summer…

I hope your spring/summer is going well, also!  If you are in a job search I feel good for you… I’ve seen a lot of great signs that the economy is changing for the better!

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A Visual Elevator Pitch?

April 22nd, 2010

I just found a blog post from GL Hoffman (via Dave Opton of Execunet) about an idea to share your elevator pitch visually.

GL’s blog post, The New Visual Elevator Pitch, has some examples of his idea.

I’ve seen many job seekers put various types of statements on their business cards but I have two problems with this:

  • The space on a business card is so small that the message they have is very small font and, for me, hard to read.  ESPECIALLY if they have multiple statements (I’ve seen cards with three or for value prop statements).
  • The messaging they have on the card sounds jargony.

Some business card afficionados might argue that another negative of having this on the back of your card means people can’t write their own notes on your card because there isn’t enough white space.

GL proposes that you create 4×6 postcards and make the more visually appealing… I love the idea…. it kind of fits into a “this isn’t my resume, but it’s a document you can easily digest and hopefully be interested in more” category….

What do you think? See GLs post for more description and two examples of the document.

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Guerrilla Job Search Teleseminar (Part II)

April 21st, 2010

Here’s more info on the teleseminar on Friday (call 605.475.4900 Code: 964394# on Friday at noon EST)…

Dear Job Seeker,

guerrilla_job_search_systemIf you’re looking for a job in this economy, here’s important news …

David Perry and Kevin Donlin, the co-authors of “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0,” are doing a free teleseminar for readers of my blog on Friday at noon EST that you need to listen to.

Maybe you’ve read them in the New York Post, Fortune Magazine, or on … or heard them on CBS Radio … or seen them on NBC-TV.

That doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you listen to a new teleseminar that I convinced them to do for JibberJobber people.

David and Kevin just helped 4 more people find jobs fast — they were hired in anywhere from 8 days to 7 weeks, which is 75% FASTER than the national average of 29.7 weeks.

That’s like putting 22 weeks worth of lost paychecks back in your pocket.

Want to know how they did it?

If so, then they’re here to help you — for FREE.

Why free?

Because they want to do a “beta test” of their job-search training with a live audience before starting a national advertising campaign.

So, they agreed to let me host a special, one-time *only* teleseminar on Friday at noon EST — at NO cost.

The number to call is (605) 475-4900; enter access code: 964394#. Your normal long-distance rates will apply (or, call from VOIP, like I do :p).

During this content-packed phone call, lasting about 50 minutes, you will discover:

  • How one laid-off manager got hired for a 6-figure job in only 8 days, after learning one simple “Guerrilla” job search secret in Sept. 2009 (and we’ll share this secret with you on the call)
  • How a systems analyst from Mesa, Arizona, desperate to feed his family after 10 months of unemployment, was hired on March 8, 2010 after only 6 weeks … despite sending his resume to the WRONG employer. You have to hear his story to believe it.
  • How 2 other Guerrilla Job Hunter got hired after only 7 weeks, in Detroit, Michigan — the WORST job market in America. You’ll hear their case studies in detail.
  • How one Guerrilla Job Hunter was hired in Illinois by an employer that found him on Linkedin because of the “Guerrilla” profile he created
  • And much more …

As you can see, this will not be your average teleseminar.

David and Kevin have put together some of their best Guerrilla Job Search secrets … and we hope YOU will mark your calendar for Friday at noon Eastern, for this exciting event.

The number to call is (605) 475-4900; enter access code: 964394#.

NOTE: If you DO get shut out of the call due to overcrowding, don’t worry! I’ll post a link on my web site where you can download a recording and listen later.

Join us – it will be fun!

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The Guerrilla Job Search: Fact or Fiction?

April 20th, 2010

Dave Perry & Kevin DonlinOver the years I’ve had lunches and dinners with the two outspoken guerrilla job search experts Dave Perry and Kevin Donlin.  They are so confident about their guerrilla strategies and tactics that they have taken their show on the road, even to distraught Michigan, teaching people how to do a job search differently and get real results really fast.

They also have some CD training that they practically give away (free plus S&H).  I just got mine but haven’t looked at it yet.

I was on the phone with Kevin recently and my question was really about the viability of their system and advice.  Is it real?  Is it hype?  Are they just good at marketing their well-named product, or is there really substance behind what they talk about?

That is going to be the basis of a teleseminar this Friday at noon EST (that is 10am for me, in MST.  You get to do your own math to figure out what time zone you are in :)).

I made it clear to Kevin, when I talked about this, that I’m skeptical.  He said he’d explain why he is such a believer.

I don’t disagree that this stuff works, but I don’t know that it will work for everyone very quickly.  Perhaps as the economy gets a little stronger, those who have these tactics and the guerrilla mindset will be heads-and-tails ahead of their competition… so the economy will be the catalyst to make their ideas more valid.

What do you think – real or hype?

I tell you what – jump on the call with me and Kevin Donlin and Dave Perry on Friday morning, listen for about an hour, and then you can decide on your own.  You can order their almost-free DVD here, and if you like their stuff and want to move forward you can get a discount on their paid program here (I get a kickback for everyone who signs up).

To get on the call on Friday just dial in (it is not a webinar) to (605) 475-4900 and type in the code: 964394#.

Then you can judge for yourself.  If you like it, take their next step.



Giveaway: THE Twitter Book

April 19th, 2010

This is the LAST WEEK of the discounted pricing on the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD. Order here.

twitter_job_search_guideThe Twitter Job Search Guide – Find a Job and Advance Your Career in Just 15 Minutes a Day.

I got this book about a week ago and was blown away – almost 200 pages of MEAT and SUBSTANCE on how to get value out of Twitter.  How to find people, how to communicate, how use Twitter for personal branding, how Twitter fits into other social tools, what all the technical stuff means… I don’t really know what the authors could have left out?  The book is phenomenal.

You can get one by answering today’s Giveaway – as usual, I’m not judging the responses – we’ll have Susan Whitcomb, Chandlee Bryan and Deb Dib choose the winner!

When is social networking… LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever, TOO much?

In other words, how do you manage your time and efforts and have the right balance between what you do online and what you do offline?

Make sure you answer on this blog (not on Facebook or Twitter)… the question is open for a week!



Favorite Friday: Are you cheating on your employer?

April 16th, 2010

Almost 4 years ago I wrote this post talking about what you can do on your employer’s time, or while you have a job, for your career management.

I did nothing for myself because I was too engaged with my employer.

What a gross disservice.  I’m not the only one who does this – hundreds of thousands of people who have been let go in the last few years have thought “but I was doing my job, and taking care of the company… why don’t they take care of me?”

Check out Are you cheating on your employer, which has a list of 10 things I should have been doing while I had a job.

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Differentiate Yourself in an Interview by Asking About Performance Management

April 14th, 2010

This is a guest post by Stanley Janas, previous Director of HR at Halogen Software:

It can sometimes be hard to differentiate yourself in a job interview. I mean really… everyone is going to talk about stuff that relates to the posted job description and all the skills and experience they have.

Here’s a few thoughts about a different way to make yourself stand out and show your commitment to your work:

  • Ask the interviewer about how the organization manages employee performance. This can be a great question if you’re being interviewed by someone from HR, but it works with managers as well. A good company will have a defined performance management process that includes performance appraisals at least once a year. The best companies manage performance year round; they might do this informally, or they might have quarterly or semi-annual “mini reviews.” You want to show that you’re interested in the process and value that kind of thing.
  • Ask about how they measure employee performance, how feedback is given and when, how they align individual goals to organizational goals, what they consider to be the key competencies for the role and for the company. This again comes down to how they manage performance. You’re trying to communicate your knowledge and understanding about how important each of these things is. It’s a measure of your engagement as an employee.
  • You can also ask about what they do for employee development. Do they have a learning management system? Is it linked to employee performance? These questions will help you get an understanding of their commitment to employee development. But they also demonstrate your interest in continuously developing your skills and expertise to help the company.

Asking these questions helps you figure out what kind of support you’re going to get as an employee, and how much the company values its employees. But they also help to show your interviewer(s) that you’re really into your work. Smart companies are looking for engaged employees who are committed to high performance.

When the economy was good and employers were having trouble finding qualified people, some of them started using their performance reviews or talent management processes as a way to differentiate themselves. Now that times are tough, I suggest you turn the tables and do the same.

Stanley Janas was Director of HR at Halogen Software.


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