Geeky Fun on April One

April 1st, 2010

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Every year I think I’m going to plan for a fun April Fools thing at the JibberJobber level but two things happen:

  1. I run out of time – I usually have a DOH moment the morning of April 1, realizing I didn’t think of or plan for it in time, and
  2. I don’t want to confuse – My stuff is confusing enough already… and I haven’t come up with a non-confusing, on-brand prank that would be funny and not drive people away.

So I do… nothing.  Which kind of bugs me, because I like pranks.

Here’s a list of fun pranks companies did, collected by TechCrunch.  The list can take some time to go through, and while I don’t intend to distract you from your work or job search, I thought I’d pass the light-hearted humor on :)

Check out pranks from Google, TechCrunch, Kodak, TripAdvisor, Ben & Jerry’s, Indeed, and more here.


2 responses to “Geeky Fun on April One”

  1. DC Jobs says:

    That Google-Topeka gag was pretty good, had me going for a while. I kept asking myself “why would they change their name?” I saw it first thing in the morning and clicked on the new logo image which brought me to the press release. That was well played, good times!

  2. Jason Alba says:

    I didn’t see it (I miss things like that :p) until I read the post… my thought was “what a great day for Topeka!”