JibberJobber Anniversary Upgrade Options

May 11th, 2010

In addition to yesterday’s announcement that all y’all can get 60 days of premium just for doing nothing (as long as you have/get a JibberJobber account), here is another special you can take advantage of:

For $99 (the price of a one year upgrade) you will get:

  • One additional year of JibberJobber premium (combined with the two months, this means you get 12 + 14 months of premium – that is about $3.80/month), AND
  • Social Marketing Strategies for Job Seekers (streaming video) – $50 value
  • Blogging for Job Seekers (streaming video)- $50 value
  • Twitter for Job Seekers streaming video (streaming video)- $50 value

Simply login, go to the upgrade page and choose a one year upgrade.  We’ll apply the three streaming videos to your account (as well as the extra 14 months of premium) and you’ll be able to see them from the Tools/Videos page – they won’t expire.  This is an additional $150+99 value!



Happy Four Year Anniversary JibberJobber!

May 10th, 2010

This week we are celebrating our four year anniversary at JibberJobber!  Yippee and Yahoo!

Like celebrations of past we’ll have things we’re giving away. I can’t invite you to my office for an anniversary cake but I can give you stuff…

First thing to give away: everyone who has ever signed up, and signs up through this weekend (our real anniversary is on Saturday the 15th, but we’re celebrating all week long!), will get an additional two months of premium on their account.  If you have an upgraded account right now, you’ll get four months (thank you for the upgrade!). You’ll see that on your account sometime this week.

The last four years have been something of a dream… some of my milestone memories include:

  • the minute I had the idea for JibberJobber (Feb 2006)
  • the thought process I went through as was deciding to move forward (instead of continuing my search for a corporate job)
  • how we came up with the name “JibberJobber” (high school friend from Virginia came up with it)
  • how I secured the programming and QA resources
  • when and why I started blogging, and how that helped move the business forward (June 2006)
  • thinking I’d have millions of signups the first year, and what number we really ended at (from May 15 2006 – Dec 31 2006 we had about 7,000 signups — much lower than my expectations!)
  • getting my first book contract (Jan 2007) and then finally starting to write the book (May 2007 – thanks Andy Sernovitz, for the kick in the pants!) and then getting my book shipped to me (Sept 2007)
  • My first paid speaking gig (Jan 2008) which was the first of many (I’ve spoken more than 200 times since then)
  • and many other things…

Where are we at now?  Read Wednesday’s post…

And let everyone know about our 60 day premium giveaway – job clubs, network groups, online lists and forums… now is the time to get a JibberJobber account!



How To Fix Your Bad Email Address

May 7th, 2010

Updated on Saturday morning…. I had to turn comments off on this post – in the last 12 hours it has attracted a lot of spam comments!

We regularly have bad email addresses entered when people sign up for JibberJobber.  Many times people just type the wrong thing… that’s okay – it’s common (don’t feel bad).

Here’s how you can fix it… if you haven’t verified your email address yet you can do it by (1) clicking on My Account, (2) clicking on the verification email tab (red arrow), (3) editing the email addy in the box, and (4) click on the verify email button.  It’s as simple as that.


If you HAVE verified an email but you want to change it, simply go to (1) My Account, (2) click on the email addy tab, (3) put in the new email and your JJ password, and you’re good (you’ll have to verify the new addy – so try to spell it right :)).


If you have problems you can use the Contact Us link, but 99% of the time the instructions above will take care of ya!

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I Got the CMA Mentor Award

May 6th, 2010

career_management_mentor_awardI’ve been trying to figure out how to write this and have it be a good read for you.  I hope I can pull it off, otherwise this is just a braggy post.

Last week I went to the Career Management Alliance conference in New Orleans.  They just started a new recognition program where they have four awards that they give to people in the career industry (whether you are a member of CMA or not).  I was surprised and honored to have earned the award called the Mentor Award.

According to the Career Management Alliance website, the Mentor Award “honors those individuals who have guided, and inspired, their colleagues in tradecraft, entrepreneurship, and community building.”

I usually feel like a vendor… I’m not a career coach, resume writer, counselor or practitioner, so to get recognition like this for being a COLLEAGUE is a real honor.  I appreciate the nomination and any discussion about this from the CMA people… thank you!

Here are the other awards and winners:

What Color is Your Parachute Award – Deb Dib
In honor of the founder of modern career counseling and author of What Color is Your Parachute? — Dick Bolles — this award recognizes an individual who has made sustained, innovative contributions to the careers industry — someone who has stayed on the cutting edge and shared his or her knowledge on a wide scale…someone who has helped shape lives and inspired hope.

Bridge Award – Wendy Enelow and Elizabeth Craig
The Bridge Award recognizes one outstanding professional who has made a significant difference in the careers field by connecting professionals from a wide variety of sectors within the industry (e.g., government, academia, the corporate sector, nonprofits, and the entrepreneurial world).

Mentor Award – Diane Hudson Burns and me
The Mentor Award honors those individuals who have guided, and inspired, their colleagues in tradecraft, entrepreneurship, and community building.

Marketing Innovator of the Year – Jacqui Barrett Poindexter
The Marketing Innovator of the Year award is a great exaltation, recognizing a career management professional who has created and successfully implemented the most innovative practice for building business and enhancing their brand.

Congrats to all recipients and nominees, and thanks to CMA for the recognition :)



JibberJobber Events and Personal Branding Teleseminar (Friday)

May 5th, 2010

We have been toying around with the ability to add “events” to JibberJobber so you can learn about networking opportunities, web-based learning opportunities, etc.  You can see a list of events in a couple of places now and as this feature matures you should see it more.

An example is a personal branding teleseminar put on this Friday by JibberJobber Partner Beverly Harvey.  You can see the event details here.  This teleseminar is an introduction to personal branding and helps you understand that having a strong personal brand can help you attract the right opportunities to you.  The call is an hour long and I wouldn’t miss it – Beverly is well regarded in the career space.

If you log into JibberJobber you’ll see the Action Item panel also includes a link to the event, like this:


Eventually this Event feature will mature… I have a list of things I’d like to see added, and the dev team is working on some of it… if you have any suggestions just let me know.

If you want to add your own event you can do that in the Tools drop down – just click on Add a Network Event.

For more information on Beverly’s Personal Branding call, click here.



College Graduate Job Seeker Toolkit: 10 Job Seeker Tools

May 4th, 2010

ford_myersI recently got an email for Ford Myers‘ book titled Get the Job You Want Even When No One’s Hiring… he listed 10 things every new college graduate should have as part of their job search toolkit.

I tried to find the list posted on his website but I couldn’t find it – perhaps he’ll make it a blog post I can link to later (I didn’t look too hard). Since he doesn’t have it published I’m going to assume that he doesn’t want it to be public knowledge yet.

However, I’ll share his 9th point right now:

9. Tracking System. Keep a detailed record of your job search activities, including phone calls, meeting notes and correspondence. This is essential to keeping your process organized and productive.

What is a job search tracking system?  Is it important?  Is it critical?  What does it track, and how does it work?

Ford says it is to keep a DETAILED RECORD… ouch.  That is tough.  How many of you keep a detailed record of your checking account, or detailed records of any other important stuff?  I’m bad at that, and switching into DETAILED RECORD mode for my job search was not easy.

Ford says you keep this record of phone calls, meeting notes and correspondence.  This is TEDIOUS.  Do you record everything? No… you’ll get a sense for what’s important to record as your job search goes on … but when in doubt, record it.  You don’t want to regret it later.

Ford says a job search tracking system is ESSENTIAL to keeping your process organized and productive.  In my experience, it’s also essential to give you peace of mind in your job search, make you more competitive and effective as a job seeker, etc.

What he doesn’t mention is this: in your job search you will come across and create immense amounts of data.  Networking contacts, target companies and jobs you apply to; dates; contact info; follow-up notes, notes of commucations with contacts…. there is SO MUCH to keep track of.

You aren’t keeping track of it because you are all-of-the-sudden obsessive-compulsive and like to record everything you can.  You are keeping track of it because if you don’t you’ll find yourself drowning within weeks of starting your job search.  You’ll miss appointments, you’ll be unprepared for conversations (interview, networking, etc.), and you’ll miss opportunities.

This job search tracking system idea is essential and critical.


With JibberJobber, of course!  There are three levels:

  • Free for life – the idea is to have an account forever… this free account allows you to do this (you can bounce up and down from free to premium to free anytime you need).
  • Silver – same features but increases the amount of contacts and companies in your system.
  • Premium – unlimited contacts and companies and LOTS of cool features!

Choose what works best for you, but keep your JibberJobber account for life – you never know when you’ll need it next!

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Giveaway: The Career Alphabet

May 3rd, 2010

Billie Sucher - AuthorOne of my favorite people, who I met in the early days of JibberJobber, is Billie Sucher.  I reviewed her first book called Between Jobs over three years ago (it’s still relevant).  This week’s giveaway is her second career book (she has non-career publications) titled Happy About the Career Alphabet.  She gave me a copy in New Orleans… so you’ll either get my signed copy or perhaps I can talk her into mailing it to you (she doesn’t know I’m writing this post).

Here’s how one person will get it … answer the question below on this blog (not on Facebook or Twitter, etc.) and Billie will choose her favorite response.

My question centers around something I saw on the news on Saturday morning.  A young fella from New Orleans was talking about his future and said something like this:  “either join the military or go to college – those are my two best career paths.”

I have been thinking about that since I saw it – I don’t think those are his only “career paths,” but what bugs me more, are those really “career paths?”  I guess I would have used a different phrase as I’ve traditionally thought of a “career path” as a sequence of jobs that helps me get to where I end up… not the stepping stones to get their.  So here’s the question:

Assuming you are giving advice to a young person (I’ll let YOU define young! :)), what are significant parts of the “career path” that you help them understand?  In other words, say they want to be a financial planner, CEO of a big company, entrepreneur, etc… what are the components that they need to think about for their career?

Answer on this blog and I’ll ask Billie to pick her fav!

The winner of last week will be announced soon…. !

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