45% of execs ready for new opportunity?

June 11th, 2010
My next big LinkedIn webinar is at Experts-Connection. It’s going to be awesome… seriously.

I just got a notice from the Execunet Suite LinkedIn Group that was quite interesting:

According to ExecuNet’s 2010 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report, 45% of corporate leaders are considering or preparing to voluntarily leave their organizations. Many of them are your colleagues. Why do you think that almost half of America’s corporate leaders ready to move on?

This question was posted by Execunet’s Michael Sherman.

What do you think?  What does this say about our economy?

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Organize Your Job Search Needs? This is your week!

June 10th, 2010

It’s been quite hectic around here lately… I announced the JibberJobber anniversary upgrade options a month ago but never really let too many people (like, my users!) know.  This week we emailed all of the people who have signed up (and have chosen to get those types of emails) letting them know that the special is good through this week.

There are two bundle options, both of which include the buy-on-year-get-one-free.  That is, for $99 you get 24 months of JibberJobber, which comes out to about $4/month.  That is a sweet deal, right?

For this anniversary special you can also get (at no additional cost) either:

  • The new, awesome, 3 hour LinkedIn DVD, ($50 value) or
  • 3 premium streaming videos, including Blogging for Job Seekers, Twitter for Job Seekers and Social Networks for Job Seekers. ($150 value)

To take advantage just login to your JibberJobber account and go to the Upgrade page (located at the bottom of any page), upgrade for one year and let us know which bundle you want.

Let your buddies know, buy this as a graduation gift, or get it for that friend who is struggling in their job search.

More details on JibberJobber specials here.

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How Governments Solve the Unemployment Problem

June 9th, 2010

I found this yesterday… it is across the pond in Europe: Council helps jobless women find a rich man to keep them.

I have a hard time believing this is really true, so if it is a hoax, forgive me for spending time on it.  If it isn’t…

  • they are giving women make-overs (because that’s how you win a “rich man,” by looking hot),
  • they are hoping to save welfare payments equal to €400,000 by
  • marrying off 70 jobless, single women (who need make-overs)
  • they are investing €1,400 (about $2k USD) into each women which includes image make-overs as well as social skills and “presentation”
  • They will get the women “registered at a local marriage bureau”

Crazy, isn’t it?  And you thought the government was getting involved enough in the unemployment scene!

Less than 10 women have signed up so far… in the article the council’s plan is even called a “scheme” (I think that is a translation thing, though).  Locals are calling it unethical.  Here’s the article I read.

Okay, that was (hopefully) good for a laugh, but let me pose to you: what role should YOUR government play in unemployment?  I wrote about this in the following posts (one for Republicans, one for Democrats), and Mike Arrington wrote something similar (for businesses) here.

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Job Club Radio & Utah County Job Club

June 8th, 2010
This week we’re celebrating JibberJobber’s 4 year anniversary with special bundles.  On Wednesday, June 23 2010 I’m doing a LinkedIn for Executives: BEYOND the Basics webinar.  More info here.

Yesterday I was on a 45 minute radio show called Job Club Radio.  You can listen to the entire show here.  I think I’m getting bold, or grumpy… I don’t know, you tell me.  It was one of my funner radio interviews :)

jennifer_armitsteadI’m going to speak at the Utah County Job Club in August (8/18).  The meeting is from 8am to 9am, which means I have to … COMMUTE!  Ugh!  It’s about an hour from my house.  I’ll probably  give an updated Career Management 2.0 presentation… gotta think about that one.  Jennifer Armitstead (who interviewed me for Job Club Radio) started this group recently and I’m excited to see it grow.

Information about the Utah County Job Club:

The Utah County Job Club meets every Wednesday at 8am-9am at East Bay Cafe, the Novell Cafeteria. This group is about providing a place where job seekers can connect to support each other and learn about effective job searching. There is no fee to be a part of the group.

Join the LinkedIn Group

1800 South Novell Place
Provo, UT 84606

In other news, I’m looking for other job clubs to speak at this year – if you are around these areas please let me know what you know!

  • Dallas – September
  • Baltimore & Northern VA – September
  • San Diego – October
  • Pennsylvannia (around Lancaster) – December

See ya soon?



Unemployed people suck, right? Let’s not hire them.

June 7th, 2010

I must be getting grumpy in my old age, with all of this venting I’m doing!  This post really ticks me off.  I just wrote a post on Peter Newfield’s Career Resumes blog (I’ve been blogging there for the last many months) titled The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered.  WHAT??? It comes from a Huffington Post article of a similar name… go check out Peter’s blog to see what I wrote.

This practice is archaic and out of touch with reality.  Do these companies, discriminating against those who are out on the street for no good reason, really think that only looking at currently employed people is going to get them the best talent?

What a fallacy.

The companies listed in the HuffPo article include:

  • An “anonymous company” that has an opening posted at The People Place recruiting board.  Who made this decision, and why?
  • Benchmark Electronics, who defends the policy saying they don’t want to waste their time with unqualified applicants.  I get that… but that doesn’t mean you should cut out all unemployed people.
  • Sony Ericsson temporarily had this statement on their job descriptions: “NO UNEMPLOYED CANDIDATES WILL BE CONSIDERED AT ALL.”  Seriously, what outdated recruiting book did this come from??  At least they removed it once “it was noticed.”  (oops, one mark against copy and paste).
  • An unnamed restaurant in NJ, looking for an assistant restaurant manager…. must be currently employed.
  • An unnamed “top 25 CPA firm” in NYC, same thing.

Judy Conti (who needs my LinkedIn DVD – just look at her Profile!)  is the federal advocacy coordinator for the National Employment Law Project, and said some awesome stuff, including (read her comments in the last 2 paragraphs of the HuffPo article):

“In the current economy, where millions of people have lost their jobs through absolutely no fault of their own, I find it beyond unconscionable that any employer would not consider unemployed workers for current job openings,”

I agree.. beyond unconscionable.



LinkedIn for Job Search (DVD)

June 4th, 2010

A few weeks ago I started shipping the second edition of the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD.

order_now_linkedin_dvdI gotta tell you, humbly, that this $49.95 LinkedIn DVD is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

It is 3 solid hours of webinar-like instruction.  This is not talking-head stuff – you literally watch over my shoulder (you watch my screen) as I go over LinkedIn and show you, as a job seeker, how to use LinkedIn.

The funny thing is this is not just for job seekers (unless you believe we are ALL job seekers).  If you want to learn how to optimize LinkedIn, doesn’t a three hour webinar make sense?

The DVD is broken up into 22 different segments/chapters so you don’t have to digest 3 hours of content in one sitting.  Here’s the breakdown (the length is minutes:seconds):

0 Introduction to LinkedIn for Job Seekers (length: 5:46) – lays the foundation for using LinkedIn in a job search.  Principles can be applied to using Facebook, Twitter, etc.

1 Home Page (length: 9:53) – there are many opportunities to connect with your contacts but it’s hard to know who and when and why.  On the home page you can find the answers to all of those. Also a discussion on the LinkedIn status and more.

2 Profile: Above the Fold (length: 22:21) – the longest video… there is just too much to talk about here and have it shorter. Optimize your Profile so people find you and your personal brand drips off of the monitor.  Many, many people miss opportunities on this part of LinkedIn.

3 Profile: Summary (length: 7:52) – how long should your LinkedIn Summary be? What should it include?  This segment goes beyond “put in all your keywords” to help you create a Summary that will be read and will help solidify your personal brand.

order_now_linkedin_dvdThat’s more than 45 minutes already… that alone is worth the price… but there is SO MUCH MORE!

4 Profile: Below the Fold (length: 9:34) – after the summary your Profile still goes on – what do you need to care about?  How do you make sure the rest of the LinkedIn Profile helps you get found and your brand shines through?  What Groups do you show (hint: not all of them!)?

5 Profile: Applications (length 6:11) – what are LinkedIn Applications and how do you decide which ones to use (and which ones to avoid)?  There’s great opportunity here to strengthen your LinkedIn Profile OR muddy up your brand and distract the reader.

6 Profile: Add a Video (length 4:00) – Have you seen videos that play right on someone’s LinkedIn Profile?  It’s really cool, and it’s fairly easy to add a video to your Profile.  This is NOT for everyone, but if you find (or create) a video that strengthens your brand you should consider adding it to your Profile!

order_now_linkedin_dvdWe’re just getting started – that’s an hour of solid content, most of which geared to help you be found (mostly passive strategy so far)… there’s 2 hours left, though!)

Companies (9:13) – a relatively new feature in LinkedIn, there is GOLD in the Companies feature.  This section helps you figure out WHO to contact and gives you a reason (talking points) to contact them… it’s very, very powerful.  If you aren’t using this feature you are missing out.

Groups (19:28) – the second longest segment… this is not a new section in LinkedIn but the features have become more robust.  Learn the ins-and-outs of LinkedIn Groups, what to do, what to avoid, and how to get value out of joining relevant Groups.

Jobs (6:47) – think you should avoid job boards in your job search? Think again!  Don’t necessarily apply to all jobs you think you qualify for on job boards but use them as a tool.  The LinkedIn job board has features that no other job board does – learn why you should spend some of your online job search time here.

10 Advanced People Search (8:25) – I ignored the people search, and the advanced people search for too long, but one of the value props of LinkedIn is FINDING PEOPLE.  Use this powerful search tool to find contacts that you should network with or reach out to.  Need to do informational interviews?  Find the right people in your target companies using this search page.  There’s more than meets the eye here.

11 Communicating with Others (7:01) – Whether you reach out to someone with a LinkedIn Invitation, an InMail or a LinkedIn Introduction, there are certain things you should include in your communication.  Develop a message that is read and replied to, not just ignored or questioned as spam.  Don’t blow your chance to create a solid relationship.

12 Recommendations (4:09) – Do you need to get Recommendations? What do you do with them after you have them?  How do you get them? How do you give a solid Recommendation?  Find out in this segment.

order_now_linkedin_dvdWe’re up to TWO SOLID HOURS of content.  By this time you are getting proficient at LinkedIn and really understand how it fits into your overall social strategy.  It’s not about wasting time online, it’s about leveraging these tools to work for you!

13 Answers: Asking Questions (11:48) – Asking questions is one of the most powerful proactive tactics you can employ in LinkedIn.  Why?  It shares your brand and helps grow your network.  It can help you nurture individual relationships.  This segment shows you how, why, and what to do to make sure you don’t waste your efforts on LinkedIn Answers.

14 Answers: Answering Questions (11:00) – The other part of LinkedIn Answers is simply answering questions.  In this segment we talk about what questions you should answer, how to answer them so your brand and expertise comes across strong, and where the major tie-in with your LinkedIn Profile is.

15 Manage your Settings (7:47) – if you get too much email from LinkedIn (and your Connections) you need to watch this section.  Also, privacy considerations and some critical information to ensure your LinkedIn Profile is yours forever (not your boss’s).

16 Browse Connections (3:43) – Learn how to find other key contacts based on who your Contacts know.  This is a very powerful part of LinkedIn and is worth spending time on on a regular basis.

17 BONUS Now, 10 Things to Do (1:57) – overwhelmed?  Me too!  But here are 10 things to do right now… This section was designed to help ensure you take action, and I help you know where to start.  Short segment but it might be the thing to get you to the next level.

18 BONUS 20 Questions (12:02) – this was FUN – a rapid-fire format of questions and answers … how to, why, etc.  These are 20 questions I hear all the time, with my responses.

19 BONUS Export Contacts (2:38) – I am a strong advocate of exporting your Contacts regularly – here’s how to do it (don’t miss the next two segments).

20 BONUS Cleaning the Export (7:35) – once you export your Contacts you end up with a csv file that is …. in need of cleaning.  There are unused columns and junk data – I show you how to clean up your data so you can use it later.

21 BONUS Importing into JibberJobber (5:14) – one thing to do with your Contacts is to put them into a useable CRM system (like JibberJobber).  I show you how to do it with JibberJobber but much of what I show you here could be helpful if you are importing into Salesforce, ACT!, etc.

order_now_linkedin_dvdWOW… seriously, 3 hours. The disk sells for 49.95.  I should sell it for over $100 but hey, this is for unemployed people, and $50 is enough, don’t you think?

Tell me it’s not worth the $50… go on, tell me.  I have hundreds and hundreds of people who have told me otherwise… what are you waiting for, order it today.

You can also bundle other stuff with this order, more info here.order_now_linkedin_dvd



Blue Collar Job Search – Job Seeker Newsletter

June 3rd, 2010

This is a continuation of the series of Blue Collar Job Search posts.  Have you figured out that most of this applies to white collar job seekers? Funny how that happens.

Yesterday I met with my buddy and we talked about creating a regular job search newsletter.  This is something I had blogged about before but I couldn’t find the post, so I’ll write it again :)

After going through various things, including word-smithing a pretty good elevator pitch, we were ready to let people know how they could help him with his job search.  The first newsletter will include a brief introduction to his situation and let people know how they can help.  In just a few words it will share his value proposition, his relevant history that helps paint a picture of his breadth and depth, and then he says “and this is the elevator pitch I’m working, I’d appreciate any feedback.”

In that introductory email his contacts learn certain things:

  • That he is in transition (this is critical – not everyone knows)
  • That he has a strong background and is skilled and competent
  • What kinds of companies he would like to work for, or what kind of work environment he is interested in

And then his elevator pitch seals the deal – they are given some really good, concise information about him and what he’s looking for.

I thought this type of newsletter would be sent once a month but as I thought about it with him I think it is appropriate to send it every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on what’s new in his job search.  In other words, if he is networking and finding new companies and is active then he has new stuff to put in his newsletter, and he needs to stay in front of his circle of friends that can help him.  If he doesn’t do much then don’t send it so often (hopefully he’ll send it every two weeks, which means he is keeping busy!).

The future newsletters will include the following points (not what I’ve listed in the introductory job seeker newsletter, above):

  • A list of the companies he’s contacted, or wanted to contact,
  • A list of job titles he is applying or interviewing for,
  • A list of companies he’d like introductions to.

The key here is CONCISE.  Keep it short, don’t get off track, and give just the right amount of information so people can help you (as opposed to writing too much (won’t be read) or off-track stuff (too dramatic and paints you in a sour light)).

This is the job seeker newsletter… appropriate for my blue collar buddy as well as the white collar job seeker!

The JibberJobber Blue Collar Job Search Series:



Getting Laid Off? Take Advantage of Your Benefits!

June 2nd, 2010

I got some brilliant comments on the post from yesterday titled HP Layoffs…

From reinkefj:

I’d also suggest to IMMEDIATELY get medical and dental appointments. Assuming that your benefits are tied to your employment, it’s time to find out what problems you have. (Physical problems; everyone has problems! Unemployment might be the least of them. If you have a problem, NOW is the time to find it not when COBRA runs out.) Ditto for ALL family members. QUICK, time flies.

From Katy:

And cash in what’s left of your FSA funds before you lose them. has a great FSA area where you can order easily. With last minute doctor appointments, eye exams, new glasses and prescription renewals we were able to use up most of our FSA when my husband got laid off a couple weeks ago.

Is this advice to help you gouge the company, or take advantage of something that you shouldn’t?

Absolutely not. You have paid into the system, you still have benefits, so USE THEM.  Seriously, life isn’t going to get easier during your unemployment – make sure you take advantage of what the company committed to you.

Not doing it is like the company handing out a new car to everyone as they leave and you not taking it. It’s there, it’s for you, take it.

Thanks Reinkefj and Katy, for the insight!

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HP Layoffs

June 1st, 2010

I just saw an article about HP’s newest layoff news – they are laying off about 9,000 people over the next few years (they are picking up 6,000 people, so the net change is only 3,000 jobs affected).

This post is for the 9,000 people who will get laid off, or those who are worried about being laid off.

What do you do now?  I bet you weren’t counting on the retirement with the golden watch… and probably questioned the longevity of any retirement benefits you might have been working towards… but you might not have been preparing for a transition this soon.

Here are five bits of advice for you, as you prepare for your pending layoff:

  1. Get a JibberJobber account* and start using it. It is time to figure out what your professional network looks like, and work on nurturing relationships.  Get a good networking book by Thom Singer or Keith Ferrazzi and then resolve to network in a good, meaningful, sustainable way.  You’ll need JibberJobber (or a tool like it) to organize and manage your short-term job search as well as your long-term networking (because you don’t stop networking after you land your next gig).
  2. Get on LinkedIn** and start using it. You might be on LinkedIn right now but you aren’t using it and haven’t gotten any value out of it.  There is plenty of value-add stuff to do there – you can do more to be found by those who would hire you, and you can do more to find those and reach out to them.   There are other networks to look at but LinkedIn is not optional.
  3. Get a real resume done, and maybe even pay for it. I spent a week spinning my wheels looking for and ultimately recreating my resume.  It was a waste of time, especially considering my resume was keeping me out of interviews.  Yes, you read that right…. I didn’t understand how to craft a marketing document (aka, resume) that would get me interviews… a professional resume writer would have helped me with that.
  4. Start learning about the current job search. You might have been in a job search a few years ago, or it might have been a few decades ago.  I’ll tell you now, the job search of today is DIFFERENT than the job search of yesteryear.  It is DIFFERENT.  You need to learn what current strategies and tactics you should employ and what outdated stuff you should avoid.  Assuming you know what you are doing, no matter how smart you are, is a mistake (a mistake that I made, which cost me months of anguish).
  5. Pick your ego up off the floor. I know getting laid off feels like a slap in the face, and you might (will) feel shame.  However, this is the world we live in.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who have been laid off, young and old, experienced and green, competent and smart, rainmaker or back-office support. It’s probably not your fault – you need to not let job search depression, shame and other bad feelings point you in the wrong direction.

The job search is not easy, and many times it is not fun (it can be fun).  But it is now a career management skill that you must be comfortable with.  The better you manage your career the less painful this and future job searches will be (and there will be more).

* I can get you a discount on JibberJobber Premium to help your job search go smooth. Have your HR manager or department manager contact me directly for bulk pricing.

** I created the LinkedIn for Job Seekers (a LinkedIn DVD)and have various packages available for large organizations.


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