Favorite Friday: Radio Interviews with Job Talk America

November 26th, 2010

I regularly do interviews on the radio… here are links to 4 I’ve done for Job Talk America:

10-12-10: “The Simple And Important Steps To Start Blogging To Help You Get A Job

6-30-10 : “How To Get Noticed Among 40,000 People In Linkedin

6-23-10: “How To Use Facebook To Get A Job

6-15-10: “Your Job Search Data Is All Over The Place. Now What Do I Do?

I like interviews but don’t do them as often as I did when the LinkedIn book first came out.

I hope you enjoy these short interviews :)

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Can I Send Email From JibberJobber?

November 24th, 2010

This is a frequent question we get.  The answer is yes and kind-of.

Note that JibberJobber is not your mail server, or your mail client, or a mailing list service provider.  We work with those tools to help you get mail sent out.

To send an email from a Contact Detail Page, click on the hyperlinked email address, like this:



  1. Click on My Account
  2. Click on the Preferences tab
  3. Check the checkbox that says Show Email as “one-click” links

Now you should see it as a hyperlink.

When you click the link, your browser pulls up your email client.  For some of you that is Outlook.  For others that is Gmail.  For others that is AOL, Yahoo, etc.  It depends on what you have set up.

If you haven’t set anything up (and you are on a Windows PC), you’ll have some weird email client come up… I close that box and go into my Gmail. Here’s a note from Liz on how to have Gmail set up as your browser’s default email client:

You can make Gmail your default email client by installing the Gmail Notifier. This means every time you click an email from your browser (in and out of JibberJobber), Gmail’s Compose window will open so you can start a new email.

Download and install the free Gmail notifier. Once installed, while in Windows (we don’t know on a Mac, sorry, we’re not smart enough :p), right-click the Notifier icon in your System Tray, and select ‘Options.’ Then check the box next to ‘Use Gmail for internet mailto: links’ and click ‘OK.’

Many, many JibberJobber users have a gmail address… I have no idea how to do this for AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Juno (seriously!), and others. You’ll have to search on that.  If you use Outlook it should already be setup correctly.

Okay, so that’s how you send an email from JibberJobber.  Make sure you have:

  1. The proper setting under My Accounts, Preferences, so you are showing the address as a link, and
  2. Your email client set up appropriately.

Note: once you set up the Preferences so an address shows up as a link, you’ll also be able to do this from the List Panel page, like this:


(If you don’t see the email column, click Manage Columns to add it.  Video instructions here)

That’s it.


Bonus 1: Multiple email addresses from the List Panel

To send one email to multiple contacts, go to the List Panel and click the checkboxes of all the contacts you want to send an email to (to see how to filter the List Panel results to just the contacts you want, check out this post).


Now that you have selected multiple records, click on the email icon at the bottom of the list panel:


The box that comes up has the email address, appropriate formated for your email client.  You can copy and paste those into your client, or click the cc or bcc links to have them autopopulate. PLEASE USE THE BCC BOX, since no one really likes to be included in a mass email and be able to see all the addresses (or, have others see their address).


That’s it!  Remember, that’s a premium feature.

Bonus : Exporting multiple addresses to a CSV, or other format

You can get a bunch of email addresses (with names, formated, ready to go, like above) another way… through the Get Contact List page.  If you are premium you’ll see it in the Network dropdown:


Go through the process you see on this post and choose the Get Email Address option:


You’ll get the same format as in Bonus 1.  If you want to interface with Constant Contact, simply choose the CSV file and now you can dump that CSV file to your Constant Contact account.

I know this is a long post… it’s a very long answer but I wanted to cover all the bases :)

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10 Tips for Job Seekers from an Employer (CEO)

November 23rd, 2010

I got an email about a blog post asking if I’d check it out and perhaps blog about it.  I rarely do that (I get these requests all the time, and most blog posts are superficial or weak – just marketing plays).

I glanced through the post, though, and thought there was some good stuff… UNTIL THE END.

OH MY GOSH, the ignorance in this country kills me (I declined the invite to blog about this saying I would write a scathing post, but he said that was okay, they want conversation.  So, converse in the comments :)).  And it really, really hurts everyone.  Here are his 10 points, I’m only going to comment on the last one (original post here):

  1. Don’t name your resume, “resume.” I agree… name it something easy for them to find – I think your name and maybe the job title is a good place to start.
  2. don’t use all lowercase. Agreed – perhaps we are losing a lot of our writing skills because of our kewl ability to text?
  3. Don’t write like a robot. Again, poor communication skillz :p
  4. Don’t spam hiring managers. Agreed. The hard part of this, though, is “when do you follow-up?”
  5. Don’t expose your licentious personal life. Totally. He’s talking about not putting Too Much Information (TMI) on Facebook.
  6. Don’t talk badly about your former employer. Agreed… read the post about not letting HR or a hiring manager “smell blood.”
  7. Proofread your resume. Totally – AND know what’s on it. (have you heard *that* story?)
  8. Format your resume nicely. I have seen some really, really bad formats :/
  9. PDF your resume. Okay.  Mac user :p
  10. When you get a job, don’t job hop. … and here we go…

Don says:

“When you get a job, try your very best to stay at it for at least two years, preferably more. We understand that the job market is fluid and you are not likely to stay with us long enough to get the gold watch. However, we do want to get a couple years of productivity from you if we’re going to invest in training and mentoring.”

Man oh man… all the stuff I want to write… I meet with thousands and thousands of job seekers each year.  Imagine what I’d hear if I said that?

I’ve met so many professionals who have good work ethic, are highly talented, and are anxious to have a job for “at least two years.”

You think these professionals want to be on the street looking for a job?  You think they are job hopping, just because you see frequent jobs on their resume, and short-term gigs?

I recently heard the average tenure of a CFO is 18 months.  NOT BY CHOICE, I bet!  Aside from being the traditional (circa 1980’s) job hopper, perhaps here are some reasons why there are frequent transitions on a resume:

  1. Bait-and-switch. I regularly hear from someone who takes a job and then finds that it was nothing like what they advertised.  Don’t give someone a title and description, hire them, and then have them do something entirely different.
  2. Ethics of the management team. Think: Enron.  How many tens of thousands of ethical professionals lost everything because of a few unethical people in power?  It happens daily, even at small, private companies.
  3. Very poor cultural fit. Imagine you get a job that was made for you.  You go to work and find out no one has and moral standards (assuming you do… or, if you don’t, imagine (ugh) everyone does).  The cultural fit will be painful and you’ll want to leave as much as they’ll want you to leave.
  4. Change in pay. You get a job for a certain salary and then within four to six months your pay is slashed… not because of you, or your work, but for “business reasons.”  Your options are to move to another department (sales, anyone?) or go look for another job.  I’ve heard of people getting a $20k cut and others getting more than $50k cut.  You think they signed up for that?
  5. ______________. There are many, many reasons why someone loses a job.  What am I missing?

I think it is irresponsible to assume that frequent changes on a resume mean you are getting an unloyal, job-hopping waste-of-money.  Especially in today’s economy.

The only thing that can fix this thinking, unfortunately, is for people who believe this to go through their own job searches and see what it’s like out there.



Job Search Muscles Sore? My Muscles Are Sore…

November 22nd, 2010
Snow on my car after much of it had melted away

Snow on my car after much of it had melted away

Yesterday we woke up to about a foot of snow. I knew we’d be shovelling snow, but I didn’t realize HOW MUCH…!

I went out with two of my kids and we did our driveway and a neighbor’s driveway, and I felt good about the work we did. I was glad to have my kids there, especially as we did service for our neighbors.

I was kind of sore the rest of the day.

And then, OH MY GOSH, this morning I am absolutely SORE!  I’m sore in places I haven’t been sore in for I-don’t-remember-when!

This morning as I was limping and hobbling around, I thought about my pathetic muscles and then thought about the hundreds of thousands of job seekers who seem to be limping and hobbling around.

In pain.

With anguish.

I wondered, as my muscles screamed at me, if these job seekers have exhausted their JOB SEARCH MUSCLES.

Maybe their form is bad (like me, shovelling snow, bent over too low and stressing my lower back muscles).

Maybe they do useless stuff (like when we threw snow into the wind, and it came right back onto the driveway).

Maybe they do the wrong thing for too much time (like when my kids where shoveling down a path that wasn’t not part of the plan… fun for them but ultimately useless as they took resources away from the overall task).

Maybe they use the wrong tools (like when I had to use a kid’s snow shovel … my heavens… about 1/4 the width of the shovel I really wanted!).

There’s a reason the job search muscles get sore:

  • You may be doing the wrong stuff, as I mention above.
  • You may have muscles that need some work, but it’s just natural to go through that pain, initially.

If your muscles are sore for the first reason, figure out how to fix that (do different stuff?).

If your muscles are sore for the second reason, drink a job search protein shake and just keep working – your muscles will get stronger, it will be less painful, and you’ll be more effective and have better endurance.

If you are just getting started in your job search, realize you may have to go through a painful period, but it won’t always be painful – just jump in, get started and treat yourself right so you can heal and grow throughout the process.

(nice analogy for a Monday morning, eh?)

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Trips: Silicon Valley, East Bay, Baltimore, Philadelphia

November 19th, 2010

Right after Thanksgiving I’ll be on the road for two weeks straight… you might be able to catch up with me at one of these locations (if anyone has URLs for events I didn’t have a link for, please put it in the comments – I’m writing this post as quickly as I can before a full day of meetings):

Monday, Nov 29

7pm – 9:30pm Dublin, CA – St. Raymond Church (open, no cost I think)

Tuesday, Nov 30

10am – noonish Walnut Creek, CA – Experience Unlimited

Wednesday, Dec 1

(new) 10am – noon San Francisco, CA – Use Technology to Accelerate Your Networking and Promote Your Brand

5:30 pm – 8:30 pm Cupertino, CA – Happy About Meetup. Using LinkedIn to Help Accomplish your 2011 Goals. $20, includes copy of I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? (second edition)

Thursday, Dec 2

10:30am – 1pm Saratoga, CA – CSIX ($10, includes LUNCH) Career Management 2.0

7pm – 9ish – Pleasant Hill, CA – Job Networking Ministry at Christ the King Parish.

Friday, Dec 3

Unusually open :/

Saturday, Dec 4

9am – 11:30am Danville, CA – Job Connections

The following week:

Tuesday, Dec 7

10 am – 2pm Maryland – Private LinkedIn Training/workshop (closed)

6pm – 9pm Maryland (exact location not determined yet) – Career Management 2.1

Wednesday, Dec 8

2pm – 3pm WEBINAR for AARP (open to all AARP members)

5:45pm – 7:30pm – private keynote at a conference for career professionals

Thursday, Dec 9

6:30pm – 9pm Villanova, PA – Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group: Career Management 2.0 ($15)

Then… I get to go home until February 7th, when I head to Phoenix :)



Networking at a Networking Event & Inc Magazine

November 18th, 2010

Sandy Jones-Kaminski, the author who wrote I’m at a Networking Event — Now What???, sent me a note last week about some great news.   I should say, INCREDIBLE NEWS :)  I’m so happy for her (and a bit jealous :p)… check out what she got:

Networking Event Book

Inc Magazine, the one I’ve read religiously for years, put together a Holiday Gift Guide for 2010 and their NUMBER ONE book on the wish list is her’s: I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???

How amazing is that?

Great job Sandy, and thank you to the obviously very smart and competent :) team who put the list together (and put her in the #1 slot).

Sandy’s blog is here.  The book order page is here.

Other authors on the list include Sun Tzu, Daniel Pink, Seth Godin and others. See the entire list here.



Hidden Job Market (isn’t hidden)

November 17th, 2010

You can buy a book on the hidden job market but you don’t need to.  It is all around you.  Here’s a great post by Jim Stroud called The Hidden Job Report for 11.15.10. Jim says:

If a company announces that they are planning to hire hundreds of people, why wait for the roles to hit the want-ads? Why not network with people in the company that are hiring enmasse now. Here are a few leads to get you started:

And then he lists a number of companies that have been announced… see his post for all of the info:

100 Nevada jobs (restaurant jobs)

100 Oklahoma jobs (manufacturing jobs)

100 Texas jobs (manufacturing jobs / engineering jobs)

100 new NPR jobs (or, reporter jobs, with a $1.8 million fund to find them)

400 more Nevada jobs (federal jobs)

120+ Tennessee jobs (Volkswagen jobs / automotive jobs)

500 Indianapolis jobs (healthcare jobs)

And many more outside of the U.S.

Jim’s point: why wait for these jobs to be posted when you can actively look for ways to network into those companies?

That, my friends, is the hidden job market.

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Microsoft Excel Help and Tutorial

November 16th, 2010

I get prospected to review software, books, programs, services and stuff all the time.  Rarely do I find one that I stand behind. This one helps you learn how to use Microsoft Excel better.

Perhaps it is from my days as IT manager, working with hundreds of managers on how to use technology.  Or maybe it was from my MBA days, where everything was on a spreadsheet (and my ability to do simple math (2+2) in my head quickly died. Maybe it’s because I used an Excel spreadsheet to track my job search almost five years ago, or because JibberJobber users import/export from Excel.

Whatever the reason, I checked this out and really liked it. I liked the product (Excel Everest) and the price.

Excel Everest is an interactive learning tutorial that helps you learn how to use many of the features in Excel.  There are lots of tips and tricks in Excel… I argue that most people don’t use 95% of the functionality (it is quite powerful).  But I know that learning some stuff can really, really pay off.

In their 2 minute video (below) they talk about how Excel is used in many jobs… I add that it is used in many, many situations.

If you have to spend any time with Excel I encourage you to get this.  It is relatively inexpensive ($35) compared to a course or a book.  I like the way they set it up, the learning, the exercises, they scoring, etc.

Check out this video to learn more:

Here are three testimonials from their site – I’m cracking up at what some Google employees have said:

“I have been going through it for a few hours, let me first say that this is probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen.” – Google Employee

“I’ve never seen an Excel sheet anything close to as cool as this. I’m blown away.” – Google Employee

“This is literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in Excel in my whole life.” – Google Employee

You can get a free trial to check it out… I’d say it’s totally worth the money.

Here are the features they like:

  • Excel Based – The whole course takes place inside Excel (I LIKE THIS)
  • Custom modules – Excel Everest offers custom modules designed for specific clients
  • Structured course – step-by-step structure, ongoing support as employees learn
  • Interactive – the program helps the employee and the manager monitor the progress
  • Effective – hands on approach allows employees to acquire the skills 2-3 times faster
  • Fun – the course offers entertaining exercises and humor
  • Comprehensive – covers all the most important Excel topics
  • Cost saver – saves money in the long run helping the company avoid costly employee errors

[This is a somewhat-sponsored post. I took the time to check out the product, play around with it, learn about it, etc.  I am now an affiliate for this very cool product since I think it will bring value to my readers/users.]

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LinkedIn Help: LinkedIn Webinar

November 15th, 2010

Wednesday I’m doing a special webinar for Netshare’s Experts Connection titled “LinkedIn for Executives: Beyond the Basics.”  If you are stuck on getting value out of LinkedIn, or trying to figure out what to do now that you have your Profile up to speed (supposedly), get on this webinar.

Other LinkedIn help resources I produce include the LinkedIn book (third edition should print in early January), the LinkedIn DVD (3 hours of instruction, strategy and tactics), and my LinkedIn blog.



Veterans Day

November 11th, 2010

Thank you to all of the men and women who have served, and currently serve, our country.

I’m in Washington D.C. and I wish I would have scheduled time to go spend time at some of the military monuments and reflect on the history of the U.S. and many other countries.

I know many are unsettled about this war and past wars, but this is not a day of debate about what war is right or wrong – it is a day to reflect, respect and honor men and women who leave the comforts of their home, their friends, the safety of their hometown routine, and their jobs to put on a uniform and respond to their Commander in Chief.

I know many do it enthusiastically and many do it with reservation and fear – but they do it.  They go into lonely, dangerous places not sure if they will come back.  They do it for a higher purpose (maybe a purpose they don’t fully understand or support).

By the way, if you have suffered from an accident at work while serving your country you might be entitled to claim compensation. Visit for professional advice from the experts on what to do next.

Then, they come “home.”  The return from Vietnam was the definition of disgusting as many didn’t welcome them – they spit on them and rejected them.

What a very sad time in American history.

Today they come home under better circumstances, but the unemployment, homelessness and other challenges they struggle with is equally disgusting.

Hopefully we, as a people, can change that.

To those who serve, or have fathers and mothers who have served: THANK YOU.

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