Flying in bad weather & the parking lot analogy

November 9th, 2010

Have you ever seen La Bamba?

You know how {spoiler alert} Richie dies in a plane crash at the end, because of bad weather?

I’m not paranoid about flying, or bad weather, but it is not my preference to fly in bad weather.  This is what the airport at Salt Lake looks like right now… within an hour I’ll be on a plane to Baltimore and then jet down to McLean Bible Church for an 8pm presentation.


Tomorrow I’ll speak three times at Georgetown University (Thank you Georgetown!) — I’m excited to take a message to employers (first presentation, on employer branding) and then to students (second and third presentations).

All four of these presentations are stretching my mind, since they are all kind of new (or at least I’m tweaking them as I think about the audience).

Alas, nothing profound from me on this blog, I just wanted to share the picture :)

I did write a fun analogy I got while walking around in the parking lot this morning, on the Career Resume blog – check it out :)



Exciting Stuff…

November 8th, 2010

Here’s some exciting stuff…

I’m headed to Virginia/D.C. tomorrow (Tuesday).  I thought I wouldn’t be there often but this quarter I think I’m presenting on four different trips.  Tomorrow night at 8pm I’ll be at the Mclean Bible Church, presenting at their job club. Details here.

I just submitted the manuscript for my LinkedIn book: I’m on LinkedIn–Now What??? This is the THIRD edition.  Much needed updates included in this edition. LinkedIn book page (not sure when you can pre-purchase).

This is my birthday month.  On Friday I’ll be thirty something (I lost count a while back and haven’t done the math recently.  Seems to not matter anymore :p) and can say that I’m really enjoying this phase of my life.

My next trip is to Silicon Valley / East Bay (details pending), the week after Thanksgiving, and then I’ll be in Philadelphia for my first ever Philly presentation (but not my first ever Philly cheese steak) details here.

I have two new book ideas, one of which came from a presentation I did to young wannabe entrepreneurs (that went exceptionally well — I even changed clothes 3 times in my presentation, which was really successful and funny :p). More on that later, in my … spare time :p

I’m, um, NOT writing for AOL anymore.  Not really a long story but it was a business decision I had to make.

We’re making some really exciting changes to JibberJobber that will impact most users … I can’t announce it yet but I’m really jazzed about it.

I’m sure there’s more but that’s what’s on my mind right now.



Favorite Friday: Dress for Success, er, Failure

November 5th, 2010

What started out as a cute idea became one of my most favorite set of posts. I initially thought I’d do one post on Dress for Failure but I started to get comments on women’s dress.

Here’s the Dress for Failure for men post (Sept 8, 2008).

Here’s the Dress for Failure for women post (Sept 9, 2008).

Fun… you aren’t violating any of these things, right?

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Can You, The Laid Off, Ever Be Happy Again?

November 3rd, 2010

As I travel the country and speak to professionals in transition, usually GenX and Baby Boomers, I see a similar look in people’s eyes.

It is one of confusion and discouragement.

I know people are wondering something like this:

I have 10 years left to work… what will I do? Will I enjoy it?  Can I contribute to society?  Will I get the respect in my new job that I had before in my last job (which I had for a LONG TIME)?

It. Sucks. I know it does.  (See my post titled I Lost More Than My Job 2 Years Ago)

Here I am, getting ready to celebrate FIVE YEARS since I got laid off.

There have been ups and downs.  Most of the downs were before I figured out JibberJobber, which became my “next gig.”

Much of the rest of the time has been “ups.”  (there were plenty of “downs” while figuring out how to run my own business… don’t get me wrong!)

Here are a few of my ups:

  • JibberJobber has become, in a sense, the 800lb guerrilla in its space. We are the market leader, well-branded, well-recognized.  That gives me something big to be proud of!
  • I wrote a book which became the best seller for my publisher. How freaking cool is that?  Some people in the space require their clients to read it and it has been called “the bible on LinkedIn.”  How freaking awesome is that?
  • I wrote another book, making me a “multi-book author.” Amazing. I never thought this would have been the case.
  • I became a professional speaker (reluctantly). I didn’t think I had time to be a speaker, getting on the road, etc.  But I did, and it’s been quite rewarding in many ways.  Me?  Getting paid to speak on a stage?  What a dream!
  • I work with people I like on projects I believe in. If I’m uncomfortable with something/someone I can simply move on.  I wasn’t able to do that in any of my old jobs!
  • I have a new flexibility in my schedule that allows me to do more stuff with my family.  I work A LOT!  Too much, probably.  I work way more than if I had a “job.”  But I also have flexibility to do what I want with my schedule and can take breaks during the day or multi-day breaks.  Since I work in my basement my family can see me whenever they need to and I regularly have someone hanging out in my office chatting.

As I look out at the audiences I believe that many of them can find happiness in something… even if it is completely different.  Maybe you consult one hour a day at $250/hour… could that take the place of having a traditional job?

Can you EVER be happy again?

Yes, you can.  The path, though, might be different that what you have thought.



Personal Brand: What is Your One Word?

November 2nd, 2010

Jane Atkinson, a speaker, author, consultant etc, had a great post titled Do You Own Your Word?

Read her post for context… here are some people (professional speakers) who own a word:

A few more examples:

Vince Poscente: Speed
Mark Sanborn: Fred
Michael Gerber: eMyth
Mary Beth Kuzmeski: Red Zone

It’s not necessary for it to only be one word, but owning a word or words is definitely something for all of us to ponder.

What is YOUR one word?  Or the word that you want to own?

This is a great exercise in personal branding…. it makes you think very concisely.  Too many times we get hung up on a 30/90 second commercial and we get bogged down by jargon and cliches…

Try this: leave your ONE WORD (or, you know, two :p) in the comments…



I’m Dumb: Connect the Dots for me

November 1st, 2010
This post is part of Job Action Day. See other Job Action Day posts here, read the Job Action Day chatter on Twitter here.

I went to a job seeker network club and one of the complaints was the interviewer was not nearly as prepared as the job seeker.

It was almost an insult to be interviewed by someone who was so ill-prepared.

In Dallas a career coach told me one of the techniques she teaches job seekers is to help them tell stories (think Problem-Action-Result), AND finish up with a connect-the-dots response like:

“…and what that means for you is that I can ________.”

This is one of the most powerful things I’ve heard all year.

I like to think you know what to do or think, or why you should do something after I tell you something… but we have somehow been trained to wait for the messenger to TELL US what to think, what to do or why to do it.

I LOVE MY TV.  (you should buy one because…)

I LOVE THIS HAMBURGER. (the next time you get a burger, go to this restaurant)

Translate that to your career management… perhaps even your 30 second pitch:

… here’s my 30 seconds… all the great things I’ve done, or can do, or who I am… AND WHAT THAT MEANS FOR YOU IS ____________.

I’m telling you, if you think the person you are talking to knows why they should talk to you again, or why they should recommend you to their network, or why they should introduce you to their boss, or why they should ______, you are CRAZY.

In general, most of the time, you have to connect the dots for people.

Here’s what this might look like – notice the gap in the middle… FILL IT IN and tell the rest of the story :)



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