Rethinking Abundance Mentality: Job Search Version

March 31st, 2011

I love the idea of the abundance mentality. You can find all kinds of descriptions online that talk about the abundance mentality, but the gist of it is that there is PLENTY to go around.  There is an abundance (defined:more than an adequate quantity) of _________ (whatever you think there is a lot of).

For example, right now, with today’s sucky housing marketing, there is an overabundance of houses on clearance.

In Puerto Rico, where I lived for a few years, there was an abundance of amazing beaches to visit.

In Utah, where I live now, there is an abundance of amazing geological wonders.

There’s more than enough to go around…. that’s the idea.

If you have an Abundance Mentality you are not concerned about getting your fair piece of the pie, worrying that the pie will run out.  You think the pie is big enough for everyone to have as much as they want.

I was reminded of the Abundant Mentality a few nights ago when my 10 year old son showed me the logo stuff he traded with a friend of his.  When I was his age I was not a trader… I was more a hoarder. I was proud of what I had and for some reason was not open to trading with others.  My son, however, trades toys with friends all the time.  It’s somewhat foreign to me, but they are all excited to do it.  They aren’t worried about having less, or fewer, or older, or whatever.

They know there is plenty to go around.

I thought about how, as job seekers, we are usually worried about losing out on that one job, or the few job openings that are right for us.

We are concerned that if someone else gets our job, we lose out, and we’ll have more days, weeks, months to be in unemployment hell.

It’s scary.

Lately, there has really not been any “abundance” of jobs.

I started to wonder, though, if we are thinking about abundance of the wrong thing?

Should we be wondering about an abundance of jobs (no one feels there is an abundance of jobs right now)?

Let’s go back to the beginning… I think many of us are not after a JOB so much as we are after an income.

Is there an abundance of MONEY?

Seriously, is there an abundance of MONEY??

I think there is.

We spend a lot of time chasing after the job, and get discouraged because we feel there isn’t enough to go around, all the while there is an abundance of money.  (read my post on the Job Search Rabbit Hole, where I talk about chasing the wrong thing)

We just have to figure out how to get it.

What do you think… am I on to something or am I just daydreaming?



JibberJobber Partner: Liz Handlin of Ultimate Resumes

March 30th, 2011

I am going to (re)introduce my JibberJobber Partners to you, starting with Liz Handlin of Ultimate Resumes.  I met Liz a number of years ago and she was one of the first to sign up for the JibberJobber Partnership.

Liz is a delightful colleague, working out of Austin, Texas. She has a strong background in the financial space and gave me one of the keenest tips, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, as I was just starting my business.

Liz runs Ultimate Resumes, which focuses on helping mostly senior executives across many industries and located in many different countries.  Here are some things she says about her business:

Ultimate Resumes is targeted mostly to global senior executives across a wide variety of public and private sector industries including technology, finance, energy, law, accounting, and manufacturing.

My client base has grown to include global executives located in countries including Japan, Thailand, London, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Kenya, and the Middle East.

I have extensive experience working with military officers who are exiting the military and looking for their next gig.

I am not the least expensive resume service but I am the best because of my own breadth of business experience, my education (BA and MBA from the University of Chicago), and my experience in working with and learning from executives to develop resumes, bios, and board packages.

I have appreciated my relationship with Liz over the years – if you are looking for an executive resume writer who specializes in executives with a global reach (or military officers, or financial executives, etc.), check out Liz’s stuff:

Ultimate Resumes website

Ultimate Resumes blog

Liz Handlin on LinkedIn

Liz Handlin on Twitter

Wait! Did I mention she is an author of a resource I’ve cited here before?  Check out the Ultimate Book of Sample Thank You and Sympathy Notes – what I consider a MUST HAVE for someone who needs to send thank you notes! (yes, that would be ALL OF US!)

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Job Search Tactic: Use The Internet Better (shift-click)

March 29th, 2011

For many years I’ve used a little trick that helps me have a better experience online.

It’s so amazingly simple, and I bet many of you know about it, and do it… but for the rest of you, here’s a quick tip:

If you want to open a link in a new window/tab, simply hold the SHIFT key down while you click on the link.

Updated as per the comment from NUN: in FF and IE, use CONTROL-click…

In my browser, this opens the page in a new tab.

That way, the page you were on will stay on a tab, and the new tab will have the content of whatever you clicked on.

Here’s an example… in JibberJobber I’ll do a search for people based on something – let’s say I do a search for people in Utah (note: this is only searching my private database… if you don’t have anyone in your contacts list in Utah, you’ll get nothing :)).

When I see the search results I click on each of the profiles I want to open, holding the shift key down.  That opens each profile in a new tab, so I can have the main list panel open while each contact detail page is opened in it’s own tab.

You can do this from any page on the internet… another example, when I take a break to check the news I’ll do the shift/click trick to open the articles I’m interested in reading… they all open in their own tab.

Simple, right?  Useful, definitely!



Speaking to Job Seekers: My Upcoming Trips

March 28th, 2011

I’m planning a few more trips – are you in or near any of these?  If you are, come out!  If you aren’t, let your contacts who might be to come out :)

Las Vegas – April 6, 7, 8

I am going to a career conference but I’m not speaking anywhere … was looking for a weekly job club but apparently they don’t have them in Vegas.  Weird, methinks!  Still open to something, though (I have one phone call pending).

Los Angeles – April 11 – 15

Tuesday: Speaking at a private career center conference

Wednesday: Speaking at a private alumni group

Thursday: Speaking at an OPEN meeting that you can come to (free): Career BridgeBuilders.  Career Management 2.0. Register here and let your buddies know about it.  AFAIK they have capacity for 300 people. Location: American Martyrs Church; Blessed Katari Room; 624 15th Street; Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Wednesday 4/27 Webinar: LinkedIn for Executives (Beyond the Basics) for Netshare. Register here.

Charlotte/Raleigh, North Carolina – May 23 – 27

Speaking at Pronet Charlotte on Tuesday 5/24 (twice).

I hope to speak 10 times that week… if you know of any job search clubs, let me know. I have people putting out feelers right now… I’ll fly in on Sunday and fly home on Saturday (in and out of Raleigh).

San Antonio/Austin – June 27 – July 2

Yes, I picked the hot time to go to Texas.  I’ll be at a conference in San Antonio Thursday through Saturday, and fly home Saturday night.

I’m looking for job clubs to speak at in the area (within a 2 hour drive from San Antonio) Monday through Thursday.

Silicon Valley / East Bay – September 5 – 9

I’ve been invited to keynote at a very special organization as they celebrate an anniversary, and expect to speak about 10 times this week.  Open to invitations.

Portland (MAINE!) and Boston – September 18 – September 24

I’m going to a conference in Portland, Maine and will get there a few days early so I can speak in Boston… maybe 10 times?  Open to invitations!

Savannah, GA – October 20 – 22

Headed to another conference… are there any places to speak around here?  Maybe Jacksonville (2.5 hours away)?

So far that’s my announceable travel for the year…

Places I know I want to go this year: Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Albequerque, Minneapolis…



Favorite Friday: Email Spam, Digital Nuisance

March 25th, 2011

I’ll never forget this post (okay, I forgot about it, kind of, but was reminded when I wrote Wednesday’s post).

Resolve To Not Be A Digital Nuisance In 2008

I listed 8 things to do that will make me want to hit DELETE!  They include (explanations on that post):

  1. Don’t solely message people through non-e-mail methods.
  2. Don’t send me big file attachments.
  3. Don’t invite me to anymore social networks.
  4. When you invite me to LinkedIn, don’t send me three paragraphs about the value of LinkedIn.
  5. Don’t put me in the cc field and then address me in the e-mail.
  6. Refrain, when possible, from “me too” e-mails.
  7. Don’t be a jerk. I have a few personal examples from 2007 when I crossed the line and was a jerk.
  8. Don’t be a genius.

I am not perfect, but I have my pet peeves.  You may disagree (read the whole post for the back stories), and that’s fine.

My goal in writing that post in 2008 was to help you write better, more effective communications.

Want to see my video series on some of this? Check out Effective Email Communication – it’s pretty cool stuff!



Job Search Health: Green Smoothies??

March 24th, 2011

My wife will fall out of her chair when she reads this.

I know I had strong feelings about VP Biden’s lame remarks to job seekers to be healthy, and it might seem like I’m back peddling on that a bit.

In fact, I’m not against health for job seekers. I’ve blogged about it before.

My brother said the thing he misses most about being unemployed is the time he had to exercise.

I’m becoming more aware of my health, especially as I get older but feel MUCH older than I really am.

Last week while on the east coast I was really missing one of my eating habits: a daily green smoothie. I missed it, and I talked about it to people I talked with… here’s more info on that.

My wife started this about a year ago but I wasn’t ever a big fan.  It’s weird to drink something that looks like smashed up dark green lettuce and think you’ll like it, no matter how healthy it is for you.

A few weeks ago I finally started making my own, though, every morning.  I love them.  They taste good.  They are FAST to make.  They are very inexpensive.  And they are way, way healthy.

Put all those together and I get a smile on my face (a smile, framed in green smoothie :)).

Here’s an easy breakfast – filling, healthy, inexpensive — in a blender:

2 cups of water

Two handfuls of spinach (I get mine at Costco (super inexpensive) and then freeze it – so it helps have a SMOOTHIE feel)

Two handfuls of KALE (without the thick bottom stems)

Some frozen fruit from Costco (the bag costs $10 and it lasts a couple of weeks – whether it is strawberry, blueberry or mixed fruit – they are all good (bonus: if blueberry, the smoothie is more purple, for those who gag on the green color)).

Blend it up – we have a blendtec blender we got a sweet deal on, and it is the bomb.  A regular blender works fine, though.

You can add other stuff, like stevia (sweetener), almonds (protein), flax seeds (blend them before you add liquids), etc.

I’m hooked. My goal is to work my way up to three of these a day… along with other food, of course, but three a day should give me some great nutrition without all the junk in today’s “normal food” diet.

If you want more info, check out Green Smoothie Girl’s website, or her videos on YouTube.



Communication Fail!!!

March 23rd, 2011

I get LOTS of emails a day.  Thousands each week.  I have gotten pretty good at looking at the subject line and then deleting, if it smells like spam.

The next place to look is the first line or two of the email… again, if it smells like spam, I delete it.

I hate to seem so brash, but I’m hurried.  That isn’t your FAULT, but it might be your PROBLEM.

If you create an email message that looks like spam, I MIGHT DELETE IT.

My process becomes a FAIL, or PROBLEM, for you, even though it isn’t your FAULT.

Here’s an email I got recently (read this whole thing – I’m writing it here for a reason):

Are you freaking kidding me?  Where to begin… let’s start at #1:

  1. The only reason they put “JibberJobber Blog” in here is because that’s how they have me in their database.  No relationship here, just a NUMBER.  #FAIL
  2. Mr.?  Seriously?  #FAIL
  3. Who addresses people with their last name?  We usually use first name, don’t we? #FAIL
  4. Blogger… really?  #FAIL
  5. Can you interest me?  No, sorry, you lost me on the very first line, and it went downhill from their.  #FAIL

Whoever sent this has no excuse – they are PR people who were hired to be communications experts… but couldn’t even craft an email properly.  A communications expert who couldn’t communicate… go figure.

Why am I writing this here?

Because YOU might be doing the same thing!  Be sensitive… very sensitive to the person you are writing.  Are you turning them off in your subject line, or in the introduction, or by the length of the email?

I just created one of my new favorite recordings on EMAIL ETIQUETTE – I’m convinced MOST of us are doing it wrong.   It is called Effective Email Communication. You can see the 12 modules here… it is a short program (around an hour?), but I dive into what a lot of people make mistakes on.

DO NOT BUY INDIVIDUAL MODULES – that is a design issue we need to fix. The price for this entire training is $50.  If you get it this week I’ll do it for $40 (I have to delete this line after this week).  You can pay here, let me know in the description/comments box what your JJ username is, and you can access it online, after you login to JibberJobber.

My heavens, stop making those email mistakes that makes you look like an email noobie!



Seth Godin: Pick Yourself

March 22nd, 2011

Seth had a cool post recently called Reject the tyranny of being picked: pick yourself.

In the post, Seth talks about the traditional way of doing things (like publishing a book, or getting a “record” out there), where you had to wait for a publisher or some business or agent or editor to pick you, and your stuff, and then deliver you to fame.

In today’s internet world, why not just make it happen on your own? He talks about Rebecca Black, who apparently has 15M listeners without the traditional record label.

He talks about Amanda Hocking who is making seven figures publishing her own stuff to Kindle, with NO publisher.

He says you can’t wait for HR to “pick you” (you already knew that!).

What does this mean?

It means you stop doing stuff the traditional way and think about how you can PICK YOURSELF.

Are you awesome at something?

Are you waiting in line, competing with others who are either more awesome OR CHEAPER, for that ONE JOB?

Why not start your own thing?  It doesn’t have to be big, but it could be big ENOUGH.

Maybe big enough to pay your bills.

Or big enough to get noticed in your industry so that people are coming to you seeing if you’ll work for them, instead of competing in that cattle call line.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but five years ago I picked myself.  I believed in my ability to make this (JibberJobber, etc.) work more than I believed in any employer to figure me out and bring me onboard.

It has been HARD. It has been FUN.  It has been REWARDING.  It has been PROMISING.  It has been AWESOME.

You know what’s cool about picking myself?

No one can UNPICK me.  I’m here to stay.

And in the last five years I have not been laid off.  And I don’t worry about that each day, or each week.

I’m empowered, because I picked myself.

More on this later, with the announcement of a new book idea.



Professional Speaking Failures and Wins

March 21st, 2011

In December I had a colossal failure in my professional speaking career.

Wait, “colossal” isn’t big enough.  It was like (COLOSSAL * 10).  It was huge, embarrassing. Honestly, I spent the next three or four weeks wondering if I should even try and speak professionally again.

I know many of you who have heard me speak are thinking “geesh, it couldn’t have been that bad.”

Trust me, it was.  (I won’t go into why, or where, or who….)

In contrast, I just got back from a busy trip in Baltimore/Boston, where I spoke seven times.  And in my HUMBLE opinion :p, I hit it out of the park each time.

The feedback I got from any of the seven reassured me I am doing the right thing.

When I’m on the road, before I leave each morning, I pray that I will touch someone’s soul that day.  In each of the seven, I did.  And I’m proud of that, and humbled and grateful to be able to do it.

I remember a trip in the last year where a career professional heard me speak a few times and she finally asked “are these real stories you are telling?”

YES, absolutely!  It’s a crazy world out there, and job seekers are full of amazing stories that seem unbelievable.

When I meet with you I get the stories, and I see the pain, and the hurt, and the despair, and also the joy, and the other feelings.

I fail.

And then I win.

And I fail some more, and I win a few more times.

But I keep on trying.  I keep on doing.  I keep getting up, and moving forward.

Please, tell me you are doing the same.

No matter how many failures you face.

No matter how many times you feel like giving up.

For the weeks and months of self-doubt… please do not give up.

A failure in one group might be a learning experience for another group.

A failure somewhere might be what you need to keep you sharp and aware for the next opportunity.

Get up, move forward, and don’t despair.

If I didn’t give up I would have missed out on my chance to help encourage, inspire, lift and help hundreds of people last week.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people might be waiting for YOU to get up again.



Favorite Friday: Letter To University Professors: Stop Lying To Us!

March 18th, 2011

Favorite Friday Link: Letter to University Professors: Stop Failing Us

This was a FUN post to write… and I had kind of forgotten about it until last night when I had a delightful dinner with some friends, including a new friend who is a professor at a big school around here (Boston).

He gets it, though, so the letter isn’t necessarily to him…

My heavens, the post was fun to write. Not everyone agreed with me, though, especially when it comes to “why did you get a college degree?”

Check out the open letter to university professors, and especially the comment thread :)

I’m here in Boston for the day, doing two more presentations, then I’m flying to Baltimore late tonight, then home early tomorrow.

Yes, I’m quite tired :p

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