Browser Trick for JibberJobber Users – Organize Your Job Search!

May 17th, 2011

Okay, this is a trick for all internet users :)

When you are anywhere on the internet, and see a link, you can RIGHT CLICK on the link and open it in a new tab (or window).  Check out the image below… the arrows point at links to click on:

A “regular click” will open that link on the same page… but if I RIGHT CLICK on the link I can choose to open in a new tab:

Why would I do that?

Many times I want to stay on one page, and open the other at the same time.  In the olden days we would open in a new window, but now most everyone uses a browser that has tabs, and you can have multiple tabs open, to do as much research as you want.

When I’m researching a company, and how I’ve networked into a company, I’ll open all of the contact records for that company in new tabs… that way I can see them all easily.

Hope that helps!

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One response to “Browser Trick for JibberJobber Users – Organize Your Job Search!”

  1. Brad Merrill says:

    aah, the beauty of tabbed browsing.