Want to GET (opportunities, blessings, goodness)? Here’s how…

August 31st, 2011

Thom Singer, a blogger I like to refer to and quote, wrote an inspired post Sunday titled Here is a way that has never failed to bring opportunities.

Read it.

The bottom line is this: if you want to get opportunities, you need to give.  You need to help. You need to “life others up at every turn.”  Here are two key points from his post:

Many argue that when they do help others, those people never return the favor.  This is true… not everyone will reciprocate.

He goes on to talk more about that… then he ends the post with this:

Givers prefer to serve other givers.  Life if too short to shower opportunities on takers, so when you serve the greater good for the right reasons…. you will be known to those who matter.

I watch people all the time.

I watch people to see if, by their actions, I can trust them, and how far I can trust them.

If I trust them, and like them based on their actions, I am much more inclined to give.  That might mean I give them a lead, or an introduction, or something more than that.

Be nice, be giving, be kind.

You are being watched.

Maybe that person who hasn’t helped you yet is still watching you, waiting to get to a point where, based on your actions, they can trust you with the gift you want from them.

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Book Recommendation: Succeed- How we can reach our goals

August 30th, 2011

Last week I wrote about Alison Doyle’s job search books, and I got an email from JibberJobber user Cleo Parker (on Twitter) with what I decided would be today’s post :)  From Cleo:

Reading your post about books this morning prompted me to share a great book I’m reading right now “Succeed- How we can reach our goals” by Heidi Grant Halvorson. In it she discusses research about how people see themselves, see their goals, and which approaches pay off.

Although I would think job seekers who of a mind set to use Jibber Jobber are well on the “right thinking” path that involves beliefs such as hard work is more important than luck and you can get better at pretty much everything with effort, I found it enlightening and valuable, and I’d suspect anyone in a job search would benefit from reading it.  Especially the people who think that they’ll be “discovered” without putting in the work needed to be “found” or those that just give up.

She’s got one statement that I love about deciding if you should abandon a goal:

“If the answer is “I don’t have what it takes”, you are wrong. You do have what it takes. Start again.”

(My Dad had a saying “Can’t never did anything” – same sentiment,
probably why I like it!)

Although I’m not happy about how many jobs I’ve gone through in the last few years (I’m getting better and better at landing them, now I have to be more careful about wanting and keeping what I get!) I’m happy to have had some additional time on my hands the past few weeks to read this book. I encourage you to check it out!

Thanks for the insight, Cleo – I know this will be a great book for many of my readers/users.

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Speaking Tour: Silicon Valley, San Francisco, East Bay

August 29th, 2011

I’m headed to this beautiful part of the country again. I call it Southern California, because I lived in Santa Rosa, and to me anything south of that is Southern California.

Blasphemous, I know :)

Here’s my schedule.  As usual, if you come you’ll be treated to goodies and giveaways.  Oh, and I hear the messages are good, too.

Sept 8 – Thursday

(1) EARN Event: 6:30 – 9:30

Shadelands  Art Center (111 N. Wiget Lane, Walnut Creek, Ca 94598)

Reservations and Questions:

non-members: $10 donation

Sept 10 – Saturday

(2) CPC: 9:00 – 11:30am

Community Presbyterian Church (222 West El Pintado Road, Danville, Ca 94526)

Sept 12 – Monday

(3) GRACEWorks: 9:15 – 10:30am

Grace Cathedral in San Francisco – Wilsey Conference Room (1100 California Street, San Fransisco)

(4) SING St. Isadore: 7:00 – 9:00 pm (inviting CrossWinds Job Networking Group and St Raymond Church)

Cardelli Ministry Center (Across from St. Isidore, Catholic Church – 440 La Gonda, Danville, CA)

Sept 13 – Tuesday

(5) Right Management – Silicon Valley: 10-12noon ???

(6) Right Management – San Francisco Professional Career Network: 1:30 – 3pm

100 California Street, Ste 1300, San Francisco 94111

Sept 15 – Thursday

(7) CSIX Saratoga: 10:30-1pm

Saratoga Federated Church, Richards Hall (20390 Park Place, Saratoga, CA 95070)

(8) Right Management – Silicon Valley: 3:00 – 4:30pm

910 E Hamilton Avenue, Suite 550, Campbell, CA 95008

(9) Evening Engagement [to be confirmed]

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Job Search Depression is SERIOUS. READ THIS!

August 26th, 2011

UPDATE: I wrote this a couple of days ago, before Margo decided to take down the post. Her post is still one of the most amazing that I’ve ever read online. Read why she took it down at the link below.  She’ll email it to you (see post for instructions).

I just finished reading a captivating blog post by Margo Rose, the woman behind the famed HireFriday.  The title of the post is Poverty Is A Vicious Form Of Violence-It Batters The Human Spirit! This is an intense, heart-felt post that she never planned on writing.

Why? Because she talks about really serious stuff.

She talks about being a community leader, someone who is the strength and inspiration.

And she talks about rejection, and being defeated.

She talks about friends, and hope, and love, and success.

Please, please take the time to read through her lengthy post.

And read the comments.  They will inspire you as much as her story will.

Margo, thank you so much for sharing this – it will help more people than you know!

(Are you depressed in your job search? I was too.  Read about my job search depression here, and dealing with job search depression here.)

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How Writing a Book Can Boost Your Career and Your Income

August 25th, 2011

My work continues to get awesome media mentions.  This one is from Meridith Levinson at  She titles it How Writing a Book Can Boost Your IT Career and Your Income.

She starts:

“Jason Alba always wanted to write a book. When he started his own business, a service for job seekers called JibberJobber, in 2006, he finally had the time. One night in January 2006, while dining out, Alba shared his book idea—an explanation of how job seekers could use LinkedIn in their job search—with some friends who had books published. Alba says they loved the idea, and one of them offered to introduce Alba to his publisher and serve as his executive editor.”

This is really a fun story… you can read the article here. I know many of you are interested in writing a book. My advice? DO IT!

One of my favorite quotes from her article:

“Even if your book sucks, even if it’s small, even if it’s lame, just being the author of a book … gives you credibility.”

Even if it SUCKS?

Yes, even if it sucks.

I’m not saying to write a sucky book, but don’t put it off for years, while you get to “excellent,” when you can get it published sooner, at “good enough.”

Meridith, thanks for letting me share my story with your readers :)



Job Search Books from Alison Doyle

August 24th, 2011

Alison Doyle is the job search expert at, and has been blogging and writing about jobs and careers for years.  She has also counseled many people one-on-one as they work on their own job search.  She’s definitely “in the trenches.”

Here are three job search books Alison has written, the most recent/current at the top:

Alison Doyle’s Job Search Guidebook (more info)

Internet Your Way to a New Job (third edition) (more info)

The Guide to Job Searching (more info)

I remember my first discussion with Alison. JibberJobber was relatively new, and I was anxious to have people like her learn about it, blog about it, share it with their audience.  I emailed her a few times, and she finally called my phone number.  At the time, I didn’t have a work number… so she called my home :)

I was in a bedroom taking apart (or putting together?) a bed frame … tools and stuff where a strew, when she called.  I was flattered, and delighted.  We had a great call, and over the years we’ve had a number of communications, including lunches when she’s been in Utah.

Alison Doyle is the real deal.  She is genuine, smart, current, and really passionate about all-things-job-search.  Check out her books here. You can learn more about Alison on Twitter (@AlisonDoyle), and of course find her

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Free webinar for 40+ Career Search (facing age discrimination? Join the webinar)

August 23rd, 2011

I haven’t posted twice in one day in  years, but I need to today, or else you’ll read about this when it’s too late.

Tomorrow morning at 9am EST Rita Carey is doing a webinar called The 40+ Career Search: Debunking the Myths.  There is NO COST. It is FREE.

If you can move your schedule around, join the webinar… the description is as follows:

Do employers make hiring decisions based upon age?

The bad news is that whether it’s age, gender, or ethnicity, the hiring manager may make assumptions about the ability of a person to do the job.

The good news is that beliefs about the “older” worker are changeable. We cannot change our age, but we can change assumptions about our qualifications.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The 5 major myths about age that create barriers and how to break through them.
  • Why beliefs about younger workers can prevent offers
  • Tips for handling the age factor on resumes and in interviews

Here’s the link to register.


Comment – a review

August 23rd, 2011

I recently found out about, which is a simple, very nicely done website to help you explore career options, career fields, career paths.

I haven’t poked around a lot, but from my first impressions and understanding, it is very, very nice, and very useful.

If you are not quite sure what you want to be when you grow up, whether you are 16 or 76, check out this very cool resource!


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Good Reads from Chip Hartman: (1) LinkedIn and (2) Personal Branding

August 22nd, 2011

Chip Hartman is a really nice guy.  A gentleman.  He’s a very good person, and a job seeker’s advocate.

Chip recently created two ebooks that you can get for free, no strings attached.  Download and check them out.  Print them, study them, apply them.  They are both very good, and worth your time.

First, a few weeks ago I wrote on my LinkedIn blog about his ebook: Turbocharge your LinkedIn Profile. Here’s the direct download.

Second, he just sent me an email for the new one, on personal branding.  It is called The Basics of Personal Branding (download here).

It is very, very good.  I do a lot in the personal branding space and highly endorse this ebook.

Get them both, study them, apply them!

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Eight Lunches Endorsements/Thoughts

August 19th, 2011

Here are some thoughts and endorsements I received for Eight Lunches. I find this part of the process so interesting – crowdsourcing feedback from smart people is kind of hard.  There are a lot of great ideas to pursue.  First, a testimonial:

“A great concept back by great content! Small business owners will relate to the conversations in this book. As entrepreneurs, it’s hard sometimes to carve out the time to work with a mentor live, but each of us can find the time to pick up this book and take its content and Jason’s advice to heart.”

Laurie Berenson, CPRW
Sterling Career Concepts

From Kim Bilawchuk, a professional career coach. This is a great, fair assessment, and mostly what I get from this is that I need to better define my target audience, which wouldn’t necessarily include her (as an experienced entrepreneur).  I would love to sit down with her for eight Friday lunches and have deeper conversations.  From Kim:

Here are my thoughts on 8 Lunches:

  • Very quick/easy read (about an hour).
  • Seemed very similar to the format of The Go-Giver (Bob Burg) – series of meetings re: sales.
  • Paul’s business seems vague (intentional, I’m guessing), but some details might make a more interesting story (I understand that more details may disconnect some readers).
  • Not sure I learned a lot that I didn’t already know, but some good refresher points (most profitable source of income, post vision statement in easy-to-see locations, etc.) Relatively generic sales, marketing, networking info. Not sure there’s anything that makes this stand above the rest. No a-ha moment for me.
  • Not sure who your target audience really is – new business owners? experienced ones?
  • Seemed like there was a fair bit of Jason Alba self-promotion (all your links at the end of each of the emails, vision statement). Should you be you or just an experienced business owner?
  • At the end, found myself wanting a series of worksheets to work through some of the suggestions presented during the lunches.
  • What’s next? Do you want people to contact you as their business coach (which you’ve said isn’t your forte)?

You asked for criticism! Overall, it could be a good resource for many.

Marc Wolfsfeld is The Technology Pro, and professional speaker, who said:

I read most of the book and I like it.

I might suggest that you find an alternative to the word ‘stuff’.

Since we are selling our ‘stuff’ at a premium, we should show it a bit more respect.

Isn’t it interesting how ONE WORD can change the meaning? I agree with Marc. My casual style slipped over… which is okay, but I do need to be more careful on stuff like… stuff :)

It’s fun to get past the first draft. Rosemary Mark, a professional recipe creator (!!), had some great comments that are not overwhelming me:

I really like your book for its clear step by step format. These are the areas I liked best:

  • The numbered sequence, or lunch dates is convenient and logical organization.
  • Blogs and SEO section is really helpful. (for me personally I learned about putting the post title in the permalink – Thank you!)
  • SMART vision statement
  • Emails after each lunch are great review and practical application

Liked least:

  • Too much narration. Ie: “Paul said with gratitude” ‘Jason happily replied’  I know it creates the conversation but it is wordy and makes the document long
  • Though I liked the blogging section, it is long and overwhelming.  Blogging could be it’s own book!  Maybe just tighten up the points.

From Chris Dennison (The Job Search Coach), of Dennison Career Services (a JibberJobber Partner), some great encouragement:

Just finished reading the draft — great concept! The book is long enough to be useful, short enough to read quickly.

You or one of your other commenters suggested inserting “workbook” pages between each chapter – I agree. It would bridge the gap that tends to exist between the “training session” and the “change of behavior” — the normal tendency for people to leave a motivational session fired up with good intentions…that get lost back in the daily grind.

I thought for sure I’d have suggestions to make it more concise, but I think you’ve managed to keep it beautifully simple. The conversational structure makes it so much more compelling and interesting than a straightforward “how-to”. Every time I read yet another mainstream article about the job search process, I think, well that’s lovely, but the job seeker still isn’t going to know HOW to solve that problem specifically. Of course, that keeps us in business :-)

Can’t wait to see the finished product…and evangelize it.

There’s more I’m sifting through, but I thought I’d share this with you. Enjoy your weekend! I have some rewriting to do!

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