How to Track Recruiters in JibberJobber

March 23rd, 2012

Question from Stephen, a new user:

How should you enter recruiters into the system?

In my case, I have a bunch of initial contacts with recruiters, who may then bring a company & job to me. It seems when you add a company you can’t link it to a recruiter contact. What’s the best way to do this?

JibberJobber is an online website that helps you organize and manage your job search.  Specifically, we are keeping track of:

  • Network Contacts,
  • Target Companies,
  • Jobs you apply to (or are interested in).

So, what is a recruiter?  It is not a JOB… is it a Network Contact?  Is it a Target Company?

Here’s what I would do:


If you are working with more than one recruiter at a company, enter the COMPANY, and then associate each recruiter (Contact record) to that company.

In the question above, Stephen asks about linking contacts with companies… indeed you can link (or, associate).

On the Company edit page, at the bottom, you have the ability to link existing Contacts, and create a new Contact that will be associated.  Also, you can easily designate the Primary Contact for that Company. (See how in this 2007 blog post)

So, when someone from the company calls you (whether it’s a target company of yours, or a recruiting shop), you can pull up the Company Detail Page and see all the associated Contacts for that Company.

NOTE: associating more than one Contact per Company is a premium feature (9.95/month).

Finally, here’s why I would make a recruiter a Contact record: The freaking amazing, awesome Email2Log feature.

In other words, as you communicate with the recruiter, especially via email, it’s super easy to record email conversations as Log Entries using this (premium) feature.  More here.

Hope that helps!

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Job Seeker Asked for Facebook Password?

March 22nd, 2012

Have you heard of this?  It’s been in the headlines recently.

What do you do if, in an interview, you are asked for your Facebook password?


Walk out.


It seems that if that’s how the relationship is going to start, it’s going to be abusive.

Strong language, right?  Who would think their employer would abuse them?

If someone asks me for something like that, I’d question their personal ethics, and wonder what kind of work environment they are in that would even allow such a question.

It’s a red flag.  And you deserve better than to be in a hostile or abusive situation.  RUN.



Dan Schwabel: Twitter is the New MySpace

March 21st, 2012

Check out what Dan Schwabel, author of Me 2.0, posted on Facebook:

I’m not surprised.  For many months I’ve been wondering about Twitter… as the value it’s given me (that is, the responses I get on my tweets, retweets, relevant tweets, etc.) has changed.  Sad to say, but the value has decreased.

The new change in interface they made, where I can’t click a link to see just the tweets that have @jasonalba in them, makes it a pain to see any relevant content.

Less relevant content = less reason for me to be there

Harder for me to see conversations = less reason for me to be there

I can’t imagine I’m the only one thinking this.  I’m not even going to talk about the complete uselessness of trending topics (which are usually vulgar or less-than-sophomoric), and Twitter’s head-scratching inability to keep spam down.  For crying out loud, how come they can block some tweets/countries, but can’t block the spammers?  Are you serious?  I get so much spam crap (DM as well as @replies)… how can they block some stuff but let SO MUCH spam get through?

It seems irresponsible.

Don’t get me wrong… I like Twitter for some things.  I think some things they’ve done are brilliant, and Facebook and LinkedIn should have done them, but overall, it’s become a place with significantly less value than what I had a couple of years ago, which is sad :(

One last thing… Dan is not a rookie whiner, not knowing what he’s talking about.  He’s been a very active Twitter user:

What do you think… is Twitter going the way of the Dodo bird?



Help: Can you see fine?

March 20th, 2012

For the last while I’ve been getting emails from people saying they can’t see my LinkedIn blog… and we think we’ve figured out why.  Explanation below.

For now, though, could you tell me if you can see my LinkedIn blog fine?  Or does the page not come up?

Explanation: A few months ago we made some changes to the way people get to our sites.  It was a move to make any updates and contintency situations much easier to resolve… it was a recommended, standard way of doing things. HOWEVER, some major ISPs don’t really respect standards… so they choked he site.

Hopefully it works now though… let me know?



What is the worst challenge job seekers face today? (LinkedIn question)

March 14th, 2012

I asked this question on LinkedIn and got excellent answers.  Here’s one I wanted to share with you:


What is the worst challenge job seekers face today? (see other answers here)

Michal Ann Enders:

As a recruiter for the automotive sales industry here are some things that take people off the list:

  1. a cover letter for another industry
  2. a resume with no effort to show skill that would be relevant to me
  3. a horrible phone message when I try to call
  4. not remembering that an application was sent to my company
  5. not knowing one thing about the company
  6. defeated body language before I even invite someone in my office.

I am aware how hard it is to get my attention in the avalanche of applicants – but once you have it please be prepared.

I love an applicant who has researched me and my company.

Lots of oopsies here!  Great advice from Michal! Lots of stuff to learn from.

Check out #4.  How could you not remember that you sent an application to a company??  Oh yeah, you must not be using JibberJobber!  Get on it!

Awesome advice! I love LinkedIn Answers… !



How To Delete Cookies

March 13th, 2012

Cookie Monster loves cookies.

Your browser loves cookies.

Some websites love cookies. Some don’t.

We’re fine with cookies, and we use them, but sometimes it makes sense to delete your cookies.

How, you ask?

(update 12/22/2016) I used to have a link, but it is now broken. Here’s google search results for “how to delete cookies.”

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Introverts and the Job Search

March 12th, 2012

Are you an introvert?

Do you think it has an impact on your job search?

It does, I bet.  However, it doesn’t have to.

Read this article on Career Blogs titled Are Recruiters Biased Against Introverts?

Then, read my post: Can you be an INTROVERT and have a successful JOB SEARCH?

Then, by Wendy Gelberg’s book: The Successful Introvert.

Now you can take “I’m an introvert” out of your list of excuses that are holding you back.



Whiner Babies, Gen Y, Old People

March 9th, 2012

Ah, the whiner baby post.  The GenY/GenX/Boomer debate is … old.

I have blogged about it here: Gen Y Sounds Like A Bunch Of Entitled Whiners. I talk about the issue of stereotyping here.

Here are two more posts that I found pretty interesting, both from Inc magazine.

The first, 8 Old-School Rules for Gen Y, gives 8 pointers from “more senior colleagues,” like wake up earlier, experience trumps education, commitments mean more than just “best effort” (like, “well, I tried my best”), etc.  The real gems are in the comments of the article!

The second article, 6 Gen Y Rules for Older Workers, is equally as whiny.  No comments yet, but both articles give insight into what each group is saying, which sounds a lot like:

  • Stop judging me,
  • Look at what I’m doing right,
  • Learn from me, I have good stuff to share with you, too.  I’m not too old/young.

The bottom line is, age discrimination isn’t going anywhere.  We have to figure out how to deal with it, and work around it in our job search and networking.

How do you deal with it?

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5 Ways to Feel More Confident As A Job Seeker

March 8th, 2012

I love the magazine Inc.  I was looking up an article on their website and found some cool stuff.  One is an article titled 5 Easy Ways to Feel More Confident.

I thought that would make a good post for job seekers, especially since many job seekers give off a feeling of poor confidence that affects their success.

Number 1

Inc says: Develop relationships with other entrepreneurs.

For job seekers, I say: Develop relationships with other job seekers.  I totally misunderstood the value of this in my job search, and spent about six weeks without going to any local job search networking clubs.  It was a huge mistake, and once I started going to those meetings, I benefited in many ways.  One way was that I found out how normal my situation was, which allowed me to stop beating myself up.

Number 2

Inc says: Manage fear proactively.

For job seekers, I say: Manage fear proactively. Read what Inc says about #2…. as a job seeker this means you GO to the meeting.  Go where others are.  PICK UP the phone and make the call. Reach out to people on your chicken list.  What are you afraid of?  Do one thing a day to proactively attack what’s keeping you back, and making you feel less confident.

Number 3

Inc says: Celebrate the positive.

For job seekers, I say: Celebrate the positive.  The Inc article is saying to record your past wins. I have talked about that multiple times on this blog. Use JibberJobber’s Job Journal to record your wins!  And for today, celebrate any positive thing that happens today!  Big or small – recognize, have gratitude, and celebrate it!

Number 4

Inc says: Listen to customers

For job seekers, I say: Listen to your spouse, or close loved one.  They should have a different perspective that would be helpful to you, after a day of resume black hole and rejections.  Get grounded by people who know enough to give you real, good input.

Number 5

Inc says: Seek and find external validation

For job seekers, I say: Seek and find external validation. For some lucky people, you might get it from loved ones and family.  For others, it might come from professors, past colleagues, someone at workforce services, etc.  Find someone who is honest with you, and can honestly tell you how great you are.  You don’t need someone to tell you all the bad stuff about you – the voices in your head do that.  Find someone who will honestly tell you how you are doing.  Sometimes we are doing fine, but we beat ourselves up over not finding a job today.  Maybe a third party is your voice of reason. Perhaps the hardest part of this one is actually believing what others say about you.

What do YOU do to become more confident in a very trying time?

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Job Fairs are an UTTER Waste of Time

March 7th, 2012

Jacob Share, at Job Mob, wrote a post titled 25 Reasons Job Fairs Are Not a Waste of Time.  He has some really good, valid points.  My experience and conclusion was different.

A few years ago I got a call from someone at a local radio station asking if I would speak at their job fair. In my job search I learned job fairs weren’t appropriate for the type of job I was looking for, and chose not to spend my time there.

But I figured this would be a good opportunity.  Aside from being able to speak three or four times, they would do all the advertising, posters, handouts, etc.  And, he said they would mention JibberJobber multiple times on the various radio stations that was announcing the job fair.  Since they were multiple popular radio station, he assured me there would be awesome exposure (easily hundreds of thousands of people would hear the name JibberJobber), and they were expecting thousands of people to come to the job fair.

Win, win, win, all the way around, right?

And then, the day came.  I spent hours preparing my presentations.  When I got there it seemed that about 1/2 of the booths were empty.  The other 1/2 were entry-level positions, or not hiring at all (just collecting resumes).  There were very few candidates during the day, and those who were there were not dressed like they wanted a job (t-shirts, or tank tops, shorts, flip-flops, etc.).

Of course, my presentations went well.  Kind of.

Actually, no one really wanted to be there.  The guy from the radio station who had me come out would walk around the job fair and beg, and pull people into my presentation.  The most people I had in one was 8.  And they all looked like high school kids in a boring class, watching the clock.

It was amazing.

I saw that job fairs brought a certain type of employer, and attracted a certain type of candidate.  It was a joke.  An utter disaster.  A complete waste of time.

Oh, what about the radio spots, you ask?  Aside from the fact that the DJ kept saying “JibberJabber,” instead of JibberJobber, it was completely useless.  It was one of the experiences that helped me realize that traditional PR was not all it was cracked up to be.

Will I go to another job fair?   I doubt it.  If I do, I’ll go with very little expectations.


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