Help: Can you see fine?

March 20th, 2012

For the last while I’ve been getting emails from people saying they can’t see my LinkedIn blog… and we think we’ve figured out why.  Explanation below.

For now, though, could you tell me if you can see my LinkedIn blog fine?  Or does the page not come up?

Explanation: A few months ago we made some changes to the way people get to our sites.  It was a move to make any updates and contintency situations much easier to resolve… it was a recommended, standard way of doing things. HOWEVER, some major ISPs don’t really respect standards… so they choked he site.

Hopefully it works now though… let me know?


7 responses to “Help: Can you see fine?”

  1. I enjoy your blogs and have never had a problem getting them!

  2. Steve Duncan says:

    Showing up fine for me!

  3. Ed Poremba says:

    Works fine in FF 11.0.

  4. David G says:

    Looking good to me

  5. Deb Dib says:

    Works fine on Safari 5.0.6

  6. Jacob Share says:

    If you ever see a site that isn’t working and want to be sure that it’s not just you, use

  7. Brad Merrill says:

    Seems I am seeing it fine. Using Firefox 11.0.