Dumb Little Man: How to Keep Your Sanity After Losing Your Job

December 28th, 2012

Check out this post from Dumb Little Man: How to Keep Your Sanity After Losing Your Job

This year a lot of people lost their jobs.  Whether you were fired or laid off, the company shut down or you left because of chemistry (bad boss, etc.), or even if you left to pursue something else that didn’t quite work out… you aren’t alone.

Lesley Knowles wrote the article and she includes 6 points:

  1. Accept and face reality
  2. Go on the mourn
  3. Learn valuable lessons from the snake’s venom
  4. Assess and improve your way of thinking
  5. Be thankful for what you still have
  6. Get moving!

I know that when you have lost your job you go through a lot – mostly emotionally/mentally, but also socially (in many cases you just lost the social group that you were around 40+ hours a week), physically, financially, etc.

I like Lesley’s points (they make more sense on her article, where she drills down on the concepts), and I know that if you are depressed then points don’t do much.  But maybe they can do something to get you moving forward again.

What did I end up doing after getting laid off?  Immersing myself into the right thing, at the right time, saved me from the pit of depression.  Here’s a bit of my story:

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