Ask The Expert: Tim Tyrell-Smith and Alternative Personal Revenue Streams

January 31st, 2013

You know I’m working on my next book, 51 Alternatives to a Real Job.

Join me and Tim Tyrell-Smith on Tuesday at 9am Mountain Time for a fun conversation about this topic.

Job seekers are tired of a bad economy, and the resume black hole, age discrimination, and maybe mostly trying to get a job that has no assurance that it will last.

The chat on Tuesday is all about how to create your own “income security.”

Free registration here!

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Case Study: Customizing Your Resume To The Company

January 30th, 2013

This case study / example is more minor than Monday’s and Tuesday’s but it’s still really cool.

In 2005 this person (I don’t know the name) wanted as job at Electronic Arts (over $4B last year)… right out of school he sent a pretty weak resume (image at the bottom).

Well, pretty weak except for the Accomplishments sections:

Here’s the whole resume… not even a job at Taco Bell or anything… but the Accomplishments is killer, and written directly for this industry (I’m not a gamer, but I bet those games are EA games).

Are you customizing YOUR resume to stand out, and to directly address the WHY?


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Case Study: PhilDub (aka, Philippe Dubost) Resume + Amazon Product Design

January 29th, 2013

In another case of pure awesomeness I found this from Dan Schawbel’s Facebook post:

Wow!  That is so awesome!  I’m actually surprised no one has done this before now.

Check out the page here.  I hope Amazon doesn’t make him take it down.

This approach has gotten PhilDub (or Philippe) some chatter, I’m sure.  Awesome personal branding… well played Philippe!

Wait… did you catch what I just said?

This approach has made it easy for others to talk about Philippe.

Is who you are, or what you are doing, easy for others to talk about?  Do people want to talk about you? Have you given them something interesting to talk about or share?

Take some time this week to think about WHAT you can DO to help others want to talk about you!

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Case Study: Bryan Braun Getting His Dream Job

January 28th, 2013

At the end of this very exciting story are Bryan Braun’s three tips:

  1. Be Bold.
  2. Be Lucky.
  3. Be Ready.

Aren’t those so cliche? So cliche they are meaningless.

But, this isn’t a story about cliche.  This is a story about awesomeness.  And Bryan doesn’t just throw those three ideas out there without having done/lived them.

Check out the entire story here: Bryan Braun: In which I explain how I got my dream job.  Bryan wrote this post in September 2012, in the thick or this years-long crummy economy. You know, the economy where it’s so hard to get a job?

Yes, it is hard to get a job.  But if you are really bold, and lucky and ready, maybe you can get your “dream job.”

Please read Bryan’s account.  It’s more meaningful than what I could write.

Here are my thoughts: Many people will be bold.  But not up to the point of shaving your head.  And that’s kind of the beginning of Bryan’s boldness.

How many people will be bold enough to make their head a replica of their target company’s logo?  Bryan was bold enough to do that.

And he was bold enough to create a media campaign, including paying money for very targeted Facebook ads which got in front of his audience, and caused a commotion to the point where people were talking about him.

Bryan was lucky and ready for an interview, but then circumstances paused the whole thing, for MONTHS.

But Bryan remained ready, and when it was the right time, he was the right guy.

Did he have a brand within the company?  Like no other candidate, I bet.

When it was the right time, I bet he was on THE TOP of the lists.

And he landed his dream job.

Very cool Bryan Braun, very cool.  You deserve what you got because you were bold and you executed.  You were patient and you followed-up.  You were ready and you delivered.

Awesome.  Even in a bad economy.

How bold are YOU going to be?

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LinkedIn New Profile Webinar: Now Available

January 25th, 2013

A week ago I did the a 2 hour 20 minute webinar on the new LinkedIn Profile.

It was awesome.

I planned to do 90 minutes but there were lots of questions submitted before, and lots coming in during the webinar. I think I answered all of them.

In this webinar we talked about everything we could think of on the Profile.  The cost is $97, and the feedback I got from participants is that it was awesome and well-worth the money.  I’ll be putting up testimonials as time permits (the surgery has taken a toll on my work hours).

If you are interested in improving your Profile please check out this webinar.  Details on this page, purchase on this page.

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Breathe! Surgery / job search analogy

January 23rd, 2013

On Friday morning after surgery the nurse kept bugging me to breathe. I think he was holding my hand or patting my arm.

That was so annoying.

My wife was also encouraging me to breathe.  To make it worse, I had to breathe through my nose… so when I kept dozing off and breathing through my mouth they would bug me, er, wake me, and remind me to breathe through my nose (since that is where the oxygen tube was).

So very annoying. I just wanted to rest.

Here’s the analogy:

In my job search I was told I had to network.  People all around, and books, and websites… everyone was like “network!  It’s how you find a job!”

I didn’t want to network.  And it was annoying to hear this continual chant (network! network!).

And then I realized I was networking wrong (without a purpose or system) and I was told to network with purpose (a la “Never Eat Alone”).

I really just wanted to mope while my resume and job applications would do the hard work for me.

But that wasn’t the right thing for me to do.  It was as ineffective as breathing through my mouth right after surgery.  The actions where there, but it wouldn’t get oxygen in my body.

I know networking is hard.  It’s not the funnest thing you can think of doing.

But it’s the thing that will move you to the next level.  For me, breathing right and getting oxygen meant I could go home.

For you, networking right could mean you get out of unemployment.

It’s worth it… I’m telling you… NETWORK!



“I need a resume.” “Will my LinkedIn Profile Work?” My answer: NO

January 22nd, 2013

I was recently asked for a resume.  This is for what I think can be an exciting writing experience (I’d essentially have my own “column”).

The person who asked me said I would need to submit a resume.  Folks, I haven’t had a resume for about seven years!  And that resume is for a project/product manager, not for a writer.

In the last seven years my career has taken a dramatic twist, and what they want me for is for my writing.

I asked if I could send them my LinkedIn Profile and they said that might be fine, but to please put it into Word.  So I exported to pdf, then copy-and-paste to Word.

As I was looking at the “document,” which was liked a stripped down Profile and nothing like a resume, my thought was “the LinkedIn Profile CAN’T take over the resume.”

Perhaps if my Profile had only resume-like stuff on it… maybe it would work.  But putting my exported Profile into Word and thinking it was going to be a “resume” was a joke.

I think there will always be people who ask for a “resume.”  And your Profile will not look like a resume.  To get it right you’ll have to do a lot of reworking… might as well start from scratch.

I would love to hear your opinion and experience on this.  Mine says NO WAY.



Emergency Surgery / Taking Care of Business

January 21st, 2013

I finished the big LinkedIn Profile webinar by noon my time on Thursday.  At 1pm I did a similar webinar for UCLA.

About 12 hours after I finished that I was headed to the emergency room, in intense pain.  I was quickly whisked away to the operating room where I became a one-bladder man.  You can read about it here.

I was concerned about people on the webinar not getting to the recording.  Fortunately, right before the pain kicked in to a point where I couldn’t concentrate, I was able to get the webinar recording up.  The next day, from the hospital, my wife logged into Facebook and posted a request from me to my friends and colleagues in a couple of industry associations to let them know I was incompacitated, and that further deliverables would be delayed.  I didn’t want to have messed up what I thought was an awesome webinar by getting a lot of impatient emails saying “where’s my recording!?”

Sorry to not have posted about it here earlier.  I find it interesting that my first post was on Facebook (since writing a blog post from the hospital from my android is not easy or fun).  Easy of use is what got the word out to that audience.

This is the fourth day since the surgery and I am told I look better every day, every hour.  It makes me wonder if I looked that bad yesterday? I kind of feel the same – mostly the same pains, same fatigue, etc.

I’ll try to post this week, each day.  Soon I’ll post a follow-up on how to pay for surgery without health insurance.  That post was written from a planned surgery experience.  This surgery was very much unplanned.  I hope to have some great insight.

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JibberJobber is Bad A$$! (that’s what they say)

January 17th, 2013

Well, this morning is my LinkedIn New Profile webinar.  It’s going to be awesome (I hope).

If you are tired of hearing about it, check out this awesome article titled 7 Tools to Organize Your Job Search in 2013.

#2 is JibberJobber.  Here’s how career expert Kristin Johnson starts talking about JibberJobber:

“This website has a funny name, but a seriously bad-ass capability to manage relationships, companies, and processes for your job search.”

I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that description :)

Check out her 6 other ways to organize a job search here.

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New LinkedIn Profile: Live Webinar TOMORROW (Thursday)

January 16th, 2013

In about 24 hours I’m going to do the new LinkedIn Profile webinar.  I’m so excited… !  I’ve been going over a lot of Profiles, making notes, finding awesome stuff (and poor examples), doing research on search engine rankings (both from Google and LinkedIn), and putting together the agenda.

This webinar is going to be 90 minutes (starts at 9am MST on Thursday).

I have already gotten dozens of questions that I’ll respond to on the webinar (or in a follow-up email, if we don’t have time).

The webinar will be recorded and you’ll have access to it as soon as I get the recording posted.

One of the most exciting things, for career professionals, is that I got this webinar approved for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits!

The National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) will award you 1 CEU for this webinar, and Career Directors International will award you 1.5 CEUs for this webinar.  HOW COOL IS THAT?  It’s like I, Jason Alba, am LEGIT :) :)

Maybe that gets me overly excited but it’s really cool to think those two organizations would consider my stuff good enough for CEU credits!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What to write on your LinkedIn Profile, and where to write it, so that you can be found by search engines (specifically the LinkedIn search engine and Google).
  • The most important things to have on your Profile, and how to make them look great.
  • How to engage with the reader once they find your Profile (whether it is through a search or because they clicked on a link in your email signature).
  • What the deal is with Endorsements.  It’s brand new and has created a firestorm.  Endorsements are a complete non-issue with two exceptions… one of those exceptions could be a complete game-changer.
  • Because LinkedIn hid or took away certain branding elements, how to make a strong branding impact with what’s left.
  • How to make your profile “richer” with media such as powerpoints, video, downloads, etc., and what those media items should be for optimal branding and engagement.
  • How to increase your chances of being contacted by a billion percent (I hate promising anything, but I’ve prospected a lot of people through LinkedIn and there is a huge difference between those who make it easy to find you and those who seem to be fine never getting contacted).
  • How to really optimize those Recommendations you receive (and how to tactfully and effectively ask for Recommendations).
  • How to get value out of other new features like Projects.
  • How to promote your page so that others can find your more frequently….
  • And more…!

If you’ve ever been on one of my presentations you know it will be filled with meat, and has a healthy balance between strategy and tactic.  Check out this free  presentation I recently did: Career Management 2013 (kick the year off right)

ALSO, choose one of these as your bonus when you sign up:

  • The LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD (normally a $54 value), OR
  • personalized LinkedIn Profile critique (normally $99).  I will do these AFTER the webinar, so you can make some changes based on what we talk about on the webinar, and send you a video recording.  Usually between 12 and 15 minutes, from top to bottom of your Profile, OR
  • One year premium of JibberJobber (normally $99).  JibberJobber is the CRM for professionals to help organize a job search, or if you are not in a job search, to help manage relationships with your personal and professional contacts.  Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs use JibberJobber to help keep their contacts organized and nurtured with JibberJobber.

After you sign up we’ll send you a special, unique-to-you link to get on the webinar.  Please don’t share the link, and make sure to schedule this on your calendar!

Oh yeah, two more things:

1. I will record this and give you access to the streaming recording for as long as you want. Whether you can make it tomorrow or not, you can view the recording as many times as you want for as long as you want. Please don’t share the recording with anyone (including classroom and workshop settings).  If we learn you are sharing the recording you will lose access to the streaming recording.

2. I will NOT pressure-sell you on anything. This is a meat-only presentation.  Come to learn, put your credit cards away, stay relaxed, and let’s take advantage of the new Profile for 2013!

That’s it… big day tomorrow!

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