Ask The Expert: Jason Alba – Kicking of 2013 with Career Management (embedded video)

January 10th, 2013

Here’s my recording of Tuesday’s Ask The Expert call. I thought it went very well… it was fun, and there are 13 things for you to think about with your career management for 2013.

Some of them should surprise you.  On the video I invited you to email me what you will do after listening… and I extend that to YOU.  Leave a comment on this post OR email me (as instructed in the video).

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4 responses to “Ask The Expert: Jason Alba – Kicking of 2013 with Career Management (embedded video)”

  1. Rita says:

    Hi Jason
    Thanks for putting this video up. Lots of food for thought here. So glad you were able to rise above the same problems that so many people face when they are “laid off” through economic circumstances. I have seen the pattern that you described was your first fault, emerging in my own behaviour and am now going to stop it – the sitting-at-the-desk-constantly syndrome is not healthy. I also agree with you about the needy messages from tweeters who threaten to “un-follow” if you don’t communicate constantly with them. I wish you continuing success with your career and look forward to reading / seeing more from you online.
    Yours sincerely
    Rita James
    PA in London, UK

  2. Norman Reiss says:

    Really useful info, Jason – hope it helps everyone

  3. Jason Alba says:

    Thanks Norman. I hesitate to put up a 1+ hour presentation, but I know the content on this one is really solid. This was a fun presentation to do :)

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