ATE: Nick Corcodilos of Ask The Headhunter Fame

April 8th, 2013

I had the pleasure of interviewing and chatting with Nick Corcodilos for last week’s Ask The Headhunter.  It was a blast.  I had questions for Nick but the audience had a lot, too.

Here’s the conversation, enjoy!

Note: Vimeo video.  To make this full-size, push play and then on the bottom right click the icon that looks like this:

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3 responses to “ATE: Nick Corcodilos of Ask The Headhunter Fame”

  1. […] the Ask The Expert video with Nick Corcodilos, Nick talks about how to work with recruiters, and how to think about them as a job search tool or […]

  2. Matt Johnston says:

    This was a great webinar.

  3. […] spent time hoping and dreaming about those posted jobs, and applying online for hours each day.  I think it is in this video where Nick Corcodilos says that 1.3% of jobs were filled by Monster.  1.3%.  That is ridiculously […]

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