Jason Panczenko’s Awesome Slideshare Presentation

July 8th, 2013

A friend and colleague emailed me a link to Jason Panczenko’s blog post: How do you get 14K strangers to view your resume in one day?

I’ll tell you how: you create something AWESOME that people want to share with others.  As the AWESOME is shared, people click through to learn more.  It is as simple as that.

Check out Jason’s slideshare presentation.  It obviously took a lot of work.  I’m sure you can learn from what he has done to create your own awesome.

What do you think?



4 responses to “Jason Panczenko’s Awesome Slideshare Presentation”

  1. Ava says:

    Mr. Alba;

    I am very impressed. Thanks so much for sharing this with your fellow colleagues. I have several family members, and clients to which I would like to share this concept.

    I wanted to ask; is this ‘slideshare’ the new technology for an ‘e-portfolio’? I’ve never seen an ‘e-portfolio’, and now that I’m viewing a ‘slideshare’ I’m feeling even further behind “cutting-edge” developments in profiles/portfolios.

    Best Regards, Ava L. Archie, CTE; CCMC

  2. Glenda says:

    I loved viewing the presentation and have gotten some tips from it for my own use in marketing myself. Very impressive, entertaining, informative, creative and kept my attention from beginning to end. Good luck in your job search!! You have my vote!!

  3. Mary says:

    A very nice presentation and I applaud jason for generating a lot of interest. My recommendation: add more meaningful language. The slideshow doesn’t provide any proof of his abilities, just a list of job responsibilities. Pair up those beautiful graphics with some accomplishments that truly demonstrate the value he has provided to his employers, and he’ll pass the “so what?” test. Another question: after receiving 14K views, how many interview requests did he get?

  4. Jason Alba says:

    @Ava – I wouldn’t worry about feeling behind. I think everyone does. I wouldn’t say that a slideshare (which is a powerpoint, really) is your eportfolio, but it could be. It would really depend on your industry/role/title. I love the slideshare concept as a way to show your breadth and depth in a way the resume can’t.

    @Glenda, thank you :)

    @Mary, great suggestions. I don’t know about your question but the point you bring up is very valid: what do numbers really mean?