Informational Interviews can be SO VERY effective

November 5th, 2013

I am a huge, huge, huge fan of informational interviews.  If you don’t believe in them I’m guessing you don’t know how to do them right (there is more than one right agenda, but there are many, many wrong ways of doing an informational interview).

Here’s a great primer on informational interviews: Why the Informational Interview Should Be Your Favorite Job-Hunting Tactic

I also made a video series, which is $50, on how to do informational interviews (click here for details).

Learn about them, do them, perfect the process, and you should get results like nothing else.

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Career Service Providers Who Provide Discounts for Military Veterans

November 4th, 2013

Since JibberJobber started we’ve had a special offer for military and veterans (and spouses).  This comes from my history being around military families, starting when I was 11, and continuing through today.  I can’t do much, but as the owner of JibberJobber I can give veterans one year of JibberJobber premium to help them transition.  We have been doing this since 2006 (veterans can sign up at

Recently I read an article that disgusted me – it talked about some problems that one specific veteran is facing in his transition home, and as he tries to get a job outside of the military.  As I was reading about this veteran I thought that I could do a little more, and decided to reach out to my network of career coaches and resume writers to see what they are currently offering.  The list below is surely not complete (leave a comment or email me if you know of something that should be added, or if something is misrepresented – this list should get better over time).

NOTE: Service providers who are not listed here have either not responded to my request or do not have special discounts for military.  Please respect their business choice – in some cases their prices might already be very low, or for some reason they have made a business decision which does not allow for discounts.  Please respect their business choices, for whatever reason they made them.

Paula Rueger
Get To Work Resumes
$25 off regular prices for U.S. military veterans transitioning to the private sector

Lois Gilbert
The Resume WordSmith
Discount for veterans on creating viable resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn Profiles.

Chris Pantoya
Opsecalpha Career Services
Resume critique and resume writing for $100. Personal job search strategies for veterans at no additional charge.

Mary Jo King
Alliance Resume & Writing Service
20% discount on writing services to military veterans, their spouses, and children.

Judy Monaco
Monaco Writing & Consulting Services
20% discount for employed veterans and 50% discount for unemployed veterans on all services. Normal prices on resumes range from $400 to $800.

Marty Weitzman
Resume Pro / Gilbert Resumes
25% discount to military veterans who served at least 1 year full time (any year). Also, recruiter distribution, regularly priced at $225, for $100.

Laura Labovich
The Career Strategy Group
15% discount on all services.

Michelle Dumas
Distinctive Career Services
For military personnel transitioning to the private sector and military vets, we offer a 10% discount on all our initial writing services for resumes and other career/job search documents.

Tracy Parish
Trendsetting Resumes
Highly individualized pricing based on client needs.

Juli Monroe
1 to 1 Discovery
Three free coaching sessions to veterans. Negotiated reduced rate after that.

Mark Bartz
Medical Sales Mentors
I would help vets set up their Linkedin profiles and conduct a really effective job search using Linkedin. It doesn’t matter what industry they are in. This is currently a $695 product called STealthSearch and we’ve had great results – people typically into new jobs within 8 weeks. I would not charge any of our vets/aka our heroes, a dime.

Beth Colley
Chesapeake Resume Writing Service
10% discount on all services to Veterans.

Beth Stefani
Inspire Careers
I am passionate about helping the returning veterans too. I’ve been working with Jobless Warrior ( and Tip of the Arrow Foundation, providing services to veterans at 25% or 50% off my regular pricing.

David Hults
“Career Master Class” books, CDs, and interview card game. Normally 207. 00 but can offer it for 95.00 plus shipping.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford
Job Search Success System for free (normally $97)

Marcia Baker
Mark of Success
As a veteran-owned business, I share your passion about helping vets. I currently offer a 20% discount to veterans.

Debra O’Reilly
A First Impression Resume Service /
As the wife of a Vietnam veteran Army helicopter pilot and the mother of a daughter who served honorably in the Navy for four years during OIF/OEF, I have a heart for military veterans. In my business, I have offered a discount to US military veterans “forever”. My discount (10% for all writing and coaching services) is my way of saying “Thank you!” to all who have sacrificed to make life better for the rest of us. I hope that when non-military prospects and clients see that discount right up front (the only discount I offer), it helps them to appreciate the blessings they have received via those who have served.

Gladys Kartin
Gladys Kartin Career Coach
I will not charge and that means I will have to limit working with vets one at a time. I am a career coach and depending on the scope of the need, will determine how helpful I can be. Resume enhancement, interview preparation, assessments like the MBTI (cost for this), etc.

Joanne Meehl
The Job Search Queen
​I’m a volunteer with Jobless Warrior out of Rhode Island (​. I usually charge for my first meeting (90-120 minutes, $175) but will not charge a new vet.

Patricia Weiland
Sage Strategies
I have always offered a pro-bono coaching session for vets. I do a lot of career brainstorming and branding so I am delighted to offer help to those who really put it out there for us.

Merideth Mehlberg
Merideth Mehlberg International
Career Gold Club membership to current military or veterans.

Linda Van Valkenburgh
My Executive Career Coach
25% off of all her programs.

Steven Provenzano
ECS: Executive Career Services & DTP, Inc.
Free resume review and then custom package based on needs with veteran discount applied. Author of 9 books including Top Secret Resumes & Cover Letters, the Ebook for 2013.

Camille Roberts
CC Career Services
10% off any program, in addition to program bonuses. We love our veterans! Thank you for all you have done for our country! My Father served in the U.S. Army and I am proud to continue serving veterans who have made priceless sacrifices. If you are transitioning to a federal or private industry position, or entrepreneurship, we can help you. We have exceptional career coaches as well as a Money, Marketing, and Soul Entrepreneur Coach. If you are serious about making the money you deserve, contact us!

Barbara Adams
Military Resume Writers
Offering over two decades of experience, specializing in Military to Civilian resumes. Our Master Military Resume Writers earn our veterans interviews in corporate, federal and government contacting positions. We are offering 50% off a Military to Civilian Resume when you purchase a Federal Resume. Call us at 800-471-9201 to begin.

Dee Relyea
Career Life Coaching
I’d offer 25% off all services to any vet. An area of expertise is transferable skills analysis–how to take the experience of military service for example and re-frame it to relate skills to the needs of employers.

Allan Brown
Allan Brown Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profiles & Strategies
Current and recently discharged military special of $159 for resume, cover letter and job search strategy session.

Steve Burdan
SA Communications
25% off of projects. Services include resume makeover, cover letter creation, linkedIn profile development and job search accountability and coaching.

Ellen Hall
Rapid Results Resumes
I’m a professional resume writer and a strong supporter of those who have served. I offer across-the-board 25% discounted services to current and former U.S. Military personnel.

Marcus & Jessica Dillard
Dillard and Associates
Dillard & Associates offers a 25% discount on resume services to our jobless warriors. Just mention you served our country to receive the discount off your total purchase amount.

Chris Dennison
The Job Search Coach
Dennison Career Services is happy to offer a 20% discount to veterans on any resume writing or job search coaching projects.

Pat Kendall
Advanced Resume Concepts
No charge initial consultation, up to one hour (valued at $150); 10% discount on services; free copy of Pat’s Resume Writing Tips ebook.

Marcy Depew
Teal-Noir, LLC
We are pleased to offer 30% off to those who have served on Career Development Packages including a Resume, Reference page, Cover Letter, LinkedIn and online profile development, from now until December 31, 2013, subject to extension. Specializing in transferring service skills to positions in the private or public sector.

Marcia Hancock
The Job Search Advisor
Reduced rates for veterans.Tamara Dowling
Seeking Success
25% discount to veterans. Specialing in resume writing for candidates in the IT and engineering fields, and work with many other candidates.

Thanks to for sharing this with others as part of their Job Action Day (TODAY), to “Empower Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Jobs, Careers.”



Recruiting Animal on Ask the Expert on Tuesday at 11am Eastern

November 3rd, 2013

recruiting-animal-realJoin us for a candid conversation from The Recruiting Animal.  Animal has hosted his own radio show for years, talking to and with other recruiters.  Not only is he really knowledgeable about how to get a job, he is HONEST about it all.  He has no agenda, nothing to sell to you, he is FRANK and CANDID.

Register now and then join us on Tuesday morning (make sure you double check the time zone so you are there at the right time!

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Is The Job Search a Numbers Game?

November 1st, 2013

Yes. And no.  Well, kind of.

It depends on what numbers you are talking about.  If you are doing the right things consistently, with purpose and focus, then maybe it can be a numbers game.  If you are doing the wrong things just to hit certain numbers, you’ll be more frustrated than you can imagine.

Alison Doyle has a great post titled Job Searching By the Numbers.  In the post she shares numbers tracked by Caryn.  Here are some examples of  things she tracked:

  • Jobs she applied to, and how the 105 she applied to online worked out
  • Networking, and how many opportunities she got from her network
  • How many she got from staffing agencies, and what happened

Spoiler: she accepted one of the two opportunities she found from a staffing agency that found her from LinkedIn.

So all of the jobs she found and applied to online, or through her network, led to nothing, but someone found her on LinkedIn and she got and accepted an offer.

So was it a numbers game?  Maybe she was only 10% into the number of jobs she should have applied to, or the resumes she sent out?  Maybe she didn’t meet enough people in networking, and didn’t ask “who do you know” and ask for introductions…

The reason I’m writing this post is because I think that the job search CAN BE a numbers game, if you are doing the right stuff.  Just like a basketball game… the more shots you take towards your own basket, the higher the chances are you’ll make some.  But if you are shooting at the wrong basket, or who-knows-where, you can rack up 10,000 attempts (shots) and NOT get any closer to winning, or scoring.

So the answer to the question, is the job search a numbers game, has to consider what numbers you are considering….




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