JibberJobber News: 75 to 250 to 500… and more changes!

December 27th, 2013

When we first started JibberJobber we were trying to figure out a lot of things, including the pricing levels. What should people get in the Regular (free) JibberJobber account, and how should we price the Premium level? It’s been almost eight years since then and we’ve evolved the levels and pricing slowly. I’m okay with slow evolution in some areas, including this. Today I’m announcing a big change (which will be in effective over the next couple of weeks):

  1. We are changing the pricing of the annual premium level from $99 (which is a 20% discount) to $60 (which is a 50% discount).
  2. We are going to discontinue the silver level (and just move silver upgrades to premium).
  3. We are going to enhance the free level, and double the number of Companies and Contacts you can track. When we first started you got 75 Companies and 75 Contacts (I think)… within a year or two we increased that to 250 Companies + 250 Contacts… and now we are giving you 500 Companies and 500 Contacts.

We’ll get these changes in the system soon, but I wanted to get this announcement out right away… it’s going to be a great year, and I hope this helps a lot of people!



4 responses to “JibberJobber News: 75 to 250 to 500… and more changes!”

  1. Jason,

    Your new pricing will help a lot of people.

    Thanks! for all you do!

    Sterling Bateman

  2. Ron Luken says:

    If we paid $99 for premium do we get extension?

  3. Jason Alba says:

    Sterling, thank you.

    Ron, yes, if you paid $99 in the last year, you get an extension :)

  4. […] I announced this on 12/27… and now the changes have been programmed in.  You can get one year of premium for $60 (which is 50% off the monthly price). […]