I triple-dog dare you to pick up the phone TODAY

December 4th, 2013


I somehow got turned on to Ari’s Take, an awesome blog of Ari Herstand.  Ari is a musician who blogs about how to make money as an indie musician. I’ve been reading a number of his blog posts – they are awesome.  Pretty much everything he writes about is the same stuff I’ve been writing about.  Get the correlation between a job seeker and a musician trying to get on the map?   Too many similarities to list.  I’m sure the parents of a musician probably think they are unemployed.

The post I want to share is Ari’s DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE PHONE. I thought it was going to be a simple “pick up the phone, you chicken!” post, like I’ve written before (February 2007, July 2012, September 2013), … and it has that.  But there is so much more!  This post is rich!

Read the post, get inspired to call someone today… but also study his email strategy.  He talks about one, two, three… even seven or eight emails!  And check out the format, content, and message of his emails.  Check out the email signatures (awesome, awesome!).

aris_take_headshotFolks, I’ve blogged about all this before.  Now I’m sharing Ari’s post because I want to show you that improving your communication (email, phone, etc.) is something you need not just for this job search but for the rest of your career.  Embrace this idea, don’t run from it!  Get better at it NOW, consider your job search a time for personal training and improvement, and it will help you be better for the rest of your life!

Here’s a video of one of his songs, and here is his youtube page. Check him out!

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Holiday Job Search Tips

December 3rd, 2013

Jacob Share, a friend and colleague, has a great post about searching for jobs during the holidays: Holiday Weekend Job Search Do’s and Don’ts

Coming off of yesterday’s post about what you can do in December for an awesome job search in January, I thought it would be nice to share tactics for THIS month with you, if you are an active job seeker :)

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Four more weeks until Jan 2. What are you doing to prepare?

December 2nd, 2013

I’ve run JibberJobber since 2006 and have found that January through March or April is the time when most people are (finally!) really serious about their own career management.

December feels like a month when you can’t really do anything… people complain that it’s a horrible month for the job search.  Employees are out of the office, on vacation, and hiring decisions are left until the new year… so why try?

When I was in my job search I didn’t care what holiday it might have been, or whether it was a weekend or 3 am.  I had anxiety, and I felt a great sense of urgency to do something to end my unemployment!  I wasn’t doing the right things, but I certainly wasn’t going to celebrate anything (like a national holiday) simply because everyone else was.  It’s hard to feel festive when you feel like an incompetent.

What’s more, many job search coaches say the holidays are definitely a time to do job search stuff, even if you employ different tactics.  But let’s say you doing believe any of that stuff… what COULD/SHOULD you do between now and January 2nd?

Whether in a job search or not, smart, astute, “self-driven” professionals are going do something.  It might be as baby-step simple as listing 10 – 20 people they need to talk to, or 10 – 20 companies they want to network into come January.

It might be something as in-depth and time-consuming as writing a book (even if it is a small ebook) with the purpose of establishing and enhancing their personal brand.

That “something might be seriously considering, or starting, a side business, to create an alternative/multiple revenue stream and maybe even start down the path of 100% self-employment.

Depending on what your year (or last quarter) looked like, you might simply take this month off to do “nothing” – like read some books or articles you’ve been meaning to catch up on, take a real vacation and mentally, spiritually and physically recharge, to be ready for the next year.

Whatever you do, please don’t give up on December.  Whether it is a strategic and very tactical job search to hopefully get some interviews or offers lined up in January, or a more long-term career management strategy, take the time to do something on purpose to finish out this year.

I can’t tell you what it should be – so you tell me… what will it be?


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