Why Veterans Aren’t Getting Hired

September 12th, 2014

sultan_camp_headshotI saw this blog post somewhere… I thought it was going to be a junky, unqualified article written by an entry level writer or someone who was writing nine points for SEO… but then I noticed it was written by Sultan Camp. Sultan works with veterans and helps them land their next gig. He’s a military recruiter.  He’s definitely qualified to make these observations, and I know that he shares them in the spirit of helping you NOT make the mistakes he lists.

Congratulations on Your Military Service… Now Here Are 9 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You

Below are his 9 points – read the article here so you can get all the details.

  1. You Can’t (or Won’t) Accept That You’re Starting Over
  2. You Believe You’re Unique (Just Like Every Other Transitioning Person That Day)
  3. Your Resume Is Longer Than the CEO of Our Company’s (or Shorter Than a Recent College Graduate’s)
  4. You Didn’t Proofread Your Resume
  5. You Don’t Have a LinkedIn Profile (Or, Even Worse, It’s Not Complete)
  6. You Think Social Media Is For Kids or Sharing War Stories
  7. You Didn’t Prepare For The Interview
  8. You Wrote a Thank You Note (But Only to Say Thank You)
  9. You Don’t Know What You Want to Do

What do you think? Don’t comment based on this list – you have to read his post to see what he’s talking about. And then leave a comment on his post, which already has over 100 comments.

NOTE: JibberJobber gives one year of free premium to veterans.  Just get an account and then use the Contact link to let us know you are a veteran!

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How To: See What I’ve Done This Week (New Homepage Widget)

September 9th, 2014

On a webinar recently someone asked for an easy way to see what I’ve done.  There is the awesome Log Entry and Action Item Report, which allows you to get a bunch of different reports, including “what I’ve done during this period of time.”

But I was thinking of something more simple… actually, something that we have already pretty much done.  Well, we’ve done probably 90% of the work.  This suggestion from the webinar was a nudge to help us understand we needed something else… please welcome a new Homepage Widget called “Log Entries.”  This is basically a report to show me what I’ve done this week.

First, notice that my Homepage has no widgets except one: the Action Item widget:


I click on the Manage Widgets link (see arrow, above), and I can see this new widget in the list:


I click on the checkbox, then click on save, and I am now showing this widget, which shows me what I have put in, this week, as a Log Entry, on the homepage!


Remember, I can drag those widgets around and reorder them, either on the homepage or on that manage widgets box.  For me, these are the two widgets I’ll have up all the time.

Pretty cool, huh?

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I Judge Based On Your Appearance

September 8th, 2014

jason_alba_beardYesterday I shaved.  It wasn’t a normal shave, it was an EPIC shave.

You see, for the first time in my life, I grew a beard.  It was a five or six month beard.  I’ve never gone longer than two weeks before.

But this time I did it for a youth educational simulation where I played a role, back in early June.  And then, what the heck, I might as well save it for the youth simulation in early September, right?

I’m not really a beard guy. I won’t lie and say I “enjoyed it,” but it was for a good cause, and I could handle it for a few months.

Yesterday morning, less than 12 hours after we got home from our Saturday event where I played “wicked King Jason” with about 230 boys and over 200 adult volunteers, in a two-day training program, I shaved the whole thing.  I shaved in stages, first with lamb chops and various styles of goatees, all the way down to a tiny ridiculous-looking mustache.  My wife, a cosmetologist, helped me, and took pictures until she couldn’t hold the camera anymore (she was laughing/crying too hard to take a good picture by the end), made a very interesting comment:

“Stereotypes are really powerful!”

She said this around the time I had lamb chops and mustache that kind of dripped down my chin (imagine a goatee without the middle part).  This has never been my style.  My wife’s unspoken message was that I looked [ridiculous, scary, stupid, uneducated]… you fill in the blank here.

She knows me, and my heart.  But that facial hair stuff gets in the way T the stereotypes that comes along with that style gets in the way of 20+ years of knowing one another.

There are things we choose to do that stereotype us – from our dress to our language to how we move our body.  We don’t think it’s fair that people look at our ‘stache, and judge us for living how we want to live.  Why don’t they just judge us by our hearts, intentions, and who we really are?

Are people really that shallow?

Yes.  They are.  We are.  We all are.

We have all judged people by an outward appearance.  It might be something that person chose, like their color coordination, or something they didn’t choose, like their skin color or accent.

But we judge.  It isn’t right.

I wonder if it’s our fault for how we choose to express ourselves, or is it our fault for how we care so much about how others are, really, not like us?

Either way, discrimination is bad, wrong and ugly.

So where do we go from here?

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Glassdoor: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

September 3rd, 2014

Nick_corcodilosNick Corcodilos (Ask The Headhunter) wrote this post: Can I trust Glassdoor reviews?  It has been travelling around the internet quite a bit since he posted it yesterday.  Nick’s answer is awesome, so I’ll let you spend most of your time reading his answer (and the comments there).  The comments I’ve seen from recruiters is that they aren’t buying the value of advertising on Glassdoor (although I’m sure plenty of companies/recruiters are).  They are talking about the difference between a user-generated feedback and review site, which can be valuable, and the old-fashioned, cliche job board model… and the disconnect between the two.

So here’s my good, bad and ugly:

The Good: 

I think it’s awesome that people can come and leave reviews on companies that I’m interested in.  The information you can learn from the reviews can go broad and deep.

The Bad: 

People will lie.  We see it on all of the review sites.  Giving someone the ability to leave something anonymously, without accountability, will empower the honest people to write the truth… but not everyone has honest and integrity. Some people will be vindictive, or exaggerate (for better or worse).

The Ugly: 

Apparently, some company employees are misrepresenting their companies with too much positive, to try and squash a negative.  Blatant lying that companies do, just to have a more positive company or a better rating in Glassdoor is not just bad, it’s ugly.  It’s gaming the system, and I’m sure Glassdoor programmers have thought long and hard about how to give freedom but control the lies.

So that’s it from me.  Check out what Nick and his commentors have to say: Can I trust Glassdoor reviews?



Thea Kelley on Informational Interviews

September 2nd, 2014

thea_kelleyI love informational interviews.

Maybe you didn’t get that:


If there is any shortcut in a job search, it is doing informational interviews well.  If you are looking for a “silver bullet,” look no further.  This is it.

Thea Kelley is a savvy career services professional and friend.  She recently wrote this post: Informational Interviews: 10 Tips for Success.  Her model for an informational interview is more formal than mine is, and I say never, ever do number 3 on her list… but everything else is pretty solid.

Come up with your own system, and your own rules, but DO these!  It’s fun, it can be immensely productive, and it can really help you get closer to someone who will have a big impact in your job search.

One thing she is missing, and it’s one of the most important parts of the interview, is asking for introductions to others.  “Do you know anyone else in this company (or, this industry) that I should talk to?”  Or, “Can you introduce me to any (insert job title here) here (at this company)?”  Or, ask for introductions within the industry….

You go to build trust, which is her #1, and with that trust you should get to a point where they feel comfortable saying “sure, I’ll introduce you to one of my coworkers,” or someone they met at the association luncheon, or someone they know online, or someone at one of your target companies.

And then do it again, with that person.

Have real conversations… it’s not all about getting introductions, but that’s a big reason you are there.

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Being Prepared and Being Lucky: Vazquez Sounds

September 1st, 2014

I am a fan of Vazquez Sounds, out of Mexico.  This is a group of two brothers and their little sister, all talented musicians with a music producer dad.  They put up a video on Youtube and, well, the rest is history.  They seem really, really cool, and I like their music.  Here’s a really cool video worth your eight minutes. I didn’t plan on sharing this with you until I got to 6:55, when one of the brothers was talking about being surprised by their success.  He says they weren’t expecting any success, but it came.  His advice?

“… you have to be prepared… because you never know when the boom may come…”

The boom = success

You have to be prepared because you never know when the recruiter will call.

You have to be prepared because you never know when your contact will be ready to make an introduction.

You have to be prepared because you never know when you will have that critical lunch appointment.

You have to be prepared because you never know when you’ll have a chance to interview.

You have to be prepared because you never know when you’ll have a chance to interview.

Are you prepared?  Or are you wallowing in misery and self-defeating thoughts?

Watch this video – and see the parallels of your journey to a fulfilling and successful career:

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