Saving a Closed Job in JibberJobber (instead of deleting)

April 9th, 2015

Last week two people asked how to save a Job that is “closed,” instead of just deleting it.  This is actually pretty important… sometimes a closed Job has a job description you don’t want to lose, or you don’t want to lose the Log Entries (aka, history) and communications you had as you worked on that Job.  BUT, you also don’t want to see it on the Jobs List Panel.

First, you can change the STATUS of a Job from the Detail Page or the List Panel.  Below is a picture of doing it from the List Panel (mouse over the cell, and when it turns gray, double click on it to edit the value).  Notice that you can change it from Open to Closed, Cancelled, or Held.  Use the icon at #1 if you don’t see the Status field… you’ll be able to show that field on your List Panel.



You can easily filter which jobs show up on the List Panel, by Status, by changing the drop-down on the left side of the screen:


One thing you don’t want to do is work really hard, collect great information (aka intelligence), and then lose because, for example, a Job was closed.  You don’t have to – keep it all for future reference!

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New Updates/Release in JibberJobber

April 8th, 2015

Monday night we released some of the projects our team has been working on.  They barely took a breath to release it while continuing on some other things… here are some of the things we pushed out on Monday night:

1. We continue to tweak the interface for Pluralsight videos… We put a help icon in the white box right under the menu, and if you turned that off, you can still get to Pluralsight stuff by mousing over Tools, and then find Pluralsight Videos.  This takes you to all of the pages you would want to see (list of videos, your private code, the Tracker, etc.).  The whole idea is to make this easier for you to get access to the videos, and report what you have watched so you get an additional week of JibberJobber per course watched.

2. We cleaned up the Tree View… including:

  1. We cleaned up this line… took out 1/2 of the words.
  2. We cleaned up this line… took out about 1/2 of the words.
  3. We changed the icon from a paper looking thing that was hard to see/read to this easy-to-read circle.
  4. We highlight the name of the person that you clicked on the tree from, so it’s easy to see where that person falls.
  5. We moved some of the links to the far right, so it cleans up the left side of the screen.

See a theme?  CLEANER :)


3. Along those lines, we cleaned up the Interview Prep main page, which was just too busy.  Not going to highlight every change, but each arrow represents where we cleaned up (I even forgot an arrow right under the title)… the idea is to reduce clutter and not make you feel like you have too read a bunch of stuff before you do something in JibberJobber!


4. We made the page numbers on the bottom of the general search cleaner, and easier to read.  Basically all of the numbers are bigger, and the page you are on is much bigger (and not a link).  This will make navigating through the search results easier.  CLEANER!


5. We updated the About Us page so people wouldn’t hate so much.  Really, someone emailed a while back angry that the About Us page was written wrong.  Angry.  Seriously.  Well, of course, it’s not a bad idea to make changes… and so I finally spent some time rewriting the page…. you can now see information about JibberJobber, and a bit of our history.  And this rewrite cleans up some of the cobwebs that frankly needed to be removed from that page.  CLEAN-UP :)


We also did some new admin, behind-the scenes stuff that you won’t see or notice, but that will have an impact on how we work… so yeah!  We are deep into two big projects right now, but will continue to try and clean JibberJobber to make your experience more delightful and intuitive.


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One Smart Organizational Hack to Speed Up Your Job Search

April 7th, 2015

This post is inspired by a link sent to me by my friend, Debra Feldman, owner of JobWhiz and Executive Talent Agent, titled Smart Organizational Hacks to Speed Up Your Job Search.

My response to that article is one single, easy hack:

Use JibberJobber!

If using JibberJobber is too hard, then you can do what they suggest, creating your own organizational system with a bunch of tools put together.  Here are some of their points, from the link above, to help you know what your organizational system should do:

  • Keep track of companies (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Keep track of applications (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Track company name (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Track application status (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Track job titles (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Track application deadline (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Track application submitted date (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Track contact at company, with name, title and email (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Track when you did an informational interview (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Track when you last contacted the company so you can send a follow-up email (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Track all of this in “one place” even though you have a lot of it in your email inbox (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Document all meeting notes (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Track everyone you spoke with, or want to speak with (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Follow-up (which is the “critical factor for success”) (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Schedule email follow-up reminders (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)
  • Keep your important docs, like cover letters, resumes, etc. in one place that’s easy to find/access (Check! You can do this in JibberJobber)

There’s plenty more that you could do… in JibberJobber. One reason we designed JibberJobber is so that you don’t have to monkey around with all kinds of folders and other apps… just do it all in one place. Kind of has an appeal to it, doesn’t it?

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2015 Speaking Tour

April 6th, 2015

A couple of years ago I spoke at the Executive Network Group of Greater Chicago.   Here’s an email Chris Campbell, Executive Director of ENG, wrote:

“Jason was a keynote speaker to the Executive Network Group of Greater Chicago, which is a group of six figure individuals who are in job transition.  He spoke about his own job search stories and focused on, which he founded.  Jason is an excellent speaker with a wry sense of humor that keeps his sessions lively and entertaining, as well as informative.  JibberJobber is one of the best online tools for individuals in job search and we recommend it to our 250 members.”

That was pretty cool :)

I reached out to Chris because Chicago is on our list of places to travel through this summer, as we head to D.C. and back… here’s the list of places I hope to speak. If you know of any job clubs that would be okay with me speaking, let me know!

  • Minneapolis
  • Madison, WI
  • Chicago
  • Indianapolis
  • Cincinnati
  • Columbus OH
  • Pittsburgh
  • Rochester
  • Philadelphia
  • Maryland (Columbus?)
  • McLean, Virginia
  • Louisville, KY
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Denver
  • Fort Collins, CO

Will I see you this summer?

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The Principle-based Job Search

April 3rd, 2015

Yesterday I posted 21 Surprising Ways To Waste Time In Your Job Search. It’s easy to see a list like that and then wonder “okay, what should I be doing then??”  That post is incomplete… it needs a complementary post which says “here’s what you should do.”

The problem is that the “should do” could vary based on your location, industry, level, background, experience, etc.  But the bottom line is that there are certain principles you can apply to the successful job search.  Many of them tie into networking, relationships, follow-up, persistence, having a good attitude, having correct branding, etc.

I’ve said many times that if I were to start a job search today, 90% of my time would be spent on informational interviews (you can watch my Informational Interview course free on Pluralsight).  Doing informational interviews correctly involves networking, branding, persistence, follow-up, etc.

Using JibberJobber to track, know where you are at, follow-up, etc. would also be a part of a principle-based job search.

Having a schedule, and daily grooming, could be part of a principle-based job search.

Spending a lot of time on job boards, applying like everyone else is, is not part of a principle-based job search.

The problem with listing things that are part of a principle-based job search is that they all look very cliche.  You would look at them and think it’s more of the same… but many things that are principle-based look cliche.  They trick is putting them into practice, consistently over time. Create a system and then work the system.  A professional speaker (Kathy Loveless) once said “create the system and honor the system.”  Same idea.

Folks, my job search system was anything but principled. I invite you to list the things you do in your job search, eliminate the stuff from yesterday’s post, and then figure out if the rest are like comfort foods… there to just make you feel better, or if they are really things that will help you get an interview.  Don’t hide from the real job search by doing the comfort-food activities… they might make you feel better, but if they don’t get you closer to employed, ditch them (or do them after hours).


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21 Surprising Ways To Waste Time In Your Job Search

April 2nd, 2015

Been there, done that.  Some of these might seem like great things to do as a job seeker, but I can tell you, you can waste a considerable amount of time doing each of these things.  Not really in any particular order:

  1. Facebook. Duh.
  2. LinkedIn. Not so duh… but if you are poking around, reading articles, reading influencers, sifting through Group Discussions, with no purpose, just to veg or take a break, you are probably wasting time. Looking people up?  Then what do you do with them?  If you are just making lists that you aren’t going to reach out to, then STOP.
  3. Sudoko. I know, you deserve it.  It’s just one game.  It’s just 15 minutes.  It’s to clear your mind.  Two hours later….
  4. Breakfasts and lunches with friends.  Unless you are purposeful and strategic, and watch your time, you are just chilling, chewing the fat, and resting.  A friend of mine once had 5 lunch meetings… in one day.  Each one was purposeful and strategic.
  5. Twitter. Unless you are using tactics to quickly find your next contact, or info about that contact so you can have a meaningful conversation, it’s probably better to stay away.
  6. Huffington Post, Blaze, your local news site, etc. Yeah, sure you are just getting caught up on today’s news that might impact what you will talk about, or you are just taking a few minutes to rest from the job search.  This will rarely result in anything important or helpful, and will more often lead you to waste a few more minutes, which will add up.
  7. TMZ, People, etc. Stop taking a break to see what the privileged people get to wear, do, eat, drive, etc.
  8. Tweaking your resume. Yes, make necessary changes.  But if you are spending hours each day/week/month making changes, you are probably hiding behind the comfort of your screen rather than send that email or make that phone call.
  9. Tweaking your job search spreadsheet. Same as tweaking your resume.  What’s more important, having a good conversation or adding a new column to track some random thing? Stop hiding! And yeah, this is one reason we made JibberJobber.
  10. Driving.  Sure you have to go here and there, and there and here.  But if you spend too much time behind the windshield, just to make these face-t0-face connections that don’t go anywhere, don’t you think you might spend your time better from your home-base?
  11. Phone calls, when unprepared.  Do you know what you are calling for?  What constitutes a successful call (or voicemail)?  If you don’t know, then pause, figure out your objectives, and then figure out what successful calls look like.  THEN DO THAT.
  12. Information Interviews, almost all the time.  Unless you know what you are doing, you are probably going in with a resume, as a needy job seeker, and putting yourself in an awkward and unfortunate situation.  It’s a waste of time for you and them, and you won’t get what you need.  You can watch my course on Informational Interviews once you login to JibberJobber, then click the Pluralsight link in the white box.  Free.
  13. Pouting. I know, it sucks.  You were wronged. I was wronged. I worked too hard in my career, and in school, to be unemployed. But guess what? This is your story!  You get to create and live your own hero story.  That means things are hard, but in the end you win.  Don’t spend too much time feeling sorry for yourself… it’s time to get to work.
  14. Cleaning your “office.”  Whatever your office is… mine was a wobbly card table and La-Z-Boy, with a laptop, in a corner of my bedroom.  I could spend a few minutes here and a few minutes there cleaning, tidying, dejunking… and realize that an hour later I was indeed avoiding my job search because throwing away papers is a lot easier than calling someone who might reject me.
  15. Knocking one more thing off the Honey Do List. Yes, things still need to get done.  But there is a time to do it, just like when you had a job. It’s not time to repaint your bedroom, or put in a garden.  Do this after hours, like you would have done if you had a job.
  16. Job boards.  Stop the madness. I spent way too much time on job boards, looking, hoping… I should have been working my network, and finding jobs that weren’t advertised yet.  The “hidden job market,” they call it.
  17. Reading books relevant to your job search or job/career. Maybe 10 or 15 minutes a day during prime time, if you need a break, otherwise save this self-study for later.  Right now you need to send that email, or pick up the phone.
  18. Ready, fire, aim!  In other words, doing without knowing what you are doing. When I started my job search I assumed that I knew how to do a job search, I just needed to muscle my way through it. I spent the next 8 weeks living on job boards, sure that the next job posted would be right for me. I wish I would have paused, listened to the experts, and re-calibrated my strategy.
  19. Multi-tasking.  Turn off netflix, the TV, or any other distractions that are causing you to not be 100% mentally present. A couple of weeks ago I was sick and needed to sleep, so I put on a nature show to fall asleep to.  The problem was it was so interesting that I couldn’t let myself fall asleep… I had to turn it off and put on something I had seen a few times… something boring.
  20. Doing it alone. Get an accountability partner who will help you be accountable for what you should do and where you spend your time. I didn’t have an accountability partner to help me get my MBA, why would I need one for the job search?  Because for many of us, this is uncharted territory and we’ll make mistakes in tactics, and we’ll waste time on things from this list.  Just knowing that someone is looking over our shoulder, or will ask you questions once a week, should help you stay on track and do the right things.
  21. Avoiding weekly job search clubs. I was chicken. I still get nervous when I go to these things.  I get that.  But this is where I learned that (a) I was okay, and normal, and I didn’t need to internalize the blame for being unemployed, and (b) I was doing all the wrong things in the job search, and how to do the right things, and (c) I was not alone, and there were many others in my boat who would help me (or who needed my help). I swear by job clubs… just realize, sometimes you go to GET, and sometimes you go to GIVE.  Don’t just go to get.

A few thoughts:

There is time to do any of all of this stuff… but it’s not during the prime time of your job search.

Being busy does not equal being effective.  Re-evaluate where you spend your time, and face your fears (which is usually the phone).

You can learn about a principle-based job search, and specific strategies and tactics, from my premium job search and career videos on Pluralsight – no cost to you.  Here’s the step-by-step of how you do it (and get 7 days of JibberJobber premium for each course you watch!).

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The Last Missing Piece for JibberJobber Success is Finally Coming (and request for help)

April 1st, 2015

Nine years ago I was on the phone with one of my competitors for our first (and only) phone call.  As soon as he started talking, my heart stopped and my stomach dropped.  I knew it was going to be a hard, long battle to compete with this guy and his company.

You see, he had a British accent.  I knew, from watching too many Disney movies, that British accents trump American accents.  Not only did I not have a British accent but I had lived in Idaho for almost 10 years, where I adopted an Idaho farmer accent.  My choice of words, pronunciation, and speed of talking was clearly inferior to his slick, refined British accent.

The truth is, over the last nine years we’ve worked on JibberJobber functionality a lot.  We’ve done awesome, amazing things.  And you have noticed.  In the last year we’ve had more annual upgrades than ever, and our users are more engaged and serious about using JibberJobber during and even after their job search.  We know this is because of the time and effort we’ve spent designing and developing, and working with customers to get and implement suggestions.

But the presentation we’ve put in front of customers, with my U.S. accent, is clearly holding us back.

Today I am announcing that we are officially on the hunt to translate the entire site, written and audio, to an accented version of English.  

Will you please leave a comment and give us your preference of any of the following accents that we should consider translating JibberJobber to?  Remember, this is for anything written as well as all radio, podcast and video productions. It will be a big job, but I know that with the right accent we will gain more users, and have more upgrades, and help many more people.  We’re just being held back right now.

Here are the top accents we are considering (in no particular order):

  • Canadian, eh?
  • Southern U.S., y’all
  • Austrilian, mate
  • British, chap

Other accents that we’ve been encouraged to consider include:

  • Cholo, or Mexican-American, vato (I am Mexican-American)
  • New Zealand
  • Indian (India)
  • Irish
  • South African

Here are accents we’ve decided accounts:

  • Hawaiian Pidgin English
  • English with a heavy German accent
  • Bostonian

So, what do you think?  I’ll make a decision in the next 30 days, and move forward with a firm that will help me translate and re-record everything into one of the above.  Which do you vote for?

And, if you want to be the new voice for JibberJobber, please submit an audio demo so we can see if your accent is the right one to take JibberJobber to the next level!



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