JibberJobber Limits: 500 Contacts and 500 Companies… What Does This Mean?

May 7th, 2015

In a recent Forbes article that recommended JibberJobber, there is a line about the limit of 500 Contacts and 500 Companies in JibberJobber on the free side. Let me explain what you should know about this limit. You can see the small list of reasons to upgrade here.  It’s a small list because EVERYTHING ELSE is in the free version… that means the free version is super cool, super powerful.

When you upgrade, or when you are on the free upgrade (14 days from when you sign up, or 7 additional days each time you watch the Orientation, or 7 additional days every time you watch one of my Pluralsight courses… seriously, you could be on a free upgrade forever!), you can add or import more than 500 Contacts and 500 Companies.

For example, let’s say I sign up today, starting my 14 days of Premium trial… I can import my hundreds or thousands of LinkedIn contacts. Or I can import from my Outlook contact book, or any other address book I’ve used (as long as it exports to a csv file), even though it is over the 500 limit.

When you are on a Premium “trial,” you have a full Premium account.  That’s why you can go over the 500 limit.

Let’s say you get to the end of the trial and have decided to not upgrade.  Note: the upgrade is $9.95 a month, or $60 for a year (which comes out to $5/month).  If you go to the regular level, we DO NOT hide your Contacts, or impede you from accessing them, including them in reports, editing or associating them, creating Log Entries and Action Items… in other words, once they are in, they are in.

If you are a “regular” user (which means you haven’t upgraded), you cannot add any more Contacts if you are over the 500 limit.  It’s as simple as that.  You can’t import more (you won’t have access to the import page, since importing is one of the four reasons to upgrade), and you can’t add any more Contacts manually…

It’s as simple as that.

What this means is that JibberJobber is a very robust tool for you whether you have upgraded or not.  If you have more than 500 Contacts you want to track, then put them all in in the first 14 days.  If you want to import again, but not pay the $5 or $10/month, then just watch one of my Pluralsight courses, or come to the JibberJobber orientation, and earn free Premium.

I should clarify that once you go to the regular/free level, you always have access to most of the features (except the four listed on the Why Upgrade page), and all of your data.  We never lock you out of your data.  You put it in, it’s yours to access and use forever.

JibberJobber is a long-term career management and relationship management tool… not a temporary bandaid for the job search.

I hope that helps clarify the 500 Contacts / 500 Companies question :)


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