How To: Lose A Job Offer

September 18th, 2015

Alison Doyle has a great post on About Careers titled 10 Tips for Keeping It Professional When Job Searching. Keeping it professional is, in my mind, translated to not messing things up. ┬áHere are her tips – go to this page to see what she says about each of them, and then make sure you are not messing things up!

  1. Avoid TMI
  2. Don’t be a creep!
  3. Use proper grammar, not acronyms
  4. Compose professional emails
  5. Develop a personal rapport, but don’t go to far
  6. Mind your social media presence
  7. Use appropriate channels of communication
  8. Act appropriately at a cafe, bar, or restaurant interview
  9. Don’t make jokes on your cover letter or resume
  10. Don’t be a slob

All common sense stuff, right? ┬áThere’s a reason why this is an important article!

If that was helpful, check out her article on building rapport during a job interview.

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