Should I Keep My LinkedIn Account?

October 13th, 2015

I got an email from a colleague who says he’s had this one question for a few months:

“Why should I keep LinkedIn?”

This is a good question.  Perhaps, maybe, you shouldn’t. Maybe you should delete it.

For most people, let me suggest that there’s no harm or commitment or money involved in keeping their LinkedIn account. It doesn’t make sense to delete your LinkedIn account, simply because it takes almost nothing to get it, and keep it up.

I’m not one of those LinkedIn enthusiasts that almost-blindly declares that you HAVE TO, or that not being on LinkedIn is a “deadly mistake” (um, it’s not deadly), or that “if you are not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist” (I’ve quoted recruiters on that one, though).  Not being on LinkedIn is not the end of the world.  Your career will not collapse, and you won’t be the laughing stock of the block if you don’t have a LinkedIn account.

The cost of having a LinkedIn account is so low (no money, just a little bit of time), and usually there is NO HARM (barring the weirdo stalkers that some people have to deal with) that I’m an advocate of having one.  Here is my advice for doing the least amount possible on LinkedIn:

  1. Get a free account
  2. Spend a couple/few hours on your Profile.
  3. Ignore all the invitations you get from people (unless you want to take a half second and accept

That’s a low-maintenance approach to having a LinkedIn account, and as far as some people are concerned, “existing.” If you are wondering how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile, check this Pluralsight course: LinkedIn Strategy: Optimize Your Profile. You can get a 30 day pass to Pluralsight, no credit card required, through JibberJobber – just check out the video here. All of my advice to help you have a great LinkedIn profile is in that video.

Let’s go back to the question… what if you aren’t’ getting any value out of LinkedIn? It’s “not working” for you? It seems like too many articles I read about LinkedIn on mainstream sites have more negative comments about LinkedIn than positive comments. Many people are frustrated, not finding value, etc. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t value to be found.

My argument is simple: in less than a couple of hours you can have a good-enough profiile, and then move on to the rest of your life. Really, nothing to lose.

If you want to do more, you can. If you want to get more, you can.  You’ll have to put some time and effort into it.  You’ll want to watch my LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies course on Pluralsight (again free, this is how).

Why would you keep it, and do nothing with it? Perhaps someone will find you. A new boss, a new partner, etc.

Why would you not keep it?  Perhaps you are worried about getting spam through LinkedIn. Or recruiters won’t stop bugging you. Or you really do have a stalker.  I’m not going to say you have to have an account. You can certainly live without one, and you can do very well. It’s not a requirement for success.

But for the cost, it seems like an easy choice to make.


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Free Resources from Martin Buckland (An Elite Resume)

October 12th, 2015

martin_buckland_headshotHere are some great free resources that should help you in your job search… all you need to do is put your first name and email address in his form:

  • Resume Keywords
  • Resume Action Verbs
  • Job Search Analog
  • Resume 101
  • Top 25 Mistakes

Looks like some great resources – thanks Martin!


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JibberJobber Orientation Added to the Course Tracker

October 9th, 2015

We designed the Course Tracker to allow you to self-report and claim an extra week of Premium…. which is exactly what people do with the JibberJobber Orientation video. Now, instead of emailing us and asking for an additional seven day upgrade for having watched the Orientation videos, you can simply go into the Tracker and self-report.

In the list on that page, the Orientation is the last one listed.  Here’s a video that shows how to turn the Tracker on:

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New Pluralsight Courses Added to the Tracker

October 8th, 2015

I recently added a few new courses to the tracker… I have ordered these for job seekers, but feel free to skip around the list.  If you are trying to figure out how to turn on the tracker, watch the video below.  The new courses are:

  1. How to Get Your Next Promotion
  2. Marketing and Selling Your Own Products and Services
  3. Working on a Team
  4. Creating and Leading Effective Teams

Remember, each time you watch a Jason Alba course on Pluralsight, come back to JibberJobber and self-report to get another week-upgrade (per watch).

Tomorrow I’ll share another course added, although it’s not a Pluralsight course :)

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Understanding the Pluralsight Tracker

October 7th, 2015

You’ve probably heard of the ability to get 30 days of Pluralsight through JibberJobber, and each time you watch a Jason Alba course, you can get another seven days Premium upgrade.  This is a self-service process… you can watch a short video below the image, showing you how to do this… in this post I wanted to share how the Course Tracker works (yes, we are changing the name from Video Tracker to Course Tracker).  Each point corresponds with the appropriate red number on the image below.

If you don’t know how to get to the tracker, watch the video below the image, or click Tools on the main menu, then Pluralsight Videos.

  1. This counter shows you how many days you have left, according to when you turned the video on. It might be off a day or two, depending on when you actually go into the Tracker.
  2. These instructions explain that… so you don’t think you still have a day left and are really out of your 30 days.
  3. This is your unique code to get your 30 day pass… we put this here for the people who didn’t sign up on Pluralsight, but turned the tracker on.  Oops!
  4. This shows you how many of the courses you have watched (but not how many times you have watched them). Right now there are 21, and I’ve watched 3 of them. Even after you get to 100% you can still watch and rewatch courses and get the week-long upgrades…
  5.  This text shows you how many weeks (or days) of upgrade you have gotten, and what the date is that your JibberJobber account should go back to Regular.
  6. This shows one of the courses… you can click on the title or the link to get to the course and start watching it (assuming you are logged into Pluralsight).
  7. This is the button to say you have watched a course. Note that I’ve clicked on this eyeball icon three times, which means I’ve watched the course three times (and gotten three one-week upgrades).
  8. This red 0 shows that I haven’t watched this course yet.  Please remember you have to come back into the course tracker and self-report, since we are not tied into Pluralsight’s tracking tools.

Pretty easy, huh? More important than that, great training is at your fingertips, for free. If you choose to continue your account at Pluralsight, you can do so for $29/month, and you can still come back into JibberJobber and claim more week-long upgrades!


Here’s the video that shows how all of this works (including getting your own Pluralsight account):

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Need Encouragement? FREE ​Encouragement Matters Telesummit

October 6th, 2015

denny_stockdale_headshotI met Denny Stockdale a few years ago, while speaking in the Minneapolis area. Denny is a great guy, and has been a passionate supporter of JibberJobber, and JibberJobber users, for years.

Denny is the organizer of the Enouragement Matters Telesummit, which is FREE, over 12 days, with 12 sessions.  Go to this page and register (at the bottom).  Denny wants you to attend the sessions if you say yes to any of these:

  • Have you ever pursued a big dream that didn’t come true?
  • Have you ever been afraid of failure?
  • Have you ever let the past interfere with the present?
  • Have you ever had “negative” self-talk?
  • Have you ever felt under-appreciated?

 I want you to sign up for this free event if you are (a) a job seeker, and/or (b) a (wanna-be) entrepreneur.

Denny is awesome, and his guests seem like they are really cool.  Here’s what the agenda looks like (more details here… also, these are all at 8pm EST except the two on Saturdays, which are at noon EST)

Monday, October 12: Dr. Dale Anderson: The Chemistry of Happiness: Curtain UP!

Tuesday, October 13: Barry Shore: Reframing the ART of LIVING

Wednesday, October 14: Lisa Bloom, The Story Coach : Your story is your success

Thursday, October 15: Dr. Suzanne Lerner : Transforming Your Inner Critic Into Your Inner Ally

Friday, October 16: Yvonne Silver : Stop “burning out” and start living – the power of your words

Saturday: October 17: Pete Evans : The Go-Giver Attitude to create a Kinder world

Monday, October 19: Kim Clausen : Be HAPPY: Humor And Purpose Power You!

Tuesday, October 20: Caroline Ceniza-Levine and Renita Kalhorn: Encouragement and Resilience: The Secret To Achieving Success In Business and Life

Wednesday, October 21: Elizabeth Craig : 3 Key Tips: Encouragement in Leadership and Successful Career Transitions

Thursday, October 22: Andy Spyros : Creating the Energy of Success

Friday, October 23: Catherine Byers Breet: Falling down (and other great ways to achieve your dreams)

Saturday, October 24: Denny Stockdale : The power of Encouragement, Faith, and Curiosity

Looks pretty awesome, right?  Sign up for the free event, and then attend as many as you can.  I imagine we can all use some encouragement!

NOTE: Denny emailed me and let me know that the event is free, and he will offer the recordings for a nominal price.  If you can’t make it to the live recordings, that is a great option. I won’t be able to give anyone the recordings… you can get those through Denny :)

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Lisa Rangel’s Rant: 5 Signs You Might Be A Delusional Executive Job Seeker

October 5th, 2015

lisa_rangel_headshot3This is a great post on LinkedIn from Lisa Rangel: 5 Signs You Might Be A Delusional Executive Job SeekerTake a few minutes and check it out. Here are just some of my favorite quotes:

I’m annoyed at the delusional expectations of some executive job seekers…

[I’m annoyed at] the infectious negativity they spread by not accepting job-seeking life for what it is.

The executive job search is a sales process. It’s not an entitlement program.

You are enraged when you think hiring managers are wrongly using age as a factor in not hiring you, yet, you begin your resume and LinkedIn profile with “Over 30 years of experience…”

The job search is not an entitlement program where you are entitled to a response, feedback, above-market offer and a cushy job each and every time you want it and just because you put 20+ years in…

The whole post is really quite good… some people need to print it and read it with a highlighter.  I love how she contrasts the job search from an entitlement program to instead a survival of the fittest.

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When the Biggest Mistake Is Okay (Jia Jiang)

October 2nd, 2015

Jia Jiang has a fun and kind of funny story about his mistake that supposedly cost him millions of dollars.

But, it is okay. It wasn’t the end of the world. He recovered. Read his cool story here: Embarrassing myself in front of LinkedIn’s CEO cost me millions of dollars, but it was the best mistake I ever made

You might feel like you have made some pretty big mistakes, too. And, it’s okay. You can recover.

Last year I was camping with some friends, one of which is a specialty pharmacist. His specialty is working with emergency room and NICU doctors. Talk about high-stress, fast-paced!  I asked him what he has seen in his job that has amazed him the most about medicine, or the human body.  After a minute to reflect, he replied:

“I’m amazed at the body’s ability to heal itself.”

This, coming from someone who has seen people coming back from near-death trauma.

Our careers can actually heal, too. As a job seeker we feel like we are getting a black eye, or have introduced something that is irreparably harmful. It will forever impact our brand, reputation, or marketability. In reality, though, our careers can heal.  We can heal.

Just stick with it, continue to do good things, and this will pass like water under a bridge.  I know it might not feel like that now, but it can later.

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Is The Hidden Job Market Phooey?

October 1st, 2015

I’ve written plenty on the so-called “hidden job market.”  Check out this quote I found in a document describing how you can set up a job ministry (aka, job club):

“Over 80% of available jobs are never published in public media of any kind.”

I don’t know where that statistic comes from. I don’t know if it is true.  But even if it is partly true, the message is that you will not find all of the opportunities out there on job boards, or wherever else you might be looking.

What does this mean?

Job coaches are quick to point out that whatever you can find online will be the low-hanging-fruit for the general population. In other words, EVERYONE and their dog will be applying to the easy-to-find opportunities.  This means you become one of many. This means the people sifting through the applicants will have to sift through (a) a lot and (b) a lot of unqualified people.  It is tedious, and that is why they bring in the Applicant Tracking System, which by it’s very nature will be flawed.

This is where you enter the discouraging “resume black hole.”  You can spend hours and hours each day playing this game. Some call it a numbers came. I call it usually fruitless.

What about the other 80% of opportunities that are unposted?  Where are they, and how do you tap into them?

Much of that 80% really comes down to this:

  • Who knows you, and
  • What they know about you.

That “simply” comes down to (a) networking and (b) personal branding.

The good news: you can do this!

The not-so-g0od news: it will take work, and can take time. And you need to learn some new skills, get out of your comfort zone, and apply tactics consistently.

Have I lost you yet?

It’s okay, you can go back to the 20% of opps out there, and keep applying all day long.  Play that game. Some of you will win it.

For me, I’d rather figure out a solution to my career management that will be valuable both long-term and short-term.

IT IS TIME to take our career management into our own hands. This simply means that networking, and personal branding (or, reputation management), becomes the most important things we can do to help us in this job search, and every job search to ever come.

I’ve seen people who have done this, and I’ve seen the results of their activities. I’ve even seen introverts and old people (read: people who face yucky age discrimination) do this successfully.

I know YOU can do this.

Here’s THE tool to help you with your networking, specifically, managing, nurturing and improving the relationship:

There are free trainings you can get on Pluralsight on branding, networking, communication, etc. Pluralsight costs money, but I can get you a 30 day pass.  As a bonus, if you watch any of my courses, I’ll upgrade you another seven days on JibberJobber’s Premium level.  Watch the video below to see how to get access to the videos, and how to claim your week-long upgrades for watching my courses:

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