Happy Veterans Day (Free JibberJobber Upgrade)

November 11th, 2015

Happy Veterans Day!  This is a day I think about many people in my life who have served in the military, including family who served in WWII, my cousin who was deployed multiple times in the last few years, my other cousin who is a Dentist at an Air Force base, my father-in-law who had a meaningful career in the Air Force, my cousin who served in the Navy, and many friends and other family who have served in the military, in some capacity.

I also think about the JibberJobber users who have sent me a DD 214 showing proof of service, to claim their free one year upgrade on JibberJobber. I’ve seen a lot of these come through, and it makes us proud to give just a little to these people who have given so much. I’ve been asked if we give the free one year upgrade to those who served a long, long time ago, as well as those who are just leaving military service. The answer is YES, if you are or have been a veteran, you get a year of premium JibberJobber.

Why do we do this? JibberJobber for veterans: why?

What other career companies give discounts? Career Service Providers Who Provide Discounts for Military Veterans (let me know if any are outdated)

When did all this start?  Since the beginning. Here are my thoughts from July 2006, just two months after we launched: JibberJobber for the troops

Please share this with anyone you know, so we can get this information to the people who need it.  Thank you!


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Congratulations to Nick Corcodilos: Ask the HeadHunter!

November 10th, 2015

NickCorcodilosI met Nick Corcodilos when he was speaking to a group of resume writers in Savannah, at a conference. His message was so blunt that some offended writers walked out and paced the hallway, fuming.  I went out to see what the chatter was, and how this dude could have offended these people so much.

Not too long after, we were on a phone call, and over the years our relationship was strengthened.  Here’s what I love about Nick: he tells it like it is.

One of my chief complaints as a job seeker was that I couldn’t get honest feedback from anyone. Information was sanitized and simplified.  I wasn’t getting the results I needed. How do you make progress when you don’t get the right information from anyone?

Nick was the guy who didn’t hold back, didn’t give you sanitized information… if you wanted an answer, he gave the answer.  Some people can’t handle that.  But most job seekers need that.  That’s why I have loved Nick’s writings, blog posts, newsletter, columns, etc.

And you should too.

To get a taste of what I’m talking about, check out this celebration post: 600 Editions: The Best of Ask The Headhunter!  Bookmark that post and read each of the posts that Nick links to.  And sign up for his newsletter (there is a link at the bottom of his post titled “encourage them to subscribe”… this is one newsletter that I have been on for years, and I read almost every email he sends!

Congrats Nick, and on behalf of job seekers everyone, THANK YOU!



I Want To Talk To Recruiters About Job Postings

November 9th, 2015

Last week I had a super-insightful call about job postings and job boards with a senior recruiter.  It was eye-opening and exciting.

I’ve been a student of the job search world for 9+ years, and I’ve written plenty about job postings and job boards.  It’s time for me to learn more about the current state of affairs of job postings and job boards, and specifically, what do you LOVE and HATE about job boards, as far as where they meet your needs?

If you are a recruiter, or if you have ever posted a “job ad” (maybe you were in HR, or you were the hiring manager, or an admin who posted for someone), let’s jump on a call.  Email me at and help me understand this space better.

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Technology Evolution, Change, and Opportunity

November 5th, 2015

Check out this cool image I found, shared by my friend Vincent Wright (this is an animated image – click the image to see the animation, which goes to, the company behind the image):


As the animation continues you see each of the things on the desk, and the wall, move into the computer… because of apps that replace each of those things.  Here’s what it looks like in 2006, when JibberJobber was started:



And here is what the desk looks like in 2015:


Seriously, click on any of the images, or here, to see the animations. It’s pretty cool.

Change.  It is scary. It is disrupting. If you worked at a company making any of the physical things on the desk in the 1980’s, you have probably felt the stress of the technology replacing what you provided.

Scary change.  But you know what?  Change is double-edged… it can cripple one person (who doesn’t manage change) while it can create wealth and stability for another.

Change should be synonymous with opportunity. Because when something changes, there are opportunities for new products of services.

You can be scared, and wait to see how the dust settles, or if you look for opportunities.

If you are not inclined to look for opportunities, be an astute observer of who is identifying and moving on opportunities, and then align yourself with them. In my local market I saw the opportunity-finders and movers in Fusion I/O and Pluralsight… there are others in my market, and I’m sure there are others in your market.

Don’t fear change. It is inevitable. What you will come to realize is that change will have a huge impact on your career. What you do today might be completely different than what you do next year.  Your career in ten or twenty years might be completely different than anything you could imagine.

Scary, I know.  But it’s also very, very exciting.

What role will you play in the change?




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How To: Add a BIG Document to JibberJobber

November 4th, 2015

In JibberJobber one of the main menu items is Docs… you can upload your resumes, cover letters, reference letters, even job descriptions (I wouldn’t recommend that) to the Docs area (also known as Document Manager).  Once your document is in there, you can then “associate” it to a Contact, Company or Job.

For example, let’s say you have sent your resume to three people, used it to apply to five jobs at four companies… you would have your resume once in the Document Manager, and then you would have associated it to each of the three Contacts, five Jobs, and four Companies.

If you were to go to any of those records, you would see your resume in the Associated Docs area (along with any other document you used, sent to, etc. that record).

If you go back to the Document Manager, you would see you have associated your resume twelve times… and you can click on the number 12 and see when and where you used that resume.

This is pretty cool, and can help you identify opportunities for follow-up.

If, however, your document is over 2Mb, you can’t upload the file to the Document Manager. JibberJobber was never optimized to be a storage system like Box or Dropbox, or the clouds provided by Google (Drive), Microsoft (OneDrive), Apple (iCloud), etc. We want to focus on relationship management and follow-up, not on duplicating the hardware and software genius that those systems have created.

So we interface with them.

Ideally we will interface with all of the big ones… for now, here are your options:

1. Dropbox: Put a file on Dropbox, and then you can “Add a document from dropbox” (that is a link on the Document Manager page). We have an API set up with Dropbox so it’s pretty easy to take a file from there and easily associate it to JibberJobber.  There are benefits to this option, including: (a) you can see the associations of this file, which really resides on Dropbox, with your JibberJobber records, and (b) you get to associate files as big as you want (perhaps company financials or annual reports, which can easily be over 2Mb). Note that the plan is to API with other systems, but we’ve had other fish to fry, and we haven’t finished interfacing with other systems yet.

2. Universal hack: That is, have your bigger-than-2Mb file somewhere online, and then put the link to the elsewhere-hosted-file on the Record page.  This is pretty simple to do. First, upload your file to Google Docs, for example. You’ll have a unique URL for that file in Google Docs.  Simply copy that URL and then go to your Contact (or Company or Job) page and paste the link on that page.  Where?  Perhaps in the Notes section… perhaps in a Log Entry… you can even create a custom field if you want.  My preference would likely be the Notes section.  This is an ideal work-around for annual reports, which you would likely only link to from one Company record, and not really care about other associations).  This works with any system that allows you to (a) upload a document to their system, and (b) get a URL that takes you to that document.

Sorry for not having all of the APIs in place yet… but option #2 means that you can use any system you want for file storage.  The two most popular will be Gmail (Google Drive/Docs) and dropbox (which gives you a lot of storage on their free account).

Let us know if you have any questions :)

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Like Wine and Cheese, JibberJobber Gets More Valuable With Time

November 2nd, 2015

Last week I wrote about how JibberJobber saved the day, and the first comment had this gem in it:

“3. The longer you use JibberJobber, the more valuable it becomes. Can you imagine if a new graduate started to use it and continued throughout their career? The same question from another vantage point: can you imagine how great it would be if YOU started using JibberJobber ten years ago and all that information was at your fingertips RIGHT NOW?”

That’s a powerful question.  Kind of a sad question, too, if you are just getting started.

But this question/answer series comes to mind:

Q: When is the best time to plant a tree?

A: 20 years ago.

Q: When is the second est time to plant a tree?

A: Now!

Yes, it would be awesome if you had started 10 years ago.  But if you didn’t, now is the best time to get started!

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