Putting The JibberJobber Upgrade Cost Into Perspective

June 20th, 2016

If you upgrade for a month on JibberJobber, it is $9.95. If you choose a one year upgrade, it is $60… or the equivalent to $5/month (that is, a 50% savings).

We work dang hard to provide value to you….┬áLet’s compare that to other things that you might relate to (some of these are approximates… but reasonably close… If I’m wrong on any of these, leave a comment):

“Limo” ride to airport in most places I’ve been: $75 + expected tip

LinkedIn upgrade: $299/year

Evernote upgrade: 24.99 year

Amazon Prime: $99/year


Hulu: $95.88/year

Inc magazine: $10/year

Costco membership: $55/year or $110/year

Sam’s Club membership: $45/year

Fill up my gas tank: about $40/week

Starbucks, 250 days, @3.50/cup: $875/year

Short cab ride in NYC: $40

Traffic ticket for improper lane change: $120 (don’t ask)

Dinner for four at an average restaurant: $50

Lower cost for dozen roses, delivered: $43.50

Skype (+skypein and voice mail): $36/year

Resume: $500 (give or take a thousand bucks)

Outplacement: $2,000 (give or take a few thousand)

The ladders: $99/year $24.95/month

I’m sure I’m missing some things… To those who spend money on JibberJobber, THANK YOU :)


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