New Orientation Guide for New JibberJobber Users

December 11th, 2018

One of the things I learned at my last company was the power and importance of helping new users get up and running. In industry this is called “on-boarding” (which sounds a lot better than off-boarding, right?).

I recently created a short, easy-to-use guide that will help you on-board yourself quickly with the most important features in JibberJobber:

Guide: Getting Started on JibberJobber

I hope this is helpful for you. Even if you’ve used JibberJobber for a while, it might be a good sync to know what I think is important as far as using the basics of JibberJobber.


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I got laid off. Again.

December 10th, 2018

JibberJobber Layoff Sad KittenIn February I got my “dream job” at a “best companies to work for” place here in Utah. It was great… while it lasted.

And then it wasn’t great.

And then it didn’t last.

That’s another story for another day. Instead of going there, I want to share something awesome with you.

Almost 13 years ago I got The Big Layoff. It was… I don’t know, devastating? Life changing?

It was hard. Really hard.

A few months later I came up with the idea for JibberJobber. I was passionate about the idea of creating “multiple streams of income,” in part because of the book by the same title, by Robert G Allen. I read about half of the book while on vacation, and I really wanted to have more than one way to make money.

When I lost my job in 2006, the people who made the decision to let me go took away 100% of my income.

Does that make any sense? Why do we let others, who have very little (if any) interest in our future have 100% control of our income???

I started JibberJobber thinking “if I can just make $100/month, the next time I get laid off they won’t be able to take away 100% of my income. There will be a little part of my total income that they can’t take away!”

Fast forward almost 13 years. I’m sitting in an office with my new boss (not the boss who hired me), and she’s saying all the words to let me go. “Your final day is November 30th…. ”

As she continued to talk, I kept thinking about the three active revenue streams that I have built over the last 13 years. Of course, I have JibberJobber. I also have Pluralsight royalties. And, not by plan but by happenstance, I have two rentals, both generating income.

Three income streams.

In reality, my job was one of four income streams.

I tell you this story because the contrast between my layoff in 2006 was drastically different than my layoff in 2018. In 2006 they took away 100% of my income. In 2018 they took away less than 50% of my income.

Who was empowered?

Which scenario would you rather experience?

For years my Career Management 2.0 presentations where about two things: networking and personal branding. I’ve struggled, for years, to imagine what else should be included.

And now I can comfortably say it is multiple streams of income AND how we spend our money. If you add the financial part to the networking and branding part, I think you can be in much better control of your career present and future than if you do just one of those three. Or if you don’t do any of them (and let your career just sort of happen).




Epic News: My Next Pluralsight Course is Live (How to Have Difficult Conversations)

December 6th, 2018

For the last three years my time spent on Pluralsight courses was winded down significantly. I went from creating about twelve courses in a year (which was no easy task) to zero… I found that stopping that revenue stream left a significant void in my schedule and my income… which is one reason why I went to work for BambooHR.

Miracle of miracles, in October I was on a call with my main contact and we were talking about starting up again. And so we did… and today I get to announce that my 31st course is live! This one is on How to Have Difficult Conversations.


I’m proud of this course for various reasons. I think I did a really good job on the course, in general. With the help of Pluralsight and a peer reviewer, I think this is my most visually appealing course (although I make my courses so that you could listen to them on a treadmill, or without visuals).

The idea for this course came from listening to conversations at BambooHR. One of their unspoken themes is around having difficult, or crucial, conversations. In fact, they recently sent everyone the book Crucial Conversations. If that doesn’t tell you it’s on their mind, then what does?

Difficult conversations… with a colleague, a boss, a subordinate (I don’t like that word :/), a spouse, a neighbor, a loved one… with whoever. They are a part of our world. We may try to avoid them but we won’t avoid all of them.

An executive at Bamboo asked me to have a difficult conversation with someone, and said something like: Every time someone has a difficult conversation, good comes out of it. Every single time.

Avoid them if you must, but you are avoiding personal growth. You are avoiding better relationships and a better work or home environment. Avoiding difficult conversations will stunt progress.

Having difficult conversations, with planning and purpose, and do wonders.

Spend 94 minutes on my course, and you should be on your way to having better difficult conversations!

Want free access to my course? Want 30 days of full Pluralsight access, at no cost to you? Leave a comment or message me and I’ll tell you how. No obligation… 

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Starting a Business: Crazy or Inspired?

December 5th, 2018

I was reading about a local (Utah) company that has seen some great success. The part that hooked me in was the struggles the owner and his family went through.  The last line of the last comment (as of right now) says:

 Starting a business is a gamble, and well over half don’t work out, and there’s no getting back the investments you made into it. The fine line between crazy and inspired gets crossed many times.

Yep. Crazy on one side of the line, inspired on the other, and you kind of walk it like a tight rope… sometimes falling on either side.

I will say, however, that the power of having any income streams, more than your job (which for most is the primary income stream) is so empowering.

Even having something that you put on pause, but can fire up again if you lose your job (aka, primary income stream), is awesome.

Imagine this scenario: you have a job, and you have something going on in the background (right now this is called a “side hustle”). One day you get laid off.

When I was laid off in January of 2006, I had no side hustle, and it was a painful and scary journey.

When I was laid off from BambooHR (my last day was Nov 30th, last week), I did have a side hustle. Actually, I have three side hustles. One was completely paused (it is now unpaused), another was very passive (I have two rental units), and the third, JibberJobber, I had my team working on it and directed them much less than I had for the previous 12 years.

Know what? Getting laid off sucks. It is demoralizing, and has a crazy serious impact on your life in so many ways.

There is no way around that. It sucks.

But getting laid off with three side hustles?

Guess who is not as terrified as he was almost 13 years ago, the last time this happened?

It took a lot of work to get here. And now that I’m here, and recently laid off, my message is louder than ever.

People: Manage your careers!!!!!

This includes networking. It includes personal branding. And it definitely includes creating other revenue streams (and managing your spending)!

More to come…



How to Export from JibberJobber (or, how to backup my JibberJobber data)

December 4th, 2018

I just received the following email/question:

If I sign up for the Premium account, I’ll likely only need it for less than a year until I secure another job. How do I download all the information so that I have it for the future?

I am a big fan of having your own copy of your data … I think the best thing to do is regularly export whatever you want and then putting it into a system like Google (email it to yourself, upload it to your drive, etc.). That way you should be able to access it for years to come.

Here’s a post to help you export your JibberJobber data: Exporting Contacts for Use in Outlook, etc. (if anything is outdated, let me know). The way you export other things, like Companies, Jobs, log entries, action items, etc. is pretty intuitive once you get how to export Contacts.  Also, a great way to export Contacts is to sync them with Google (you can do a one- or two-way sync)

I want to remind you that if you upgrade, it is for a certain period… right now, a year. After the year is up you can either upgrade again or you can let your account go down to a free account.

The important thing to know is that if you go to a free account, we do not delete any data. We also make all data that you have in the system available … you can still search for it, you can add log entries, etc.

Once your data is there, it is there.

I’m not saying there is no reason to back it up, but I do want you to know that if you change your account level (free to premium to free… as many times as you want) you won’t lose any data you put into the system.

I should mention, I’ve been doing JibberJobber for almost 13 years now. Many people have found their dream job, then a few months (or years) later come back into JibberJobber to do another job search. Either their dream job was a dud, or things didn’t work out, or whatever… Remember, JibberJobber is your long-term career management tool… not just your job search organizer!

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