How To Get JibberJobber Premium For Free

July 31st, 2019

jibberjobber-logoWhen you first sign in to JibberJobber you get a full seven day trial. The number 1 thing to do is to set up and play with Email2Log. It is the BEST JibberJobber feature because it allows you to populate your CRM tracking tool simply by sending emails.

After the seven day trial, you should want to continue using the premium features, as well as have more than 25 Contacts and 25 Companies. The easiest way to get free upgrades is by watching any Jason Alba course on Pluralsight. If you don’t have a Pluralsight subscription, get a 30 day pass (in JibberJobber mouse over Videos, click Pluralsight Videos, and get your 30 day code).

Watch any Jason Alba course and then go back to that Pluralsight Videos page in JibberJobber to get to the Tracker where you can self-report and earn additional JibberJobber premium days. Even if you watch the same course multiple times, report back and add more JibberJobber days. Here are six of my Pluralsight courses I recommend for job seekers. Note that you have access to all of Pluralsight during that 30 day period and there are excellent courses on almost everything related to a technical career, including project management, business analysis, and plenty of coding, design, and database courses.

As an example, let’s say you watch one of those courses every day for six days. You would go into the Tracker in JibberJobber and self-report… you’d earn 3 days * 6 courses = 18 free days of JibberJobber premium. Just for learning. Sounds good, right? If you wanted to watch each of them again, you could earn another 18 days. I currently have 32 courses in Pluralsight, so there’s plenty to watch in your 30 day trial.

If you run out, you can easily upgrade for $60 for the year.

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Job Search Program Feedback 2 from Rob Joseph

July 30th, 2019

Rob Joseph MBA Finance Executive OhioYesterday I introduced you to Rob Joseph, MBA, a finance executive who is in Ohio. I shared a bit of our communication, and his thoughts about the Job Search Program. A couple of weeks after I got that email, I got this:

“Yesterday, my second voicemail request for an informational interview resulted in an immediate callback, a 40-minute phone conversation, and an invitation for me to interview in person with a consulting firm in two weeks time.  Fantastic!

[This] method really works!”

That email made my day! The principles of the job search and Rob’s willingness to do it, and end a job search, is what works! Great job Rob!
This can work for you! There’s no silver bullet, nothing magical… and no secrets. It’s a system, based on principle, and your consistent efforts. Ready to get started? Follow the instructions here.

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Job Search Program Feedback 1 from Rob Joseph

July 29th, 2019

Rob Joseph MBA Finance Executive OhioRob Joseph is a finance executive in Ohio. He came across JibberJobber a few months ago and I invited him to be an alpha tester of the Job Search Program. He jumped on it when there wasn’t even an app… I sent him a link to the audio every day. What did he have to say about it early on?

“The key advantage of [today’s audio] is that it got me free from analysis paralysis that has had me stuck for some time.  I was under the impression I had to read every job search book in my library before getting started with my actual, systematic job search.  You told me to get started, and I did.”

This program is all about getting moving. I don’t intend to make you an expert in job search strategy… I also felt like I had to read a lot and study before I could dive into the job search. Instead of spending days and weeks studying to understand, trust me, and work this job search program. You’ll learn as you go, but you don’t need to delay progress and results while learning. Rob continues:

“Also, as much as I liked and learned from your PluralSight videos, this short podcast was much more action-oriented.  I got me to take action.”

I love my Pluralsight courses, too. But they have a different intention and a different audience. This job search program is intended for a job seeker who is serious about making progress and landing a great job. They are ready to put in the work and do hard things. Is that you? Follow the instructions here to get started.

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Job Search Program: What a Job Search Strategy Looks Like (Part 1) #favoriteFriday

July 26th, 2019

jibberjobber-favorite-fridayOver the years I’ve had the opportunity to learn from people who are as passionate about I am about the job search, and helping people. Hannah Morgan is one of those people. Hannah hails from the beautiful city of Rochester, NY, and let me share her 6 steps to Job Search success.

In this favoriteFriday post, I introduce her job search program, and what a job search strategy looks like. This has definitely helped me conceptualize what job seekers should do, systematically, in their job search.

Check out today’s favoriteFriday here: What a Job Search Strategy Looks Like

You can also see links to the other 6 posts, which I’ll share over the next six Fridays.

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Becoming a Better Listener: 500 Ratings!

July 25th, 2019

There’s no prize for getting ratings on a Pluralsight course, but I’ve been watching this inch up towards 500, and I finally saw it hit 500 last week.

Just a fun little milestone that no one will notice, but I want to document it here :)


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How To: Speech to Text on JibberJobber Mobile Apps

July 24th, 2019

Here’s a scenario that Emmett asked me about:

You have a meeting with someone, then get in your truck (he’s in Texas… I’m assuming he’s in a truck :p). Instead of opening the JibberJobber app and typing notes into the Log Entry, he wanted to do speech to text. But how?

Whenever you tap in a box, and get the keyboard, look for the microphone icon. On an android it might be on the right… on an iPhone it’s on the bottom:


Simply tap the mic icon and then talk… and you’ll populate your fields.

Pretty slick, eh?

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Project HOPE, or The Job Search Program, When Your Unemployment Rate is 100%

July 23rd, 2019

Last week while in Austin I saw this article: Utah unemployment rate dropped to 2.8% in June.

Well, isn’t that nice. This is an economic indicator that gives politicians warm fuzzies. “Our policies are clearly working!”

But last week I spoke to six job clubs, to over 300 people who’s personal unemployment rate was 100%. Some have been in the job search just a few weeks. Others have been in the job search almost (or over) a year.

I think it’s important to measure and track the unemployment rate. However, it’s also important to understand what it means, and what it doesn’t mean. Unfortunately, when you are unemployed, or long-term unemployed, the unemployment rate can mean very little. Or it can mean “what’s wrong with me, if it’s such a good economy… why can’t I get a job??”

That’s how my job search was in early 2006. The economy was amazing, but I was “that guy” who couldn’t land a job. I was 100% unemployed and felt like a 100% loser.

This is why I created The Job Search Program (internally named “Project HOPE”). This is a program designed to help job seekers, whether you are new to your job search, or have been looking for too long, get traction and make progress.


The program centers around informational interviews. I teach you what they are and how to do them. My emphasis is actually talking to humans. This is much more scary than applying to jobs online, or doing whatever non-human interaction you have been doing that is getting you nowhere.

It’s a little scary. But I start you off gently. Maybe too gently. One alpha tester said “slow down… this is too much too early.” But other alpha testers said ABSOLUTELY NOT, this is not too slow.

Look, you are on a countdown. I don’t want you to learn it all and then apply it. That could take days, weeks, or months before you start. I’ll teach you as you go. This is on the job training and I’ll help you each step of the way.

You start out gently, talking to people you are comfortable with (maybe close friends and family). It’s easy, and it’s a safe place. As you get better, as you practice, as you grow more comfortable, you start to talk to people in your industry or profession. Within a few weeks you are ONLY talking to people in your industry or profession, and getting referrals from people in your industry or profession.

When I was in my job search I didn’t want to learn for weeks and weeks. I wanted to END my job search. That’s what this program is designed to do.

Ready to stop spinning wheels? Ready to get serious about this “network into your next job?” Let me walk you, day by day, down this path.

This is the culmination of thirteen years of learning and thinking and observing… and I’m giving it to you for $197.

Still want to use a coach? GO FOR IT. I recognize that you may need more and customized help. But I bet that my program will be the most effective supplement to a job search coach.

Don’t have money to pay a coach? Then find $197 to invest into the Jason Alba Job Search Program. Get ready to invest yourself, your time, and ditch your ego and fears. Sound scary? It might be. But even scary is being unemployed for a year. That is ridiculous.

Let’s do the right things to get you the right job. Who knows, you might even have fun along the way.

The best way to start is to login to your JibberJobber account and then click the new icon in the top-right, and then choose the Job Search Program icon:


You’ll have to set up a Job Search Program account, pay $197, and then you are ready to start.

This JUST launched, and we already have a list of enhancements. We’d love any and all feedback. We are committed to enhancing this a lot over the next 6 months based on feedback. But more important than what we can fix or improve, make sure you work this program every day.

Let’s do this thing!

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Announcing: The Jason Alba Job Search Program

July 22nd, 2019

jibberjobber-jason-alba-job-search-program-launchI don’t know if we’ll keep that name. But Project HOPE is already taken (by a really cool charity). The JibberJobber Job Search Program doesn’t convey the right meaning (because the program doesn’t center around JibberJobber). The Jason Alba Job Search Program sounds a little pretentious… but more important than the name is what the program is.


The Job Search Program is a day-by-day system that you work on on your own. You listen to audio of me instructing you what to do every single day. It starts, I think, slow and simple. But within a couple of weeks you are doing the most important thing you can in a job search: informational interviews. You are doing these effectively and you are getting introductions and you are getting closer to hiring managers and influencers.

I know, that sounds kind of scary.

But let me tell you a scary short story:


That might be the scariest short story I’ve ever written. But I’ve seen it, in real life.

In my job search program we build up to it. We start off gently. You learn tactics and get training and practice. Eventually you are having the right meetings with the right people and getting the right introductions. And then you find yourself focusing your time on people who are in your target companies and roles and industries, and you are having the right conversations. You are finally making progress in your job search.

No more spinning wheels. No more being chicken for days which turn to weeks which turns to months… we start NOW.

Ready to do the work? Ready to end this horrid status of being unemployed?

Let’s do this, together.

Go into JibberJobber, click the little funky app icon on the top-right, and then click the Job Search Program icon. You’ll need to set up an account and pay $197. And then, we get to work so we can get to work!


Let’s do it!

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The JibberJobber Job Journal #favoriteFriday

July 19th, 2019

jibberjobber-favorite-fridayA few years ago I wrote about a new feature that is, in my opinion, one of the most important features in JibberJobber. The Job Journal is a tool where you simply write down your career success stories.

Why is that so important?

Because it is all about what and how we brand ourselves. I’ve interviewed people who were not prepared with stories and examples, and people who were prepared. The contrast is huge.

I want you to think about your career wins, big and small, and figure out how those wins can become stories to demonstrate your capabilities.

Check out the entire post here: What is the Job Journal?

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Y’all! Job Search Courses on Pluralsight!

July 15th, 2019

pluralsight_transparentThis week I’m in the Dallas area giving four presentations, and two in Austin. I’m giving out Pluralsight 30 day passes (if you haven’t gotten one, message me), and encouraging professionals in transition to binge-watch and absorb anything they want… including any of my 32 soft skill and professional development courses, as well as Casey Ayers Business Analyst and Project Management (PMP) certification courses… and MORE.

As I was preparing a slide to suggest a few courses highly relevant to job seekers, I thought I’d share them here with you. These are just mine, there are plenty of other great courses in this library of over 6,000 courses. And these only represent about 20% of my courses…

Here are the courses I’d suggest for most job seekers:

A course on how to develop a killer personal brand. No matter what you think about personal branding, it’s important. Neglect your brand if you want, but you’ll still have one. I say: you be the author of what your brand is, and create the narrative the way you want it to be. Otherwise, others will create it for you, and you might not like that.

A course on informational interviews. I believe there are no silver bullets in the job search. But I have said, across the country, that if I were in a job search I would spend about 95% of my time on informational interviews. Seriously, 95%. Haven’t heard of them? Or, they aren’t working for you? Watch this course and learn how to do them well, and get your job search MOVING!

How about a course on working with, and understanding, different personalities? Look, in your job search you need to understand how to influence others, and why others act and speak the way they do. Working with others can be baffling… but the more you understand human nature, personalities, and why people are the way they are, the better you can work with, communicate, and persuade others. You might even learn something about yourself!

Becoming a better listener is one of my favorite courses. It’s about the most important aspect of communication… and I think we all have some room for improvement. Listening better will help you in your networking, your interviewing… in every aspect of your job search! This course has the most ratings and comments of any of my courses. Come on over and listen!

I have one course on optimizing your LinkedIn Profile, and another course on a proactive LinkedIn strategy. I wrote the book on LinkedIn over 10 years ago, updated it to multiple versions, and have done countless trainings and consultations on LinkedIn. In these courses we cut through the rhetoric and noise and get to the heart of optimizing your time on LinkedIn. No kool-aid drinking, just smart and doable actionables.

You can get all of these, and more, for free with a 30 day pass from Pluralsight. If you don’t know how, just reach out and I’ll hook you up!

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