30 Million Unemployment Claims in U.S. And We’re Headed For the Greater Depression

April 30th, 2020

We did it. We hit 30 million unemployment claims, the last 12%+ coming in just the last week.

According to articles all over the internet this morning (it’s only 7:11 am where I am, and this is all over) we could see a 20% unemployment rate. Here’s the scary quote:

“That would be the highest rate since it reached 25% during the Great Depression.”

NO ONE is protected. All over Twitter I’m seeing highly technical and, from just a couple months ago, highly in-demand talent announcing they got laid off. I’m talking about six-figure programmers (and all things IT). This morning I read the U.S. is (or should) prepare for another round of mass layoffs. That could push us past the historic, devastating Great Depression.

My friend and one of the greatest thinkers in this space wrote this must-read article: The New Job Market: COVID-19 complications. He hits all the nails on the head and comes at this with a very analytical approach. One of his commentors (ORALLOY) laments:

“The current situation is a killer blow to those (like myself) who were unemployed before. I was competing in an already very hard labor market, and now I am going against many people who had jobs. This kills any hope I had at getting a professional job. And all the suggestions from this site and others did not work for me. This is end times.”

There is mass argument, seemingly aligned with political parties, about what should have been done, and what should be done now. People are demanding to get their “hair done,” even as reports of new cases and deaths increase (or not decrease). Beaches are opening and some people go, finally, to get back to normalcy, while others are wearing face masks and pounding on the keyboard talking about how they are all idiots and love capitalism over lives.

Indeed, some political and business leaders have sound clips where they make justifications about opening businesses back up, even if it means more people will die. We all make sacrifices, right?

What is right? Should we stay shut down?

I read a post on LinkedIn (can’t find the link now) that said the deaths from suicides and non-medical issues related to corona (but related to this economy, like domestic violence) are 140% of the Corona disease deaths. That is staggering.

So should we open the country and get back to normal so suicides and domestic murders decrease? Could that cause a spike in this seemingly unknown and highly debated disease?

I’m reading commentary from very smart people that support either side. There is some civil conversation but this debating has become as passionate as any of the fiercest religious or political fights.

I read an article about, if I remember correctly, a dad who argued with his teen son about quarantine, and eventually shot him in the chest because the teen was going out. I can’t find it now but please don’t look for “father kills son quarantine” on Google… there are too many yucky stories that pop up.

Was someone praying for unprecedented times? Because, yeah, we are here now.

With all of the fighting and arguing and turmoil and wondering, and can we not forgot that actual humans are dying, which impacts many, many families, we still have bills to pay.

People paying mortgages are kind of seemingly given a break… but that’s just a pause, not a forgiveness. People paying rent are trying to figure out if they can not pay rent for three months, and if they don’t, what happens in three months. The U.S. government is coming in like a knight to save the damsel, throwing money around like the monopoly money printer is running non-stop… the numbers are big (in the trillions) but individuals are getting a fraction of what they spend. Everyone is arguing about huge businesses getting bailout and small businesses getting the shaft.

And then dump 30 million people into unemployment, forced to sit at home, with no prospects for new jobs because not only are most companies not hiring, many companies are simply shutting down.


Early in my marriage someone made a comment like this:

“You can do nothing this year, and in a year you’ll be in the same place. Or, you can work on your entrepreneurial business (or education, or skills, or whatever) and in a year you might be in the same place with your job, but your skills and marketability will be way further ahead.”

They said it more eloquently than that… it’s been almost 25 years since I heard it. But that’s the message.

I’ve been inviting, asking, and almost begging people to take advantage of the #FREEapril on Pluralsight. I don’t much care whether you watch my professional development courses, or you watch beginner programming courses, or UX courses, or design courses, or project management courses, or business analyst courses… I don’t care. My invitation to you was to do something productive, and learn, and grow, and get hope and inspiration.

Maybe you could come out of this thing a little stronger, a little better, a little more prepared.

If you missed #FREEapril (today is the last day), ask if I have any 30 day passes. I usually do.

If you aren’t into online learning, what are you going to do? Please don’t sit around applying to jobs online on job boards. Tens of millions will be doing that.

Work on your job search. Personally I would network. I created the Job Search Program, which is a program centered around informational interviews, or perhaps I should call it “purposeful networking.”

Or go learn some skills. Ever thought about a career change? Maybe now is the time to seriously dig into that. Get your handyman license, which is a lot easier than getting a general contractor’s license. Learn interior design/decorating, or learn how to do sales.

YUCK. Sales.

When I got laid off in 2006 my younger brother wisely suggested I do real sales for a year, just to get those skills.

There are a bazillion things you can do. My point is that you need to do something. For your own mental sanity, because sitting around and binge watching mindless shows is not good for you. Getting out of a productive routine might seem like a nice break but we are literally going on eight weeks of that, with no end in sight.

Learn. Create. Try.

Have you ever thought about creating other revenue streams, so you aren’t 100% dependent on your job? Well, now is the time. Whether it’s something you (might) love like making crafts and selling them on Etsy or something complex like figuring out rental (I know, weird timing on this, but the learning curve is steep, and so maybe now is the time to learn!) or figure out day trading (I know, this is RISKY)…

What can you do so that if the world shuts down again you don’t have a pile of bills and a mountain of stress?

Take this time to learn how to be more self-sufficient. Dive into Dave Ramsey’s youtube videos and just listen… just learn. Let the ideas of paying off debt and budgeting and living within your means settle in.

Dive into cutting expenses and learning how to fix things on your own, cook healthier meals, maybe even grow a garden or raise chickens for eggs… things those crazy preppers talk about.

Don’t wait for things to get back to normal. The old normal sucked anyway. No one was happy to commute to work, and come home exhausted, living paycheck to paycheck. Now is a great time to reset, and to define your own new normal.

It will take work but the peace that comes with feeling a bit more in control, and not at the mercy of politicians or viruses, is pretty awesome.

It’s not all doom and gloom, is it?

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The Job Search Channel on Pluralsight

April 21st, 2020

JibberJobber and Job Search CoursesPluralsight is the deepest and broadest content library for technical professionals. That is, they have the most courses that go in-depth and are highly technical. They have recruited amazing experts and thought leaders to help professionals understand their trade, and what’s on the horizon, with a bazillion hours of training (over 7,000 courses).

When I started as a content producer (aka “author”), back in 2012, soft skills was not the main focus. It still isn’t… but I’ve carved out my little niche in the library and have created over 30 courses for them. Over the years my courses have shifted from job search and career management to professional development (like Understanding Your Audience and Becoming a Better Listener and, yes, really, a course titled Effective Email Communication).

But my day job is still JibberJobber, and I love The Job Search Program, focused on informational interviews. I field questions and have conversations about job search a good part of my day. Tonight I’m doing a presentation for a job club on the East Coast. It’s in my blood, and has been since I got laid off in 2006.

With that in mind, and because of the reports of over 22 million unemployment claims, I created the Job Search Channel on Pluralsight. This is a short collection of courses specific to job seekers, including:

Designing a Killer Job Search Strategy

Developing a Killer Personal Brand

Informational Interviews

LinkedIn Strategy: Optimize Your Profile

LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies

Resumes, Job Seeking, and Interviews in Context

Resumes, Research, and Writing on the Job Hunt

Career and Survival Strategies for Technologists

Careers in IT: How to Get Your First Job

Working and Communicating with Different Personalities

Becoming a Better Listener

The Successful Technical Interview for Interviewers

Onboard Yourself: What to Do After You Land Your Dream Job

Check it out at the image below. Get free access for the rest of April (2020). If you are reading this after April 2020, hit me up and I’ll see if I can get you a 30 day pass.

Pluralsight: The Job Search Channel

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Pluralsight’s #FREEapril Means HOPE

April 20th, 2020

Pluralsight is still free this month…….. wait. All I ever talk about is Pluralsight, right? WHY???

I absolutely believe in sharing hope and good news. When I was a job seeker I had no hope and didn’t hear much good news.

When I had lunch with the late Dick Bolles, and he said we shared a message of HOPE, I was impacted. I realized that more than being the guy who wrote the book on LinkedIn, or that spoke across the U.S., or that came up with JibberJobber… my purpose in my career had shifted to sharing a message of HOPE.

You have hope, he said, when you have options.

You have options when you grow and manage your network. Hence, JibberJobber.

You have options when you further your education, and learn more (or deeper) hard skills. Hence, my support of Pluralsight.

You create options when you develop your soft skills and professional development. Hence, my massive investment in creating over 30 courses for Pluralsight.

You are on top of the world when those options come looking for you. It’s a beautiful thing.

My message is to manage your career. It is to learn, do, become. It is find self-empowerment. It is to create and manage your multiple income streams. It is to get a handle on your expenses, and savings, and future.

Why do I talk about Pluralsight so much? Because it is about creating hope, options, and empowerment.

And that’s a message I hope I never get tired of spreading.

There are still 10 days left of #FREEapril. If you miss it, find the money to invest at least in a month-to-month plan, and create a better present and future for you. Wondering where to start? Check out this list I’ve created.

Pluralsight for Professional Development and Soft Skills

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Becoming a certified project management professional with Casey Ayers

April 15th, 2020

One of the best kept secrets in the Pluralsight library is the collection of courses that helps you get your certified project management professional certification. This is world-recognized, and not a fluff certification.

Today I talked with Casey Ayers, the creator of this learning path (Project Management Professional – PMI-PMP® Exam Prep), and wanted to share it with you.

If you aren’t in tech, great. If you aren’t interested in the certification, fine. I promise this 36 minutes will be worth your time. There’s something there for you, even if a PMP certification wasn’t on your radar.

If it is on your radar, you can do all the exam prep FOR FREE because of Pluralsight’s #FREEapril. Pretty amazing.

Here’s the interview:

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The (Career) Sky Has Fallen… What to Do During Covid-19

April 14th, 2020

All joking aside, this is getting old.

It got old a month ago.

But it’s not over. Yesterday I learned a friend of mine, and his wife, had both gotten Corona. We’ll see how that goes. Probably fine. Hopefully fine. But for many people around the world things aren’t fine. The old normal has been shaken – jolted. The new normal includes isolation and facemasks and wondering when more tragedy will come.

Will friends or loved ones get sick? Will they die?

Will my job last? Will anyone’s job last?

If we can’t work, and we can’t pay bills, then what? Will we lose houses? Will cars get reposessed?

You can be glass half empty or glass half full, but when you don’t know where your next meal will come from, or where you will lay your head to sleep in a month, that is some scary stuff. I know people who are panicked, I know people who are not. Some are glad for the governmental reactions, others are disgusted.

Let me tell you, many of the things we are worrying about, while real, are not in our control.

I am not a doom-and-gloom kind of guy. But I know there is a lot of uncertainty, worry, and wondering. During this time we can crawl into a protective hole (maybe under our covers), or we can get into fetal position and wait it out. OR, we can have hope that one day we’ll get back to some kind of normal. Assuming we will get back to some kind of normal, what can (or should) we do right now?

The Winter of Your Career

For most of my life growing up I didn’t know what snow was. I was exposed to it at a young age but I lived in places that didn’t have snow. When I was 15 we moved from a tropical island to Virginia, two days before Christmas. And it was then, at that very time, that I thought how ridiculous it was that people lived where it snowed, and got so cold.

Big city Virginia snow life is not like Rocky Mountain ski lodge snow life. A quarter inch of snow shut down schools because “no one knew how to drive in the snow.” The humidity was ridiculous and made the cold that much more unbearable. I had learned to love winter on the beach, and here we were bundled up to the point of being unmovable, the fog seemed like hanging ice crystals. It was just miserable.

Years later I would start my early married life in Idaho. I never did go back to live in the tropics, and by this time was about as used to the snow as I would ever be. But winters in this area in Idaho were depressing. Gray skies forever. Miserable cold. The beautiful white layer of new snow would last a couple of days, then it would be gray and gross. I was not impressed. And I continued to wonder why in the world people chose to live in this forever gross gray, instead of living it up on a beach in the tropics.

Springtime was awesome. Even though there were some false starts, where it was a beautiful warm(er) day, and then it would snow for a few days… you could tell that things were changing. Tulips would be an early sign that winter was ending. Tulips would start to break through the ground and you would hear people say “my Tulips are coming in.” Before you knew it gardens would go in, snowsuits and sleds would get put away, and we’d complain about how hot the summer days were.

Within a few months, it would get cold again. Halloween with snow is dumb. But we did it. And just like that, as if we were never hot and miserable, winter would come back.

You can see I’ve had plenty of time to think about this. When I was in college I’d get out of the house around 6 (I am NOT a morning person, so that was just plain miserable), scrape my windows (a ridiculous ritual), and leave for school during the dark. I’d get home well after dark… months and months and months of this. Wondering WHY PEOPLE LIVE IN THIS ENVIRONMENT.

One of the thoughts I had, as we we close to various large farms, was that winter was a necessary time for the crops and lands and farmers to pause, and prepare for growing season. Just as crop rotation is important, it was important for the land to get a break. The snow on untouched farm fields was allowed to, for months, replenish. The plants were allowed to pause so they could come back strong in the spring.

I’m no biologist… so maybe I was wrong in my scientific assessment, but this was the pattern I saw. And I started to see that we indeed needed a pause. Every single of one of us has this pause within a 24 hour period, when our bodies and minds replenish and rest while we get a good night’s sleep.

I had a career pause in 2006, when I was laid off from what I felt like was my calling, my fast-paced career trajectory. And then the whole thing stopped. Paused. I hated it. I went in kicking and screaming. But I paused.

And then the pause ended, and I’ve been going ever since. My pause sucked. It hurt. It was scary. Really, really scary. But, as I look back on that part of my story, it was necessary.

It was the winter of my career. I replenished. I grew. I recalibrated. I contemplated. And yes, of course, I worried.

I also tapped into family for financial support, and I drained my entire 401k (which was a little more than $60k). Scary. Humbling.

But in a way, healing.

From this experience, that I did not choose, I was put on a new path.

Getting On Your New Path: Creating

I know that going through the winter can be critical for some of you. It can also be painful and scary to the point of paralyzing you. I want to suggest TWO things that you do during your winter. These two things might not pay the bills today, or next month, but they will help you build and grow and develop and replenish and think and heal during your winter.

The first thing I want you to do is to create. Create something. Anything. Build new skills and reinforce old skills. Instead of resting and consuming streaming videos, create something. Try things… what have you to lose? I’m not saying to go build a workshop, or to invest in expensive tools (from sewing machines to kitchenware to drills). Use what you have and create.

One of my favorite stories of this pandemic comes out of Canada. Here’s an article from The Globe and Mail from a week ago:

JibberJobber Career Winter Ear Gears Canada

Quinn is 12. He has a 3D printer (although you don’t need a 3D printer to create!) and an active imagination. Curiousity. A bit of a “why not” attitude. He brought to life an idea that I never in a thousand years would have thought of. The idea was sparked by someone else, and then he noodled on it. He came up with prototypes, had a friend try them, and finally settled on a design.

He should not have done this. He was too young to make this big of a difference in the world. It would cost money to print all of these devices, and besides, if he did, who would really benefit? Certainly not the world.

But he did do it. He created. He moved forward. He tried. I’m sure he failed at some things, but he kept creating, refining, doing. And now he’s a hero to people who have to wear masks for 12+ hours straight.

The kid is 12. And he created. He didn’t binge-watch entire series of shows. He created.

Why don’t you create something? It doesn’t have to be successful. It doesn’t have to change the world. It doesn’t have to even see the light of day. That’s not the point. Creating is about what happens inside you. The growth, the rejuvenation, the hope that becomes a part of your healing, is powerful.

Getting On Your New Path: Learning

The other thing I suggest you do during your career winter is to learn. This goes hand-in-hand with creating.

Dave Ramsey has a segment on his show where millionaires call in and he quizzes them on how they became millionaires. He asks a number of questions, one of which is:

“How many non-fiction books do you read each year?”

The answers are usually around two dozen. That is a new non-fiction book every two weeks. I don’t think that’s because millionaires all of the sudden have tons of free time to sip their tea, sitting in their sun room, while their friends go to jobs, so they need to do something with their free time.

No, it’s because they continue to learn. They continue to grow one of the most important assets they have: their mind.

I have always loved reading, although I always thought finishing school would be awesome because I wouldn’t have to learn anymore. I would have “arrived.” Over the last few decades, though, I’ve realized that you never “arrive” when it comes to learning. Learning is something I hope to do until the day I die.

It’s one reason I’m so passionate about what Pluralsight offers. For about $300/year you have access to a library of over 7,000 courses. Most of those are for programmers, or data professionals, or techies, but many of them are for other audiences. There are hundreds of courses on soft skills, many around effective communication. That is a topic that anyone and everyone could improve.

Some of the hidden gems in Pluralsight are the exam prep learning paths. Did you know that certified project managers can make more money? That having a project management certification can help you get through the interview process easier? Pluralsight has an entire series of courses specifically designed to prepare you for a project manager certification exam. Maybe you won’t ever become a programmer, but how awesome would it be to be a certified project manager?

Or maybe you do want to be a programmer, or UX designer, or graphics designer, or business analyst, or data scientist, or even just a better manager, leader, presenter, or communicator. There are courses for all of those.

This month isn’t even half over… which means you can still get at least two solid weeks of learning, for free, on Pluralsight. This is their #FREEapril campaign, where they have opened up the library. They are saying “stay home” and “skill up.” I completely agree.

Please turn away from streaming movies, at least for an hour or two, every day, and learn.

What a great time to be proactive about YOUR career, and prepare for when this winter is over. Perhaps you’ll be on a completely different career path. Perhaps you’ll be ready to get some certifications. Perhaps you’ll learn things to help you be more effective in your job.

Learning now will put YOU in more control, which is important in a time when no one feels like they are in control of much of anything.

Click below to get access to Pluralsight for the rest of this month:

Pluralsight Free April Stay Home Skill Up

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Jason Alba on YouTube

April 9th, 2020

Well, I’ve done my first few youtube live streams. I’ll continue to do it daily this month (but not weekends), then maybe once a week after that. Easy and fun.

Here’s my Youtube channel. 

You know what to do: click the subscribe button. I’ll clean it up, I’m sure, later. Maybe.

Below is my live stream from this morning, where I talk about the Designing a Killer Job Search Strategy course on Pluralsight.

Remember, this month (April 2020) Pluralsight is free for EVERYONE. Use this link to get to the right form.



Ten Courses Specifically Created For Dwight Schrute #theOffice #FREEapril

April 8th, 2020

Pluralsight is free during the entire month of April. Click any of these images to go do the form to create  your free account. Rainn Wilson (this is Dwight Schrute undercover) just tweeted this… check out the video. This is so cool.

Here are 10 professional development courses Jim, Pam, and the team wishes Dwight would watch:

Leadership for Non-managers

Dwight wanted so bad to be the assistant regional manager. But he was simply the assistant to the regional manager. Those two letters made a big difference. Course by Jason Alba (me).

Time Management for Technical Professionals

We all know Dwight is one of the most technical professionals (and professional professionals) around. How he did all those pranks, and put so much thought into his antics, can probably be attributed to his wicked time management and planning skills. Course by Doru Catana.

Managing IT: Organizational Change Management

Working for a boss like Michael has change management written all over it. Lucky for Dwight, Pluralsight has a course for that. Course by Kevin Miller.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Aside from learning all about emotional intelligence and people skills from Toby, Dwight can learn a thing or two from this introductory course on emotional intelligence. Course by Jason Alba (me).

Keeping up with Technology

Seriously, the famous Dan Appleman is brilliant, but Dwight should have been the one to create this course. Okay… not true. Dan is a brilliant thinker and Dwight could only keep up on the tech to run his life and beet farm. Course by Dan Appleman.

Crisis Communication and Technology: Communicating with Colleagues

Really, Dwight is a master communicator… he might not need any help with communication. But, because he deals with (and unknowingly creates crisis) ALL THE TIME, this course might just be a nice refresher for him :) Course by Alan Ackmann.

Boost Productivity Through Employee Happiness

I’m not sure that I can make a case that Dwight is interested in anyone’s happiness, but he certainly would like to see boosted productivity of pretty much everyone on the team (except Pam). Course by Kylie Hunt.

Embracing Change: Staying Agile in the Midst of Change

Another change course because… well, Dunder Mifflin! Seriously, change is in the air. Every. Single. Episode. This course would help anyone in that office know how to navigate those choppy waters. Course by Alice Meredith.

Motivating and Optimizing Team Performance

As assistant TO the manager, Dwight has an awesome opportunity to impact his team an and increase performance. Course by Ron Schindler.

Staying Organized to Improve Productivity 

Dwight is, if nothing else, organized. How else could he be so effective and productive? The thing that really messes him up, though, is when Jim disrupts his organization. Maybe more locks on his drawers. Course by Heather Ackmann.

Look, Pluralsight has over 7,000 courses. Just a handful are for professional development and soft skills. The key is that we continue our own education. Whether that is for project or product management, UX, design, programming, data, storage, security, etc., it’s there for you. Check it out!

Want another list? Check out Snowfly’s employee incentive and performance blog post: Sharpen Your Saw with Pluralsight’s #FREEapril

Pluralsight Free April Stay Home Skill Up

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Pluralsight Free During Entire Month of April: #FREEapril!!!

April 2nd, 2020

Pluralsight: Skill Up!I just got an email from Pluralsight that they are opening their entire library for the free for the entire month of April! I invite you to make the most of your time with access to over 7,000 courses on Pluralsight… from your mobile, tablet, Roku, computer…. anywhere! Let April of 2020 be known as the month you spent on personal and professional development!

Pluralsight – Learn for FREE all April (click here)

Pluralsight says “Stay home, skill up!” Last year at their annual conference the theme was all about skilling up.  Whether you are ready to study for your PMP (project manager) certification, or learn about graphic design, UX, data science, databases, fundamentals of programming, basic HTML, advanced Javascript, or super popular technologies like ReactJS, cloud computing (AWS, Azure), CSS, machine learning… you want it, it’s there.

Over 7,000 courses from some of the top speakers/authors/experts in the world.

Free, all month. 

Sign up here (no credit card required!!!!) Pluralsight – Learn for FREE all April

Last I looked there were over 150 soft skills courses.

Here are some tips to take advantage of this:


If you have courses from other online learning platforms that you’ve bought and have access to forever, just put those on hold. They’ll still be there in May, but this Pluralsight offer is only good through the end of the month. Not to belittle any other learning systems… I’m just saying if you will have access to your other courses after the end of of April, focus on the free Pluralsight access for now and then get back to those other courses in May.

Focus on Professional Development

No matter what technical skills you are interested in, I want you to focus on professional development. Invest in yourself and your career! There are plenty of soft skills courses to watch… I created a 30 day email series of courses I suggest you watch, each day. Sign up for that here… just put your email address in and you’ll get emails for the next 30 days. Note: the first day’s email is long… the rest are pretty short :)  If you want to pick and choose, here are my professional development / soft skills courses: Jason Alba courses on Pluralsight


Check out the “Learning Paths,” which are collections of courses based on topics you are interested in. Here are the Learning Paths ... there are tons of collections… this is a great way find what you are looking for among the 7,000 courses!

Here are two channels (collections) I created: 

Jason Alba’s Career Management Courses

Jason Alba’s Path to Management


Pluralsight Free April Stay Home Skill Up

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Soft Skills / Professional Development April!

April 1st, 2020

JibberJobber YouTube LiveI finally decided to bite the bullet and do something that scares me: Youtube Live videos. Here’s my channel. And I’m jumping into the deep end, committed to help all the WFH people do something every Monday-Friday for the entire month of April!

Each day I’ll have a chat around soft skills or professional development courses I’ve created for Pluralsight. Below you’ll see the schedule for the month… You can see I started this morning (click the youtube link to see the recording).

Unless something big comes up, I’ll do these at 10 am (MST). You can see the most current link on my Twitter feed ( – follow me there or just check in daily).

If you have time, watch the linked courses before each call. I plan on treating the conversation more like a book club dialog rather than rehashing what I cover in the course. Feel free to share this with anyone you want… and hope to “see” you there!

Wednesday (4/1): Personal Branding (course: Developing a Killer Personal Brand) (Youtube link)

Thursday (4/2): Informational Interviews (course: Informational Interviews) (Youtube link)

Friday (4/3): Working and Communicating with Different Personalities (course: Working and Communicating with Different Personalities)  (Youtube link)

Monday (4/6): Becoming a Better Listener (course: Becoming a Better Listener)  (Youtube link)

Tuesday (4/7): LinkedIn Profile and proactive strategies (courses: LinkedIn: Optimize Your Profile and LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies)  (Youtube link)

Wednesday (4/8): Career Management 2.0 (course: Career Management 2.0)  (Youtube link)

Thursday (4/9): Job Search Strategy (course: Designing a Killer Job Search Strategy)  (Youtube link)

Friday (4/10): Onboard Yourself  (course: Onboard Yourself: What to Do After You Land Your Dream Job)  (Youtube link)

Monday (4/13): Emotional Intelligence (course: Leading with Emotional Intelligence)  (Youtube link)

Tuesday (4/14):  Effective Email Communication (course: Effective Email Communication)  (Youtube link)

Wednesday (4/15): Teams and team work (courses: Working on a Team and Creating and Leading Effective Teams for Managers)  (Youtube link)

Thursday (4/16): How to Get Your Next Promotion (course: How to Get Your Next Promotion)  (Youtube link)

Friday (4/17): Mentoring (courses: How to Be a Great Mentor: Get More out of Mentoring and How to Be a Great Mentee: Get More out of Mentoring)  (Youtube link)

Monday (4/20): Productivity and prioritizing tasks (course: Prioritizing Tasks and Managing Time for Greater Productivity)  (Youtube link)

Tuesday (4/21): Presenting to leaders (course: Presenting to the Boss(es) and How to Speak to Business Leaders)  (Youtube link)

Wednesday (4/22): Building and Managing Your Career Plan (course: Building and Managing Your Career Plan)  (Youtube link)

Thursday (4/23):  Difficult Conversations (course: How to Have Difficult Conversations)  (Youtube link)

Friday (4/24): Innovation and/in teams (course: Boosting Innovation: How Leaders Can Create Innovative Teams)  (Youtube link)

Monday (4/27): Leadership (course: Leadership: Getting Started and Leadership for Non-managers)  (Youtube link)

Tuesday (4/28): Management 101 (course: Management 101)  (Youtube link)

Wednesday (4/29): Marketing and Selling Your Own Products and Services (course: Marketing and Selling Your Own Products and Services)  (Youtube link)

Thursday (4/30): Understanding Your Audience (course: Understanding Your Audience)  (Youtube link)

Friday (5/1): Customer Service for Software Developers: Delighting Customers (course: Customer Service for Software Developers: Delighting Customers)  (Youtube link)

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