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April 5th, 2017

Yesterday I wrote about Dick Bolles, and said it’s “the end of a legacy.” Perhaps I should have written “the end of a legend.” Or, the next chapter of a legend.

From the comments on yesterday’s post, and throughout the internet, it’s clear that this man was the father of the modern job search, and that he impacted many, many people. Great tributes have been written about him.

I found a 32 minute video when he was at Google, doing a presentation titled “How to decide what you’ll be doing five years from now.”  Check it out here.

Years ago, when I was doing the Ask the Expert interviews, Dick graciously agreed to be a guest on my show.  You can watch it below… but if you do, you’ll notice the first 20 minutes I was flying solo.

That was not planned.

Here’s what happened: I had been in touch with Dick, the consummate professional, about being on my show. He readily agreed, and I didn’t want to hound him with reminders. I was very sensitive about giving him enough information without him feeling like I was harassing him.  I was sure that he would come, be on time, etc. After all, he had probably done this a gazillion times.

So I started the webinar and had a great audience. Questions were coming in for him, and you could feel the excitement build.  But Dick wasn’t there yet.

I emailed him, I even called him… but nothing.  No response.

I remembered that he was in his mid-t0-late eighties, and I worried that perhaps he had…. passed away.  This was about four years ago… I think he was 86 or 87.  Was my show going to be the way that everyone knew he had passed away?

I hoped not. I wanted to interview him, and learn from him!

For twenty minutes I ad-libbed, I sweated, I worried, and I wondered.  That was a LONG twenty minutes.

Then, thank goodness, Dick joined the call.  He was apologetic, and I was relieved!  He was ALIVE!

He said he was late because he stayed up all night working, on deadline, on the next version of his book, which was due the morning of our call.   He fell asleep at his desk (that made for an interesting visual), and just barely woke up.

Did I say I was relieved?  Not for me, nor for the interview, but that Dick Bolles was okay!

Here’s the interview… I was amazed that he brought new-to-me information and ideas.

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Juan: “If you are looking for ‘any’ job, then…”

October 27th, 2016

I am going through an awesome video interview I had with David Perry, author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters, and in our discussion a job coach named Juan says:

“I tell my guys that if they are looking for ‘any’ job, then they aren’t really looking.”

I totally agree.

“Can you help me find a job?”

“What are you looking for?”

“Anything, really. Anywhere.”

This means, NOTHING.  I’m looking for NOTHING.  I’m not even in a job search!

When I first started JibberJobber, many people I talked to would say “how can I help you?”  They sincerely wanted to help, and would have.  My pathetic answer was “I have no idea…!”

And so no one helped me with what I needed, because I couldn’t communicate what I needed.

“What do you want for dinner?”

“Anything.  Except… whatever you are going to suggest to me in the next few minutes.”

If you know what you are looking for, you can do a targeted job search. Your network contacts will know who to introduce you to, and how to help you.

Don’t look for any job… figure out what you are looking for, and then go after it.


Introducing, Closed Captioning Coming to JibberJobber Videos!

October 14th, 2016

For the last couple of months I’ve been working on a ginormous project… and one of the fruits of that project is to bring closed captioning to my videos.  I went through a learning curve, then the in-the-trenches work of getting my video transcribed and formatted for closed captioning… and then figuring out how to get all that in the right format so that video players will be able to take the transcription and put the words in the right place.

This was not a quick project.  But I love what it has produced.

Check out this two year old interview I did with senior technical recruiter Robert Merrill… it was a fun interview, and going through it word-by-word reminded me of how many awesome nuggets of wisdom Robert shared with us… all of which are still relevant to today’s job search.

To see the captions, simply click the cc button, between the volume control and the HD option.  Listen to this, read this, and tell me this isn’t a GREAT interview!

Here’s the first time I posted this video, two years ago!

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Ask The Experts: David Safeer

March 2nd, 2015

david_safeer_headshot_mediumDavid Safeer is not a career coach or career professional. He is a professional who started using JibberJobber a few years ago.  I’ve emailed him a number of times over the years and always found him to be really nice, and from his LinkedIn Profile, I can tell he is quite accomplished.

In this hour+ conversation, we talked about a bunch of things, and there were some big AHA! moments for me.  Here are some of my notes with times… enjoy!

0:00 — introduction

3:00 – who is David Safeer… his background and professional career
6:00 topic of branding, and rebranding… at a corporate and a personal level
8:20 personal rebranding: “it’s one of the mot difficult things that I have had to do…”
9:45 on getting laid off and shifting directions
10:30 on becoming a freelancer or business owner
12:20 the reality of entrepreneurship – it is freaking scary, and it is really hard!
13:20 pausing and figuring out what you really want to do (instead of panicking in the job search)
14:10 “I didn’t have the confidence in myself”… what should I charge, etc.
16:00 on starting his own business – a lot of work, thought, etc.
18:20 what happened to his company when the recession hit :(
19:45 during this process, he learned about JibberJobber (through a network contact)
20:30 on closing a business right, or wrong… and learning from it
22:00 the emotions of closing a business, starting a job search…. where was David at? “The toughest couple of years of my life, emotionally.”
24:10 – how to get through very difficult emotional times in the job search (value of a coach — this is awesome!)
25:00 is it worth it to hire a coach?  Especially when money is so tight?
25:30 BNI – networking groups… great advice
26:20 – “anyone who doesn’t know how to network, should learn how to!”
26:35 “Capital N Networker”
27:30 “I dont’ remember his name, but I’m going to get on JibberJobber and find him!”
27:50 Tree View “Absolutely amazing”
29:40 “networking forced me out of the house….”
29:45 what do you do at a one-to-one meeting?  Lunch…?  But then what?!
30:45 could you be a Capital N Networker?
31:40 having connections on LinkedIn vs having relationships with people and where he is at on the Quantity vs. Quality debate…
32:00 going to network meetings… are we being effective, or is this superficial??
33:30 network meetings – are they fun, or are they stressful?
35:30 his trick when entering a network meeting….
36:00 how I feel about networking at conferences… (you guys aren’t alone!)
36:30 when networking gets fun and rewarding
38:10 what is a third degree contact… and how is it different in JibberJobber than a social network?  And how and why this impacts the tree view.
39:50 figuring out who to thank for your clients, leads, etc.
40:30 how to thank people who introduced you to contacts
41:00 put BNI in as a contact, so he could track everyone he met through an organization (I would recommend using Tags for that instead of associating to a Company)
42:00 FASCINATING discussion of how to rank people based on (a) do you know people, and (b)  will you make those introductions— not for measuring personal relationships, or if they are a good person.  This is something he did about 18 months ago… “it was emotionally difficult to me to move someone down from a five star to a three).
43:40 “I had to network UP and ACROSS” – very cool and insightful “that’s when I started making real progress”
44:35 “you need to figure out who are the right people to network with”
45:20 he defines what a five star is (this is BRILLIANT!)
46:45 would you ever have lunch with a 2 star contact? Yes, absolutely… (find out why)
48:00 this new ranking system has “made a huge shift in my productivity”
48:15 using a “cookbook methodology” (or a system)
50:00 “having the RIGHT conversations with the RIGHT people.”
52:00 “it’s really tough to put a friend in a 1 or a 2” but he’s using ranking not as “how strong is my relationship with that person”
57:00 are you using Email2Log?  Surprisingly, no.l  Why?  Listen here …
59:20 if your audience doesn’t “get it,” is it their fault or your fault?  Chastisement from my business coach
62:00ish final thoughts and advice
65:00 Functional Resume WOW!  Everyone says to stay away from functional resumes… but he says they are valuable!  This is really insightful!
66:20ish – is Functional Resume for everybody? Perhaps not… !
67:35 on finding target companies, and why that didn’t work for him (at an executive level)
68:15 “networking is by far the most effective way to do this”


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Kicking Off The New Year with Your Career (Video)

January 30th, 2015

A couple of years ago I was my own guest on my Ask The Expert call.  All of these are free.  You can watch this January 2013 recording below.  To see this full screen, simply click the little icon by the volume which will make it full screen.

AskTheExpert Jason Alba Jan2013 Vimeo from Jason Alba on Vimeo.

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Ask The Experts: Who Do You Want To Hear From?

October 24th, 2014

The monthly Ask The Experts calls were some of the funnest interviews I’ve done since I started JibberJobber.  Below is a list of past interviews – I know there is an overabundance of information coming your way, but I strongly suggest you add these recordings to your schedule. There are a ton of great ideas, suggestions and perspectives that can help you in job search and career management.

My question to you is: WHO do you think I should interview next?

It’s time to start up the next round… and I want to hear from YOU who I should invite to be on the show.  Leave a comment with names and the “why,” or shoot me an email (which is on the Contact Us page (or just use the Contact Us form)) with suggestions.

Here are past interviews:

Fred Coon: Stewart Cooper Coon Outplacement

Robert Merrill: Internal Tech Recruiter

The Recruiting Animal

Dan Schawbel: Personal Branding and Millenials

Mark LeBlanc: Business Growth Coach

Dave Perry: Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters

Jack Chapman: Salary Negotiation

Jason Alba: 51 Alternatives to a Real Job

Dick Bolles: What Color Is Your Parachute

Nick Corcodilos: Ask The Headhunter

Tim Tyrell-Smith: Tim’s Strategy

Jason Alba: CEO of JibberJobber

Karen Huller: Resume Writer and Career Coach

Charlotte Weeks: Weeks Career Services

Jon Sosa: Aries Career Development

Kim Mohuiddin: Movin’ On Up Resumes




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Ask The Expert: Fred Coon, Outplacement and Job Search Expert

April 25th, 2014

My call with Fred Coon was awesome.  There were a lot of gems throughout this call.  I have two regrets:

  1. We didn’t have more time.  It seems like Fred just skimmed the surface on an 8-step plan… I think we could have talked for hours more.  BUT, what he was able to share in 90 minutes was a great foundation for anyone.
  2. I asked Fred, impromptu, to provide a little banjo music in the back while I wrapped it up.   He did, I wrapped up, and I mistakenly stopped the recording when I was done instead of when he was done.  I’ve never been banjo’d before… it was very cool :)

Below is our conversation.  I encourage you to take notes, and if you want, let us know what impacted you most, and the minute mark of that impactful moment, so we can get to it easier.

Enjoy!  (vimeo provides a full screen option comes on after you click play, but there is no visual… you can put this on while you do something else (like take notes?))

See past Ask The Expert recordings here.

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Fred Coon: Ask The Expert, April 22

April 10th, 2014

On April 22, we’ll have Fred Coon as our Ask The Expert guest.  Fred owns Stewart, Cooper, Coon, an outplacement firm based out of Arizona, with clients world-wide.

Over the years I’ve chatted with Fred at conferences, over meals, on a bus, and on the phone.  Fred is a great thinker, very astute, and continually looking for strategies and tactics that work.  Just as important, he puts all of these things together to create plans for his job seeking clients and tracks their progress, and overall success, so he can further refine his systems and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work.

In this Ask The Expert we’ll drill down into some of his systems, ideas, strategies, and experience, to learn from someone who not only has been doing this for a long time, but is always looking out on the horizon to make sure what he is doing is the best.

Register here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/938296386

fred_coon_largeHeres’ a link to one of Fred’s books, Ready… Aim… Hired!

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Ask The Expert (ATE): Robert Merrill, Internal Recruiter, Sr. Tech Recruiter

March 5th, 2014

This call was AWESOME. Off the charts. Seriously. There is so much good information in this call that it should be required to listen to.

I’m sure there are recruiters who do things differently. That’s one of the challenges that job seekers face: there is no single right or best answer for the situations we face (like, working with recruiters). Robert gives us a great look into the processes and systems that we need to know about. You can tell he has a heart for job seekers. Enjoy:

Note: This is hosted on Vimeo.  To make full-size, push play and then on the bottom right click the icon that looks like this:


Ask The Expert: Job Search Edition

March 3rd, 2014

Tomorrow morning is the next Ask The Expert, with Robert Merrill. Have you heard of these?  They are AWESOME!

Tomorrow’s is with Robert, an internal recruiter specializing in high tech and engineers.  You can learn more here, or just sign up here.

You might not be familiar with the Ask The Expert series so let me share the back-story.

Over a year ago I decided I wanted to help my amazing contacts who have expertise in career-related topics intersect with my users, people who are interested in job search, career management or JibberJobber.  What started out as a fun idea turned into a very cool series of interviews.  You can see ALL of the Ask The Expert calls we’ve done at JibberJobber.com/ate (feel free to share that link).

Below is a list of recordings, to date. I don’t expect you to spend 15 hours and listen to them all right now, but I do suggest you check them out over the next few weeks – there is GREAT stuff in these interviews (the name links to their website, after the dash links to JibberJobber.com/ate):

Kim Mohuiddinon your resume

Jon Sozapersonal branding

Charlotte Weekscareers in the association, society and non-profit world

Karen HullerI have my resume, now what?

Jason Alba (me, Jan 2013) – 13 things to do for your career in 2013

Tim Tyrell-Smithalternative revenue streams

Nick Corcodilosworking with recruiters and headlines

Dick Bolles (the legendary author of What Color Is Your Parachute) – open questions

Jason AlbaCareer Management 3.0 and 51 Alternatives to a Real Job

Jack Chapmansalary negotiation

Dave Perry guerrilla marketing for job hunters

Mark LeBlancbusiness growth coach (principles of business growth for an individual in career management mode)

Dan Schawbelpersonal branding and millenials

The Recruiting Animal external recruiter talking shop, experiences, etc.

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