Job Search Book Recommendations from Rob Joseph

April 15th, 2019

I love JibberJobber users. They are smart, and collectively have an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. In a recent email conversation I had with Rob Joseph, a senior commercial manager in Cleveland, Ohio, he wrote this:

Some additional feedback: Up until now, my favorite job search books have been Don’t Send A Resume (or, How to Land Your Dream Job) by Jeffrey J. Fox and The Two-Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton.  Some of your advice coincides with Dalton’s. Fox is more unconventional, but his approach has helped me before.

One of my favorite books is Jeffrey Fox’s “How to Become a Rainmaker.” A fast, easy read that was very inspirational. I am excited to read Jeffrey’s other stuff…


Steve Dalton helps Duke MBA candidates with their job search (sounds fun!). Even though we tweeted: I’ve also _never_ seen a seeker successfully integrate a CRM into their job search. Less tech is better here IMO, I’ll forgive him for that. I wouldn’t recommend something like Salesforce, or or CRM that is designed for sales, but JibberJobber, a CRM designed specifically for the job search, is a must-have, imo.  Yes, I’m biased. But I’m also right, because I have seen seekers successfully integrate JibberJobber, their job search CRM, into their job search, for 13 years.


What are your favorite job search books?



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Thea Kelley’s Book on Interviewing: Get That Job!

March 24th, 2017

thea_kelley_get_that_job_guide_to_interviewingThea Kelley sent me her new book, Get That Job! The Quick and Complete Guide to a Winning Interview. This is an excellent book, and I don’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is in a job search. No hesitation.

When I was in my job search I remember “preparing” for an interview like this: Go to google, type in “how to prepare for a job search interview,” and then reading a dozen articles that pretty much said the same thing. I would try to learn a little something from each one, and then hurry off to my interview.

Let me save you time, money, and help you not lose the interview (which could easily cost you thousands, or tens of thousands): BUY THIS BOOK.

Thea talks about everything you need to know to prepare for your interviews.  The best time to read this book is right now… even if you don’t have an interview scheduled.


Because the best interviewee will have prepared. And Thea walks you through the steps to prepare. Instead of researching online and finding bits and pieces, and spending too much time looking for the right, or even good, advice, just buy this book and go through each page with a highlighter. Have a notepad, or your computer, ready, so you can go through the exercises she presents.

I’ve interviewed enough people to know that there is a huge difference between an interviewee (or what recruiters call, a candidate) who has prepared and one who hasn’t. The difference is almost tangible.

As I was reading the book, of course I thought “this will help anyone who is getting ready for an interview,” but I had another thought: This book provides hope, and gives a vision, to someone who is in a job search. If you aren’t getting interviews you are hopeless (I know this from personal experience).  This book helps you now that when it happens, you’ll be ready!


It will happen.  You’ll be ready, with this book.

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Free Resources from Martin Buckland (An Elite Resume)

October 12th, 2015

martin_buckland_headshotHere are some great free resources that should help you in your job search… all you need to do is put your first name and email address in his form:

  • Resume Keywords
  • Resume Action Verbs
  • Job Search Analog
  • Resume 101
  • Top 25 Mistakes

Looks like some great resources – thanks Martin!


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My Professional Development (aka, soft skills) Pluralsight Courses

July 23rd, 2015

For the last month I’ve been travelling and speaking in various states in the U.S., and one of the messages I’m sharing is that of my Pluralsight courses.

I used to do this presentation and sell special bundles worth $50 or $100, but now I basically give it all away for free.  All is (a) JibberJobber premium and (b) my videos.

You can get it all for free, too, even if you weren’t at my presentations. Here’s how it works:

Go to and watch the four minute video at the top of that page.

Then, do what I show you to do in the video.  It will take you a few minutes to set up, and then you have full access to my courses (and thousands of others) on Pluralsight for 30 days.  And, for every course that you watch that has my name on it (or, Jason Alba courses), you get an extra week of JibberJobber premium.

Watch all of my courses and get almost 20 weeks of JibberJobber premium.

Watch all of them again and now you are almost at 40 weeks.  Do that as many times as you want.

All at no cost to you.  But if 30 days isn’t enough, get a $29/month subscription… which is a lot less than what I sell my videos for.

I consider that a pretty sweet deal.  Thanks to Pluralsight for letting me share 30 days of access to my users.

Would you do me a favor?  Share this blog post with other job seekers, LinkedIn Groups, job clubs, coaches, resume writers, etc.  That would help me, and hopefully help many other people.  The share link is at the top-right of this post :)

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Scot Herrick Links and Blog (and book)

December 17th, 2013

Scott Herrick wrote I’ve Landed My Dream Job – Now What??? (part of my Now What series)

I got a ping from my blog when he linked to one of my favorite posts, and checked out the context.  I really like Scott’s thinking – he  is very purposeful, and very experienced.  I would pretty much listen to anything he said/wrote.  Check him out at Cube Rules.  Here’s his book on Amazon: I’ve Landed My Dream Job–Now What???


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Psychology of Job Hunting: The Recruiting Animal – Free all day today

November 6th, 2013

The Recruiting Animal told me this would be free all day today, as a follow-up to yesterday’s Ask The Expert call with him: The Psychology of Job Hunting

If you miss the free today download (for the Kindle… you can download a Kindle app for free on your PC), then just pay the $2.99 tomorrow.

Thanks Animal!



JibberJobber Features in Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies (again)

October 30th, 2013

job-searching-with-social-media-for-dummies-bookI got the 2nd Edition of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.  JibberJobber moved from page 34 to page 31!  Woot!

Actually, that is coincidental, not by merit.  But here is what Joshua Waldman says:

joshua_waldman_small“My friend and mentor Jason Alba started in 2006 and can claim development of the first online job-search platforms. By far, JibberJobber offers jobseekers the most comprehensive set of tools for managing relationships, job searches, and careers.”

Isn’t that cool?  I like “the first”, “By far,” “the most comprehensive”… those have a nice ring to them :)

In the first edition, Joshua listed and in the list of “tools to organize your job search.”  Those are both out of business.  Of the others that are listed in the second edition, I’m guessing that three won’t be around in a year or two.

We’ll be here, though :)

You can check out Joshua’s book here. Kindle version here.





Promote Yourself: Personal branding and career book, and the Tim Ferriss effect

September 5th, 2013

Dan Schawbel finally got his next book out: Promote Yourself.   I don’t have a copy but there is a lot of info you can find in blog posts online (like this one from LinkedIn global spokeswoman Lindsey Pollak).

Dan will be on October’s Ask The Expert call on Oct 1.  Join us here, and send me any questions you have for the call.

Dan has done a masterful job promoting himself.  I’ve watched his career/business blossom over the years. I even shared the stage with him in North Carolina (Charlotte).  It was the one and only time we’ve met in person.

Tim Ferriss tweeted a link to a post Dan wrote:

tim_ferriss_promote_yourselfApparently it took Dan’s website down.  That is a big deal.  I used to crave mentions like hot superstars like that, tweeting and blogging about my stuff… Dan has worked very hard to get the attention he is getting.

I’m guessing this is a personal branding + career smarts + generational stuff (Dan is a big Gen Y advocate) book… if that sounds like your cup of tea, check it out here.

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(Webinar) Facebook Marketing Tips With The Authors of I’m On Facebook — Now What???

June 13th, 2013

I’m on Facebook – Now What is NOW in the updated, second edition… !!  Here’s a webinar (sign up here – no cost)that I’m doing with the coauthors (Jesse and I welcome Rachel Melia, Facebook expert and marketing consultant as a coauthor)… info below:

Facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide and has become a critical marketing tool. Do you know how to best utilize the social media platform to achieve your business objectives? We go into detail about many of the things organizations of all sizes need to know to be successful on Facebook in the recently released book I’m on Facebook — Now What??? 2nd Edition.

Join us for a FREE webinar with sessions from each of the three authors. In this 90 minute webinar, each authors will do a 30 minute presentation jam-packed with information. We will expand on content from the book as well as share brand new information not available anywhere else.

Date: June 27th, 2013
Time: 11am-12:30pm

Here is the schedule:

11am – 8 Tricks For Building a Thriving Facebook Community by Rachel Melia. Growing a thriving Facebook community can be challenging. In this webinar, learn 8 tricks for how you can build a community of the right fans that are engaged and ready to take action (and what to do next).

11:30am – Managing Professional Relationships on Facebook by Jason Alba. Finding prospects on Facebook (or any social network) is great. Now what do you do with them? Use a relationship management tool to develop your contacts into real relationships. Don’t let prospects fall through the cracks. Follow-up and nurture relationships.

12pm – Using Passion to Drive Growth and Conversation by Jesse Stay. Having grown many Facebook Pages to millions and millions of fans, Jesse has found one common theme that has helped grow all of them – passion. Focusing on the things that really resonate with your audience and implementing that throughout your social strategy will make night and day difference in how fast your brand grows for the amount you put into it. In this webinar Jesse will show you how to grow your brand on Facebook using passion, and what factors lead to a successful social strategy.

Don’t miss this exciting webinar, register now.

-Jason, Jesse & Rachel

*P.S. We will pick three lucky webinar viewers that will each win a signed copy of I’m On Facebook — Now What???, and one webinar viewer that will win a signed copy of Jesse’s book Google+ Marketing For Dummies. Register now!

*P.P.S. Enter for a chance to win one of three $50 Amazon gift cards. Purchase I’m On Facebook — Now What??? 2nd Ed. and be entered to win. Write an honest Amazon review for two additional entries. Purchase the book from Amazon here. Enter by 7/3/13.

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Now What Books

May 24th, 2013

You know about my LinkedIn book.  My Facebook book just went to the second edition.  Did you know about the other Now What books?  Here they are (prices are for paperback… all are available as ebooks or for the kindle):













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