Find a Career You Love Webinar (Anna Runyan)

October 9th, 2014

anna_runyan_headshotYesterday author and career coach Anna Runyan included JibberJobber in her 10 Job Search Tricks That Will Change Everything You’ve Been Doing article.  She said to “use JibberJobber to keep track of information you collect during your job search.”  She also mentioned another tool to “manage and organize business cards you collect,” which JibberJobber does nicely, and a different tool to “create an automatic follow-up system,” which JibberJobber also does.

Yes, we really are that amazing. 

Enough about us, though. I want to reciprocate the kind shout-out and tell you about Anna.  She created  the “Love Your Career Formula,” which is a formula we could all use.  Tonight she is doing a free webinar called “How to Ditch Your Dead End Job and Find a Career You Love.”

The good thing about most JibberJobber users is that they have already “ditched” their job…. so that part is taken care of :)   And they are intensely focused on finding a career… let’s join the webinar tonight to make sure we are doing the right things so the career we are chasing is one we’ll love!

Sign up here…



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Best Job Search Advice Blog That You Haven’t Heard Of

September 30th, 2013

One of my favorite blogs for job seekers is the Career Hub blog.  This is a blog with various contributors and the content is always fun, refreshing and current.  I have met many of the contributors at conferences and have talked with them on the phone or had email conversations.

Go check them out.  But don’t spend hours there – you still have a job search to do!

The Career Hub Blog


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Cracking the Hidden Job Market

August 28th, 2013

Following up from my recent post about the hidden job market, I found this: 6 Ways To Crack The ‘Hidden’ Job Market

I like what Nancy Collamer says (she’s a Forbes contributor)… check out the article.  This article could be renamed to “6 Things You Should Do In Your Job Search BEFORE You Hit The Job Boards.”

How many of the six are you doing?

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Ten Blogs for Job Search, Personal Branding and Career Help

May 10th, 2013

Meg Guiseppi wrote a blog post with 10 blogs she recommends, although she says these are not necessarily her favorites… but she keeps coming back to them.

The JibberJobber Blog is on the list, as well as my LinkedIn blog.

That’s cool.  But what was really cool was this line:

“There are actually 12 in my list. Two of my favorite writers run two sites.”

I had to go through her list again and found that… yeehaw!  I’m one of her two favorite writers (in very good company with Susan Joyce).

I’ve read all of the blogs she listed.  They are all excellent suggestions, if you are looking for inspiring reading. Here is the list.

Thanks Meg, for the list, and for including me :)



Why No One Follows Up Well

August 24th, 2012

I sent an “announcement” (which for me is a newsletter) to my LinkedIn Group about 3rd and 4th degree contacts.  The idea is that you MUST network deeper, asking the “who do you know” questions.  You can see that article, and the comments, here.

Rita Carey, a professional job search coach, added this in the comments:

I would like to add a second recommendation…stay in touch. If you wish people a Happy Thanksgiving with a little update and express your gratitude for their support, you will accomplish two things: you will demonstrate professionalism and they will remember you and your transition.

I have seen this done so well…not just at Thanksgiving, of course, but that occasional email or phone call that says “I thought about you today”…. that includes an article of mutual interest or a relevant link.

Stay in touch.

You can call that “nurture relationships.”

You can call that “follow up.”

Why do people do a poor job of staying in touch?

There are various reasons.

Some people aren’t good at, or don’t like networking.

Some people get too consumed in work, family, recreation, etc.

It’s hard to see immediate value from taking time to keep in touch.

For the most part, follow-up is hard.

That’s one reason why I created JibberJobber.

What if you could have a system that made it easier?  A system that prompted you to follow-up with someone?

I haven’t talked to Rita for 2 months… the way my brain works, she’s out of sight, out of mind.  And if/when I do think about her, I feel guilty for letting too much time go by, and I’m not quite sure what I would say to nurture the relationship… so in this state I just let more time go by.  And then years have passed, and all my good intentions are meaningless (except maybe the guilt that I feel).

Then, I lose my job, and I know I want to talk to her, but then I question my motives and don’t reach out because hey, what kind of friend am I if I only reach out when I’m in need?

We’re doing a better job helping people, whether they are in a job search, happily employed, or business owners, or the grandma who wants to have great relationships with her grandkids, stay in touch.

Check out JibberJobber for the tools to help you do this.  Not sure where to start?  Jump on the JibberJobber user webinar – with new evening times!



Has the Job Search Changed?

October 26th, 2011

Yes, it has significantly changed.

Technology has been one major catalyst of the change.  The economy has been the other major catalyst.

What has it changed TO?

Check out this post by Meg Guiseppi titled Today’s Executive Job Search Toolkit. Meg says you need these things for a successful job search (especially as an executive):

Check out her post for more info and links.

The job search is not as simple as it was.  Be proactive, take ownership of it, and excel!



Job Search Magic Pill vs. Eat Right and Exercise

October 20th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was on a webinar where I once again promoted Michael Webb’s job search program as the most solid program I’ve seen.

It’s simple.

But it’s really hard to implement (until you just DO IT).

After the webinar, I was thinking about his system, and why people won’t do it.

They spend tons of time and effort and money and thinking on other systems that seem more simple, and promise at least the same results.

I started to think about health, and comparing it to this issue.  Michael Webb’s system is like eating right and exercising, which is a pretty solid plan to get healthy (lose weight, etc.).

But we (collectively) don’t want to do that.  It’s too hard.  We want the ab machine from the commercial.  Or we want the pill, or the spoonful of whatever.  We want the shortcut.

How does that shortcut work out?

That’s right.

So go for the solid program, not the fad diet.

I’m not saying Michael’s is the only solid program – I have partners and colleagues that have solid programs.  They are out there.

But I’m telling you, if you are looking for the short cut, you might see quick results that tend to fade quickly.



Utah Events with Mark LeBlanc

October 11th, 2011

Mark LeBlanc, who had has a significant impact on my business, will be in Utah for two events that you should try and make.

First, he’s speaking at the National Speakers Association chapter meeting downtown (Zions Bank building, 18th floor) on Wed, Oct 19.  You can learn more here.  I think it costs $40 to come.  Parking is validated.  Totally worth it, imo.

The next two days, Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st, he is doing his 24 Hours to Success seminar.  It is from 3-6pm on Thursday and 9am – 3pm on Friday.  It costs $395.  I’ll be there, and I’ll tell you, this is a great investment.  Mark LeBlanc is the real deal. I know people who travel to his seminars from out of town because he is WORTH IT.

I’m I getting paid to write this?  Nope.   He doesn’t even know I’m writing it.  But I believe in him, his message, and know it’s a great fit for business owners, entrepreneurs, etc.  Learn more here, or call Kylie at 612.339.4890.

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Free webinar for 40+ Career Search (facing age discrimination? Join the webinar)

August 23rd, 2011

I haven’t posted twice in one day in  years, but I need to today, or else you’ll read about this when it’s too late.

Tomorrow morning at 9am EST Rita Carey is doing a webinar called The 40+ Career Search: Debunking the Myths.  There is NO COST. It is FREE.

If you can move your schedule around, join the webinar… the description is as follows:

Do employers make hiring decisions based upon age?

The bad news is that whether it’s age, gender, or ethnicity, the hiring manager may make assumptions about the ability of a person to do the job.

The good news is that beliefs about the “older” worker are changeable. We cannot change our age, but we can change assumptions about our qualifications.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The 5 major myths about age that create barriers and how to break through them.
  • Why beliefs about younger workers can prevent offers
  • Tips for handling the age factor on resumes and in interviews

Here’s the link to register.



Job Search: Broken = Pain = Opportunity

August 18th, 2011

When I got laid off I created a simple plan to land a better job quickly.

My plan failed.

What I didn’t realize is that the job search is broken, on every single level.

Job Seekers are broken because they don’t understand, and many times don’t want to understand, the process.  They just want the freaking job!  The problem with not understanding the process is that they then do things that seem to make sense, but really don’t.

The Recruiting world is broken.  Just head over to recruiting blogs to learn about all of their issues and topics they talk about.  I’d call it a mature industry, but they struggle with so many things it is clear there are still many wrinkles to iron out.  And, ask any job seeker what they think of recruiters – it usually isn’t good for two reasons:

  1. The job seeker doesn’t understand the role of a recruiter in their job search, and
  2. The recruiter has no time to follow-up with unpromising candidates, leaving them hanging, not providing even a sentence of counseling/coaching/encouragement/feedback.

HR is broken.  Why do you think every job counselor in the country says “AVOID HR!”  They are a mess. I’ve worked with them, and I know they have many issues.  Many times they don’t have a seat on the executive committee, and aren’t involved with strategy.  They are disregarded by the strategic thinkers, and are left to do a very, very important role without being properly funded, or empowered.  Also, just how much influence do they have in a hiring process?  Either way too much, without the right tools, or way too little, when hiring managers go around them.

The process hiring managers follow is broken, especially evidenced when they hire based on emotional input rather than seeking out the best candidate.  Their A-player employee strongly recommends someone?  Go with that, instead of equally weighing out all of the strongest candidates!  Yeah, that will last.

Job boards are broken. Typically, they don’t care about the job seeker, or the job search process.  Job seekers are transient users who pay nothing (leeches, maybe?).  They care about whoever at the hiring company is going to pay to have a job posting put up.  That’s why on some job boards you get contacted by “opportunities” that have NOTHING to do with what you have on your resume.

What else… there are other aspects of the whole process of what is broken.

What does this mean?

There is PAIN for job seekers (and for everyone else involved in the hiring process).  Some of it is very deep, personal pain.  Other pain is just work frustration.

There are OPPORTUNITIES to fix various parts of the puzzle.  I’ve seen people/companies come along that will fix a very specific issue, without really affecting the big picture, and I’ve seen people/companies try to fix the entire puzzle (which is really too big a problem to fix, imo).

Are you going to focus on the  PAIN or the OPPORTUNITIES?


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